Capes & Back Items (Non-Rare Free Player)

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Auto updating list of all Non-Rare Free Player Capes & Back Items

2-Striped Prismatic Beach Towel
3-Striped Prismatic Beach Towel
4-Striped Prismatic Beach Towel
5-Striped Prismatic Beach Towel
8-Bit Maple Wings
A Ghostly Spirit
A Gourdly Spirit
Abezeth Cape
Acid Rain Cape
Acid Rain Horned Cape
Adept of Awe Battle Scarf
Air Fènnù de Hóuzi Cape
Air Tank
Akiban Defender's Katana Cape
Albania Spirit Scarf
Alliance Exponent Cape
Amazon Cape
Amber Dragon Cape
Amber Dragon Wings
Ambitious Necro Lantern on your back
Amethyst Faerie Wings
Ancient Crossed Katana
Ancient Fire Rune
Anti-Kolyaban Cape
Antiquated Shadow Cloak
Antique Tassels Cape
Aoi Yousei Wings
Aozora Kijimuna Cape
Apa's Lightblades
Apprentice of Awe Scarf
Aquamer Cutlass Cape
Arachnid Commander's Sheathed Sword
ArachnoFury Legs
Arara Azul on your Shoulder
Arbiter's Grace
Arbiter's Light
Arcane LightCaster's Rune
Arch DoomKnight Cape
Arch DoomKnight Cape Sword
ArchAngel's Protection
Arched Glacial Portal
Archfiend Warlord Wings
Archfiend Warlord Wings + Tail
Archmaster of Awe Battle Wings
ArchPaladin Cape
Arctic Eldritch Tentacles
Arctic Invader Cape
Argentina Spirit Cape
Argentina Spirit Scarf
Aria's Silk Sash
Ascendant Dagger Zodiac
Ascendant Grand Zodiac
Ascendant Hammer Zodiac
Ascendant Scythe Zodiac
Ascendant Staff Zodiac
Ascendant Tome Zodiac
Ascendant Wand Zodiac
Ascended Dragon of Time Runes
Ascended Dragon of Time Wings
Ash of the Embers
Aspiring Necro Lantern on your back
Assault Pack
Astaroth's Fang Cape
Astralnomically Pink Wings
Atlas Stone (Non-AC)
Aurora Caller's Cape
Aurora Caller's Rune
Aurora Caller's Wings
Aurora Dawn Cape
AUS-some Cape
Australia Spirit Cape
Austria Spirit Scarf
Avatar Of Life Aura Wings
Awescended Omni Wings
Aya's Tails
Azal's Broken Wings
Azerbaijan Spirit Scarf
Baby Dragon On Yer Back
Back Frost Blades
Backblade of Shimazu
BaconCat Force Banner
Barbarian Sheathed Blade
Battery Cell Pack
Battle Cloak of Panthera
Battle Mage's Cape
Battle Oracle Wings
Battle Scarred Back-Axe
Battleworn Shield and Mantle
Beams of Celerita Wings
Bear Skin Cloak
Bearzerker Cape
BeastWings of Vokun
Belgium Spirit Cape
Bido's Back Blade
Bido's Fireflies
Billowing Scarves
Bioluminous Cloak
Black Cape
Black Kirin Parade Cape
Black OverSoul Cape
Blacklight-ning Sprites (Cape)
Blacklights Cape
Blackrawk's Wings
Blacksea Captain's Cape
Blade + Ruff of the Light
Bladed Rune of Kheimon (Merge)
Blades of Order's Cloak
Blessed Armored Wings Of Abezeth
Blessed Inquisitor Cape
Blessed Karok Wings
Blessed Wings Of Abezeth
Blightslayer Back Shield
Blood Cloak
Blood Dragon Bones
Blood Legion's Scarf
Blood Moon Back Rifles
Blood Moon Bone Cape
Blood Paladin Wings
Blood Symbiote Growths
Bloodborne Death's Shadow Cape
Bloodborne Plague Knight Cape
Bloodborne Plague Knight Spikes
Blooded Cape
Bloodsea Captain's Aura
Bloodsea Captain's Cape
Bloopy Cape
Blue Flag Cloak
Blue Grove Fairy Wings
Blue Kappa Shell
Blue OverSoul Cape
Blue Portal Cape
Blue Scarf
Blue Trollenic Cape
Boar's Guard Cape
BoltStriker Cape
BoltStriker Wings
Bone Wings of Gorgorath
Borgrix Fuel Pack
Botswana Spirit Scarf
Brasil Spirit Cape
Brasil Spirit Scarf
Bright Runes of the Underworld
Broken Wings
Bronze ChronoGuardian Bazooka Cape
Bronze ChronoGuardian Rocket Pack
Bronze Silk Scarf
Bunny on your Back
Burned Magitech Cape
Burning Brand Banners Cape
Burning ChronoPhoenix Wings
Burning Wings Of Abezeth
Caliente Featherfan Cape
Caliente Feathers Cape
Candy Sack
Cape of 1,000 Bones
Cape of Awe
Cape Of Envy
Cape of Fiery Invulnerability
Cape of Guiding
Cape of Lightning
Cape of Rainbows
Cape of the Slayer
Cape of the Sun
Cape Of Viltusial
Carrot Quiver Cape
Castle Guard Wings
Casual Ilustrado Parasol
Celeritas Leo
Celestial Champion Wings
Celestial Commander Backblade
Celestial Commander's Back Blade
Celestial Commander's Wings
Celestial Commander's Wings+ Blade
Celestial Guardian Wings
Celestial Lieutenant's Wings
Celestial StarScamp on your Back
Celestial Summoner Cape
Celestial Summoner Rune
Celestial Warrior Cape
Celestial Wings of Guiding
Celtic Caster Wrap
Celtic Wings
Ceremonial Cape
Cerulean Dragonpriest Wings
Cerulean Plate Wings
Champion's Cloak
Chaorrupted Sorcerer's Rune
Chaorrupted Usurper's Phantasm
Chaos Back Spikes (Non-AC)
Chaos Beleen Cloud
Chaos Cape
Chaos Cyclops Axe Cape
Chaos Cyclops Laser Designator
Chaos Cyclops UCAV far0 Companion
Chaos Destroyer Cloak
Chaos Hunter Bolt Pouch
Chaos Hydraslayer Backblade
Chaos Hydraslayer Cloak
Chaos Lord Alteon's Cape
Chaos Loremaster's Rune
Chaos Mage Cape (Merge)
Chaos Mage Cape (Non-AC)
Chaos Mage Collared Cape (Non-AC)
Chaos Merdrac Tail
Chaos Myconian Grasp
Chaos Pirate Tentacles
Chaos PuppetMaster's Strings
Chaos Rogue Spiderleg Flowers (Non-AC)
Chaos Spy Scarf
Chaos Spy-eye Wings
Chaos Summit Shield Cape
Chaos WereWolf's Tail
Chaotic Banneret's Wrap
Chaotic Cape of the Lost
Chaotic Champion Wings
Chaotic Floating Crystals
Chaotic Knight Cloak
Chaotic Knight Tentacle Cloak
Chaotic MonsterHunter's Cape
Chaotic Tentacles (1)
Chaotic Tentacles (2)
Chaotic WarMage Cloak
Cheering Skull Cape
Chibi Bat Wings
Chicken Cow Knight's Cape
Chile Spirit Scarf
Class of Banner
Classy Naval Anchor Cape
Classy Naval Backblades
Classy Shadowed Backblades
Cloak and Sword
Cloak of Fur
Cloak of the North Wind
Cloak of the Underworld
Cloak of Valor
Cloth Wings
Clovercraft Cauldron Cape
Clovercraft Minion Cape
Cockatrice Hunter's Cape
Cockatrice Wings
Coldfire Katana Backpack
Collar Bone Cape
Collector Cape (Merge)
Colombia Pride Scarf
Columbia Spirit Cape
Combat Cupid's Seal
Combat Cupid's Wings
Combat Engineer Cape
Commanding Cloak
Conquest's Cloak

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