Daggers (Non-Rare Free Player)

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Auto updating list of all full Non-Rare Free Player Daggers

3rd Hero of Balance Daggers
4th ChaosLord's Dual Katanas
8 and a half Inch Nails
Abysal BloodSpears
Adept of Awe Battle Armblades
AdventureQuest Reign Dagger
Alchemical Onyx Daggers
Alchemical Onyx Reversed Daggers
Alchemist's Dual Repeaters
Alpha Rogue Knives
Ambitious Necro Dagger
Ambitious Necro Lantern + Dagger
Ancient Shogun Katana And Sheath
Ancient Shogun Katanas
Ancient Wanderer's Armaments
Angelic Silver Daggers
Apocryphal Destroyer's Daggers
Apprentice of Awe Armblades
ArchFiend Enchanted Orbs
ArchFiend Mage Book + Wand
ArchFiend Rogue Backwards Knives
ArchFiend Rogue Knives
Archmaster of Awe Battle Armblades
Armscythes of Nulgath
Artifact Hunter's Daggers
Ascendant Daggers
Ascendant Wand And Tome
Aspiring Necro Dagger
Aspiring Necro Lantern + Dagger
Astaroth's Claw Daggers
Astravian Adept Szablas
Astravian General Pistols
Astravian Mercenary's Dagger
Astravian Royal Daggers
Astravian Sheathed Szablas
Aulorian Armaments
Aulorian Golden Guns
Aulorian Guns
Aulorian Pistols
Aurelian Swords
Avenged Hand
Awescended Omni Armblades
Awethur's Accoutrements
Axe Dagger
Axes of Dread
Backscattering Blades
Bamboo Slicer Dual Katanas
Basa Basa Blade
Basic Sai
Basic Wooden Stake
Bass Clef Dagger
Battle Cello And Bow
Battle Piano Strikers
Battlegear E Daggers
Bee Arthur Katanas
Berimbau + Baqueta
Bido's Dual Black Blades
Biobeast Master Lightblades
BitterEdge Daggers (Non-AC)
Blade and Shield of Glass
Blade Knife
Blademaster's Icy Reversed Dagger
Blademaster's Reversed Dagger
Blades of Atrocity
Blades of Corruption
Blades of Darkness
Blades of Excellence
Blades of Life-Taking
Blades of the Djinn King
Blades of the Fallen Djinn
BlightSlayer Dagger
Blinding Daggers of Destiny
Blinding Explosion
Blood Guardian Daggers
Blood of the Void Daggers
Blood Ranger Sword and Sheath
Bloodwave Violin and Bow
Blue Crystal Spike
Boar's Guard Sword + Shield
Brawler Dagger
Bright Blades of the Light
Bright Daggers of Destiny
Broken Blades
Broken Dagger
Broken Dual Half-Chakra
Broncolich Fist of Victory
Brutal Axes of the Archfiend
Brutal Battle Blades
Brutal Bone Daggers
Brutal Dagger
Bubble The Cat Plus
Burger and Ketchup Bottle
Burger and Mustard Bottle
Burning Ember and Mace
Burning Ruby BattleGear
Burning Sapphire BattleGear
Butcher Knife
Caipora's Daggers
Cakra Baskara
Candy Cane Rippers
Candy Dagger
CandyCorn Daggers
CandyCorn Mini Plushies
Cangaceiro's Dual Peixeira
Carmel Sandwich Cookies
Casual Ilustrado Book And Quill
Cat Claws
Cataclysmic Daggers
Celestial Accoutrements
Celestial Light Daggers
Celtic Hunter Reavers
Chained Rune Bonebreaker
Chaorrupted Daggers
Chaos Ally Daggers
Chaos Bandit's Rusted Blades
Chaos Breaker's Daggers
Chaos Cyclops Dagger
Chaos Hand Runes
Chaos Infused Daggers
Chaos Myconian Renders
Chaos Myconian Swordbreaker
Chaos PuppetMaster's Dual Scissors
Chaos Spy Blades
Chaotic Energy Claws
Chaotic Healer's Dual Vortex (Non-AC)
Chaotic Knight Blades
Chaotic Sand Reavers
Chaotic Scissors
Chaotic WarMage Dagger
Cherry Blossom Love Fans
Cheval Glass Swords
Chicken Cow Knight's Sword + Shield
ChickenCow Fang
ChickenCowboy's Revolvers
Chocolate Sandwich Cookie (Dagger)
Classier Rabbit Chakrams
Classy Kukri
Claw of Nulgath
Claws of the Astral
Claws of the Daeva
Claws of the Weald
Cloaked Nocturu Daggers
Cockatrice Hunter's Accoutrements
Colonicus' Wing Dagger
Colorless Pumpking Daggers
Combat Cupid's Reavers
Copperwire Daggers
Corrupt Draconic Paragon Reavers
Corundum Kris
Crafter Chakram (Dagger)
Creature 83 Bats
Crescent Dagger
Crow Hand of Victory
Crypt Knight Swords
Crypt Rogue BackBlades
Crypt Samurai Blades
Crypt Soldier Sword and Shield
Cryptic Daggers
Crystal Ice Daggers
Crystalisk Daggers
Crystallis Candied Strawberries
Crystallis Chappals
Crystallis Cheesedog
Crystallis Dango
Crystallis Dark Cutters
Crystallis Light Cutters
Crystallized Mana Dagger
Crystamorph Dual Banes
Cupid of Evil Bow + Arrow
Cupid of Gold Bow + Arrow
Cupid of Love Bow + Arrow
Cursed Jester's Stabbers
Curved Dagger
Curved Prisma Daggers
Cyber Dagger
Cyber Maximillian Sword + Whip
Cyber Samurai Katanas
Dacite Daggers
Dagger and Caustic Flask
Dagger and Chaos Flask
Dagger and Healing Flask
Dagger and Lethal Flask
Dagger and Noxious Flask
Dagger and Toxic Flask
Dagger of Awe (0 AC)
Dagger of the Bat
Daggers of Akriloth
Daggers of Crescent
Daggers of Darkness
Daggers of Destiny
Daggers of Dread
Daggers of Guiding
Daggers of Scorching
Daggers of Semiramis
Daggers of the Depths
Daggers of the Desolate Desert
Daggers of the Forsaken
Daggers of the Pumpking
Dainty Alchemist's Athames
Dalgona Cookies
Dancing Blades
Dark Dragon Samurai Dual Katanas
Dark Flaming Fists
Dark Hand's Claws
Dark Hand's Dual Cyclones
Dark Hand's Kusari-Gama
Dark Sea Corsair's Battle Gear
Darkness Dagger
Darkon's Debris 2020
Darkon's Debris 4.1
Darkon's Debris 4.2
Darkon's Debris 508 Dual
Darkon's Double Fried 1952
Darkovian Noble Daggers
Darkstar Shards Daggers
Darkwave Violin and Bow
Dayak Battle Gear
Deadly Fan
Death Scythe of Nulgath
DeepSea Star Pirate's Shooties
Default Dagger
Defiant Rogue Daggers
Deity Daggers
Demented Doom Dagger
Desolate Duel Axes
Diabolical Cane Sword
Disease Dagger
Djinn Warrior Daggers
Doom Dynamite
Doom ExoDagger Binsoku
Doom Zealith Reavers
Dragon of Time Daggers
Dragon Roar Dagger
Dragon Rogue Klinge
Dragon Samurai Dual Katanas
Dragon's Claw
DragonSoul Grand Kama
DragonSoul Kama
DragonSoul Shinobi Katana + Sheath
Dread Knight's Acolyte Blades (Merge)
Dread Knight's Apprentice Blades (Merge)
Dread Knight's Master Blades (Merge)
Dreaddaggers Mach 3.0
Dreaded Daggers
DreadMaw Daggers
Druid Chakram (Dagger)
Drum Styx

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