Daggers (Non-Rare Free Player)

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Auto updating list of all full Non-Rare Free Player Daggers

Dual Sharpened Bamboo
Dual Shipwrecked Pirate's Pistols
Dual Siege Mauls
Dual Silver Corsair Cutlasses
Dual Slasher's Knives
Dual Spookjuice Bottles
Dual StoneCrusher Fists (Non-AC)
Dual Sunlight Daggers
Dual Super Scion Balls
Dual Super Scion Blades
Dual Tainted Claymore of Nulgath
Dual Technobrawlers
Dual Tenebris Flails
Dual Terosin
Dual Thronetaker's Blade
Dual Toxic Naval Pistols
Dual Toxic Void Katanas
Dual Umbral Blades
Dual Void Cowboy Pistols
Dual Void Shogun Katanas
Dual Wounded Hearts
Duality Daggers
DualSlice Reaver
Earth Dagger
Ebon Chaos Katanas
Ectoplasmic Daggers
Elegant Gothic Violin & Bow
Elemental Chakram (Dagger)
Elemental DragonSlayer Polearm + Shield
Elite Dragon Short Swords
Emerald Druid Reavers
Emperor Scorpion Stingers
Enchanted Beastmaster Daggers
Enchanted Eternal PainSaws
Enchanted SpellSword's Daggers
Energy Kama Daggers
Enraged Fiend's Accoutrements
Eternal BeastMaster's Knuckle
Eternal Champion's Daggers
Eternal Inversionist Scythe
Evader Daggers
Evoker of Souls
Excavated Glaive: Daggers
Facebreaker of Nulgath (Dagger)
Faerie Sai
Fallen DeathKnight Accoutrements
Fiend of Light Blades
Fiend Sticker
Fierced Grip Blade
Fireworks Explosion
Fishin' Hooks
Fishy Sword & Shield
Flame Dagger
Flame Guardian's Blade + Shield
Force Guardian Daggers
Fortitude + Hubris
Friend's Set of Machetes
Frigid Flame Dagger
Frigid Heartrender
Frogzard Knight's Sword + Shield
Frost Blademaster's Dagger
Frost Blademaster's Icy Dagger
Frost Ninja Daggers
Frosted Katana + Ninjato
Frosted Kunai
Frosted Shuriken
Frostlorn Rogue Daggers
Frostval Barbarian Daggers
Frozen Fire Dagger
Frozen Hatred Blades
Frozen Hatred Daggers
Frozen Hatred Swords
Galactic Discs of Light
Gatot Claws
Gatot Sheath and Keris
Gia's Primal Brawlers
Giga's mania
Gilded Heartbreaker Daggers
Glacial Edge
Glacial Knight Swords
Glacial Slicers
Glowing Daggers of Darkness
Glowing Harvester Spear + Shield
Gold Exalted Spears of Light
Golden Clover Cleavers
Golden Commander's Reavers
Golden Defender's Daggers
Golden Destiny
Golden Mugs
Golden Sword and Shield
Golden Wreckord
Gong Ji Zhanshi Fans
Gong Ji Zhanshi Katanas
Granite Rippers
Grasp of the Void
Green Crystal Spike
GrenwogSlayer's Accoutrements
GrenwogSlayer's Daggers
Grim Short Blades
Grimskull Rogue Daggers
Grip Blade
Grislyfang Pirate's Tools
Hand of the Hoof
Hands of Flare
Hands of the DoomPhoenix
Harpies Hands of Domination
Haunted Triangle
HeadSmash Rocks
Heart Surgeon
Hollowborn DreamWalker's Claws
Hollowborn Executioner's Bite + Axe
Hollowborn Nightmare Arm Blades
Hollowborn Nightmare Reavers
Holy Hand Grenade
Horc Claw
Horc Quickblades
Hunter's Dagger
Hunter's Gutter Daggers
Ice Dagger
Icy Barbarian Blade + Shield
Icy Barbarian Daggers
Icy Frostlorn Rogue Daggers
Icy Infernal Blade + Shield
Ignited Guardian's Blade + Shield
Illusionist's Scar
Incandes Fulminatus
Infernal Legion Athame
InnDestroying Hammer
Intergalactic Revolver + Kitten Gun
Intergalactic Shield + Spear
Jack O Daggers
Jade Cutters
Knight of Light's Sword + Shield
Kua-Toa Dagger
Kurogatana + Onigatana
Kyanos Accoutrements
Lavamorph Dual Banes
Leprechaun's Curse
Light Dagger
Lightwielder's Knuckles
Long Lycan Dagger
Lost Daggers
Lovely Fan
Loyal Hand of Victory
Loyal Hands of Domination
Lucky Emerald Cutter
Lunar Sand Daggers
Lustrous Bow and Arrow
Mac the Knife
Magical Dryad's Daggers
Mammoth Hand Of Domination
Mana Dagger
Mana Fenix Feathered Armblades
ManaShaper's Sword & Staff
Mechanized Armblades
Memeat Formal Cleavers
Mercilessness Mercenary Guns
Metal Dagger
Midnight Assassin Daggers
Midnight Masquerade Polearm
Mighty Horc Claw
Mighty Steel Chopper
Mindbreaker Lance + Shield
Miner Hand Of Domination
Moganth's Calamity
Moon Bow Dual Katanas
Moon Bow Dual Weapons
Mortal Fiend Armblades
Mortal Fiend Claws
Mortal Fiend Katanas
Mortal Fiend Reavers
Muenster Monster Hand
Mystic Sigil Daggers
Mystic Tribal Dagger
Mystique Blades
Natural Daggers
Nature Dagger
Nebula Trident and Shield
Necro Chakram (Dagger)
Neon Spectrum Dagger
NibbleOn Guardian Accoutrements
Noble Ceremonial Daggers
Nobles Cinquedea
Northpointe Rogue Ripper
Obsidian Dagger
Onsen Treats
Onslaught Battle Daggers
Orange Gummi Were-bear and Lolly
Ornate Platinum Impalers
Orpheum Bow + Arrow
Oyster Shuckers
PaintBender Daggers
Personater's Daggers
Personater's Dual Swords
Pink Default Dagger
Pirate Mage Flintlock and Cutlass
Platinum Drum Styx
Poison Dagger
Poker Hand
Prince of Dragon's Shield and Blade
ProjectSoul Shocker Slasher
Proto Blasters
Psionic Daggers
Punhais Brasileiros
Purified Claw of Nulgath
Purified Void Daggers
Purple Crystal Spike
Random Weapon of Nulgath
RazzleDazzle Daggers
Reavers of Hatoth
Reavers of the Gilded Sun
Re's Giant Slicers
Re's Short Stabbers
Reshaper Swords
Reversed Dragonslayers Demise
Reversed Legion Athame
Reversed Revenge
Riftkin's Toxic Daggers
Rogue's Dagger
Royal Glaceran Daggers
Runas de Ataque
Runes Of Time
Rusted Slasher
Sai of Steel
Sandsea Sickles
Sandsea WaveCutter
Santa Claw's Ripper
Santa's Impaler
Satyrs Hands of Domination
Scarred Sword and Shield
Scarsgarde Daggers
Scavenged Infernal Spear and Shield
Scepter and Flail of Yasaris
Scorched Daggers
Scorpions Combat Knives
Seahorcs Fist of Victory
Searing Slicers
Serpent Knight Dagger
Serpent Shortswords
Serrated Gutter
Shadow Dagger
Shadow Star Daggers
Shadowcat Hand of Victory
Shadowflame Juggernaut Armblade
ShadowFlame SpellSword's Daggers

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