Armors (Non-Rare Free Player)

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Auto updating list of all full Non-Rare Free Player Armors

Not Quite Dread Shape
Noxus Armor
Nulgath Armor
Oblivion of Revontheus
Obsidian ArchPaladin
Obsidian Assassin
Obsidian Serpent Knight
Omega Corsair
Onager (Armor)
Ophidian Dragon Morph
Orange Space Crew Shirt
Orange Space Paladin
Original Drakath Armor
Original Healer Armor
Original Mage Armor
Original Rogue Armor
Original Warrior Armor
Oversoul Cleric of Nulgath
Oversoul Dire Monk
OverSoul Paladin
OverSoul Shirt
Oversoul Witch of Nulgath
Paladin Disciple Armor
Paladin Of Old
Paladin Recruit
Peasant Clothing
Peasant Rags
Phantom Count
Piggy Clown
Pink Dragonslayer
Pink Space Crew Shirt
Pink Space Paladin
Pink Wedding Guest
Pirate Disciple Armor
Plague Knight
Plate Of The Sapphire Dragon
Platinum Knight
Pleasant Purple Peasant
Plum's Costume
Pockey Trainer Chaos
Pockey Trainer Evil
Pockey Trainer Good
Polish Armor
Polish Hussar
Polistar's Star Suit
Pony vs Pony Shirt
Possessed Peasant (Temporary)
Priest of Holy Flame
Priestess of Monsters
Prime Dominus (Armor)
Prince of Dragons
Prismatic Dragon Morph (Armor)
Prismatic Magi Robes
Protector Armor
Protector of Lore
Pukasnooze Suit
Pukasnooze Suit (Temp)
Purified Beastmaster
Purple Space Crew Shirt
Purple Space Paladin
Purple Wedding Garb
Putty Person
Pyrewatch Warrior
Queen Of Hope (Armor)
Queen's Sage (Armor)
Quibble Shirt
Ravenscar Warrior
Realm Guardian
Reavers Of Good
Recycled Copper Armor
Red Deep Space Paladin
Red Karategi
Red Space Crew Shirt
Red Space Paladin
Red Wedding Guest
Reflected Knight
Regal Swordhaven Loyalist
Reverse Merperson
Revontheus (Armor)
Rising Shadows
Rocker Hoodie
Rogue Armor
Rotting Lich General
Royal Attendant
Royal Deathbringer
Royal Justicar
Royal Knight of Swordhaven
Ruby Dragonhealer Wanderer
Rugged Thief
Runehawk Shirt
Rustbucket Armor
Samurai Panda
Samurai Seraph
Sanctified Armor
Scale Of The Sapphire Dragon
Scarlet Sorceress (Armor) (2)
Scarred Brandbreaker
Scientist J6 (Temporary)
Scorpion Assassin Armor
Scroll Keeper (Armor)
SCUBA Paladin
SDF General
SDF Rebel
Sealed Umbral Fiend
Sepulchure (Temp)
Seraphic Commander (Armor)
Seraphic Grave Digger
Serpent Knight
Shadow Arcana
Shadow Born
Shadow Brawler
Shadow Cleric
Shadow Dragon Defender
Shadow Dragon Morph
Shadow DragonMaster
Shadow Ghoul
Shadow Juvania
Shadow Legacy of Nulgath
Shadow Lich
Shadow Metrea
Shadow of Cerberus
Shadow of the Rainbow
Shadow Rogue
Shadow Ronin
Shadow Warrior (Armor)
ShadowBlade Samurai
Shadowed War-Mage
Shadowflame Juggernaut
Shadowflame Scout (Armor)
Shadowflame Warrior (Armor)
Shadowrise Tower Guard
Shadowscythe Cannoneer
ShadowScythe General Armor
Shadowscythe Shirt
Shadowscythe Sorcerer
Shadowscythe Templar
Shaman Armor
Shark Bait's Armor
Shielded Centurion
Shimazu's Guard
Shimazu's Warrior
Shimmering Mirror Mage
Shogun of Shadows
Simple Green Healer's Robe
Simple Robe
Sir Valence's Armor
Skelly Jamz
Skudly Suit
Skuller of Vokun
Sky Pirate
Slammin' Swimwear
Slayer Armor
Sleezter Bunny (Armor)
Slime Dragon Rogue
Snow Golem (Armor)
Soul Admired
Space Voyager
Sparring Suit
Spectre Techsuit
Speedy Hare Suit
Spellsword Artifact Hunter
SpellSword's Apprentice
Spirit of Air Armor
Spirit of Earth Armor
Static Pyro
Stone Paladin Armor
Storm Drakel Warrior
Storm Guard (Armor)
Stormslasher (Armor)
Strikeforce Pulsar
Suit of Flame (Permanent)
Suit of Flame (Temporary)
Sullied BladeMaster
Summoner Mori
Super6 (Temporary)
Swordhaven Adept
Swordhaven Loyalist
Tainted Druid
Tan Space Crew Shirt
Tango's Dancin' Armor
Tech Archer
Temp Fox
Temp Owl
Temp Rabbit
Tempest Dracolich Armor
Temporary Sparring Suit
Terra Robe
The Giant Dwarf
The Loyalist Armor
The Mischief
The Neverborn (Armor) (2)
The Ogre's Armor
The Piercer Plate
The Seekers of Chaos (AC)
The Shadow of Death
The Unknown
Thief of Hours Armor
Thin Guy
Those of the Despair
Thug J6 (Temporary)
Thunderfang Battlemage
Thunderous Zephyr Dragon
Titan Hunter
Tomb Thief
Tournament Champion
Tower Guardian (Armor)
Toxic Mantis
Toxic Scavenger
Toxic Spirit
Toxic X-Terminator
TreasureHunter Z
Troll Armor (Permanent)
Troll Armor (Temporary)
Troll Spellsmith (Armor) (2)
Trollok Fan Shirt
Trophy Hunter (2)
Trophy Hunter Evolved
Tsukumo-Gami Morph
Turtle Marauder
Twisted EldritchSlayer
Twisted Treeant
Ugly Christmas Sweater
Ultimate Lich King (Temporary)
Undead Dragon
Undead Evil Dread
Undead Fighter (Temporary)
Undead Guardian Prime
Undead Mage (Temporary)
Undead Ninja Armor
Undead (temp)
Undead Warrior Bruiser
Undead Warrior Executioner
Urban Samurai
Vaderix Carapace
Valen and Lynaria Armor
Valen Armor
Vampire Emissary
Vampire of Vokun

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