Axes (Non-Rare Free Player)

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Auto updating list of all Non-Rare Free Player Axes

A Dino Bone
Amethyst Axe
Amethyst Crystal Axe
Amethyst Pickaxe
Ascended Light of Destiny
Axe Axe +15
Axe Of Cerberus
Axe of Feeling
Axe of Frozen Peace
Axe of Many Flames
Axe of Randor
Axe of the Black Knight
Axe Of The Piercer
Axe of the Prospector
Bark Basher
Battle Chaoaxe
Battle Scarred Traveler's Axe
Batwing Axe
Bear Clawed Axe
Bearded Axe of Nulgath
Beetle Bass
Big Wolf Slaying Axe
Black Electric Guitar Attack
Blackhole Light of Dread Space
Blinding Edge of Obsidian (Non-AC)
Blinding Light of Destiny (Axe)
Blinding Light Of Destiny Handle
Blinding Light of Dread Space
Blood Axe Of Destruction (1)
Blood Axe Of Destruction (2)
Blood Legion Battle-Axe
Bone Axe
Boneaxe of Gorgorath
Bright Paladin's Axe
Carnicero Axe
Cavernous Carver Axe
Cerberus Axe
Chaorrupted Light of Destiny
Chaos Beleen Axe
Chaos Dragonlord Axe
Chaotic Axeperity
Citrine Axe
Climber's Ice Pick
Cry Of Chaos
Cyber Void Light of Destiny
Dark Crown Axe
Darkblood Axe
Deadly Axe of Chaos
Death Eater Axe
Double Blade of Ice
Draconic Trigress Axe
Dragon Crown Axe
Dragon Crown BroadAxe
DragonROARS Guitar
Dread Deadmoor BattleAxe
Dreadhaven Axe
Dwakel Axe
Dwarven Throwing Axe
Earthen Axe
Emerald Axe
Emerald Axe of Falguard
Emerald Pickaxe
Enamored Guard's Axe
Enchanted DeathKnight Axe
Enchanted Shadowsong Attack Guitar
Enchanted Shadowsong Guitar
Evolved Agony Chain
Fiery Axe
Flowing Axe
Forest Axe
Frazier Fury
Frozen Hatred Poleaxe
Gale Axe
Gargoyle Axe
General Porkon's Axe
Glacial Troll Axe
Golden Axe of Kalestri
GrandMaster Enchanted Axe
Greater Junkyard Pile o' Crap
Grim Bone Chopper
Grumble's Curse
Heavy Celtic Axe
Heretic's Metal Axe
Horc Grunt Axe
Imperial Kama
Infection Cutter
Iron and Gold Axe
Iron Maple Leaf Axe
Jewel of the Sea
Junkyard Doohickey
Karag Battleaxe
Lapis Crystal Axe
Learning to Fly
Lesser Junkyard Gizmo
Lich's Earth Axe
Liquid Hot Magma Axe
Little Hatchet
Lumberhorc's Maple Leaf Axe
Lumberjack Axe (1)
Lumberjack Axe (2)
Lumenomancer's Woe
Lunar Sand Axe
Mariachi Hero Guitar
Meat Cleaver
Nightlocke War Axe
Not so nICE Axe
Pink Reaper Of Doom
Platinum Broad Axe
Polished Blinding Light of Destiny
Primitive Bone Axe
Quattro Chaos
Quattro Cleaver
Rooted Axe
Rose Pickaxe
Ruby Axe
Ruby Pickaxe
Sapphire Axe
Sapphire Pickaxe
Scarab Mace
Scarmiglione Cleaver
Shadow Terror Axe
Shadowflame Juggernaut Axe
Shadowflame Juggernaut Poleaxe
ShadowReaper Of Doom
Shadowsong Attack Guitar
Shadowsong Guitar
Shrimp Axe
Silver Light Axe
Skele-crystal Cleaver
Skull Cleaver
SkullBorne Axe
Slithering Hunter Axe
Snowy Axe
Spinal Tap Axe
Sput's Really Big Cleaver
Steampunk Hatchet
Sub-Zero Hatchet
Swordhaven Axe
Synderes Acoustic Guitar
The Axe from the Grave
The Great Gilead Axe
Tide of the Darkblood
Tlax's Axe
Torrential Nautica Axe
Tourmaline Pickaxe
Toxic Deadmoor BattleAxe
Tribal SkinWalker's Axe
Trophy Hunter Axe
Trophy Hunter Axe Evolved
Turquoise Battle-Axe
Twisted Eldritch Axe
Two handed Axe
Unbridled Rage
Unidentified 14 (Worn Axe)
Unidentified 21 (Dragonbone Axe)
Verde Crystal Axe
Virtuous Chaooze Axe
Viscyra's Axe
Void Light of Destiny
Void Reaver
WardKeeper's War Axe
Warlock of Love Axe
Wave of Dispair
What Made the Horseman
White Electric Guitar
White Electric Guitar Attack
Wicked Chaooze Axe
Zot's Zidar

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