Armors (Non-Rare Free Player)

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Auto updating list of all full Non-Rare Free Player Armors

Dragonslayer Armor
DragonSlayer General Armor
DragonSlayer Guard
Dragonslayer LoreMaster
Dragonslayer Recruit
Dragonslayer Slayer
Drakath Armor (Permanent)
Drakath Armor (Temporary)
Drakel Chud Armor
Drakel Gall Armor
Drakel Gall Armor (Green)
Drakel Hun'Gar Armor
Drakel Velm Armor
Drakel Warlord Armor
Drakonnan (Armor)
Dreadhaven General (Armor)
Dreadhaven Knight
Dricken Morph Armor
Drow Eviscerator
Druid Battlemage
Druid Temp
Duality Mage - Evil
Duality Mage - Good
Ducal Falconer
Dungeon Defender
Dungeon Master
Dwakel Warrior (Armor)
Dwarf Warrior
Earth Fènnù de Hóuzi
Earth Titan Armor
Ebil Ninja
EbilCorp Shirt
Elemental Dracomancer Armor (Non-AC)
Elemental DragonSlayer
Elite Void
Emerald Dragonhealer Wanderer
Enchanted DeathKnight
Enchanted Titan Armor +15
Enforcer Armor
EpicDuel Shirt
Eremon's Armor
Eternal Battlestar
Eternal Inversionist (Armor)
Evil J-Sixth Lord
Evolved Blood of Nulgath
Evolved Shaman Armor (Non-AC)
Excavated Pilot Armor
Exctinction Survivor
Expendable Rogue (Armor)
Fae and Daz Morphs
Fantasy Bard
Fiend of Light
Final's Armor
Final's Base Armor
Final's Upgraded Armor
Fireproof Suit Temp
Fish Suit
Flame Dragon Armor
Flame Guardian
Flame Of The Ruby Dragon
Flame Warrior
FlameDragon Knight
FlameScourge Warrior
Forest Faerie Dress
Formal Sanguine Shield
Freaki Beach Suit
Frogzard Knight
Frozen Hatred
Frozen Pyromancer (Armor)
Fryin Man
Fyreborn Mauler
Gaian Warrior
Galactic Eviscerator
Galactic Mech
Galactic Paladin Commander
Galactic Treasure Hunter
Galaxy Hunters
Gargantuan Golem
GateKeeper of Vokun
General Chud's Armor
General Gall's Armor
General Hun'Gar's Armor
General Velm's Armor
Generals of the Ignited Ones
Giftbox Armor 2018 (2)
Gilded Dragonlord
Gilded Fallen Angel
Glamour Ghoul
Golden Anubyx Warrior
Golden Armor of War
Golden Brightscythe Warrior
Golden Guardian
Golden Hanzo Void
Golden Inquisitor of ShadowFall
Golden UndeadSlayer
Golem Skin
Granite Dracolich Armor
Gravelyn (Temporary)
Gravelyn's Dragon Armor
Green Dragon Armor (AC) (2)
Green Screamer (Armor)
Green Space Crew Shirt
Green Space Paladin
Greenguard Knight
Greenguard Shaman
Grimskull Ragged Rogue
Groglurk Knight
Guard Armor
Hashashin Armor
Havokrun Recruiter
Hazmat Suit
Hazmat Suit (Temp)
Healer Armor
Herald of Stalagbite
HeroMart Shirt
HeroSmash Shirt
Hidden Chaos Rogue
High Priestess of Monsters
Highland Savage
Hillbilly Overalls
HitchGreen's Costume
Holey Warrior Armor
Holy Healer
Horc Armor (Permanent)
Horc Armor (Temporary)
Horc Evader Armor
Horc Grunt
Hunters Moon Warrior
Hybrid Manticore
Hyper Suit of Dark
Hyper Suit of Light
Ice Dragon Armor
IceBreaker Mage
Ichneumon Dragonslayer
Icy Barbarian
Icy Infernal
Ignited Flame Guardian
Imperial Plate Armor
Infernal Knight (Armor)
Infernal Lieutenant
Infernal Mage
Infernal Pactagonal Knight
Infernal Ranger
Infernal Scryer
Infernal Shadow Warlord
Inferno Dracolich Armor
Inferno Stalker
Intergalactic Thief
Iron Bolt Armor
J5 (Permanent)
J5 (Temporary)
Jaded Villager
Kind of Brave
Kittarian Burglar
Kitty SkyFighter
Knight Errant's Plate
Knight of Light
Knight of the Fallen
Knight of the Grid
La Forlorna
Laken Formal Suit
Laken Temporary Armor
Laken the Seraphic Paladin
Laken's Personal Armor
Lava Guard (Armor)
Lava Warrior
Lazy Summertime
Legion Nightmare
Legion Obsidian Assassin
Legion Officer Armor
Legion Recruit
Legion Soulstealer
Legion Spellcaster
Liar's Curse
Lich Lord (Armor)
Life Taker
Lion's Bane
Living Tree Titan (Permanent)
Living Tree Titan (Temporary)
Living Yogurt Warrior
Logash's Rainment
Lord of the Dead
Lord/Lady GoGo Armor
Lore Golem (Armor)
Loremaster Disciple Armor
Lotus Armor
Love Hurts (Armor)
Lycan Armor
Lycan Knight (Armor)
Lynaria Armor (Temp)
Mage Armor
Manashaper Mage
Manticore Trainer
Midnight Kat Burglar
Mights Vision
Minion of Skudly
Miranda and William Outfits
Mirror Knight (Armor)
Mirror Mage Apprentice
Monster Hunter
Monster Mummy
Monstrous Pirate
Mountain Breaker
Mud Minion
Mustard's Costume
Mystraven Shirt
Nakhiir Armor
Nation Soulstealer
Naturalist Mage
Necrotized Warrior
Nega Anubyx Warrior
Nega Mummy (Armor)
Nekomancer Armor
Neon Red Shadow
Neon Yellow Shadow
Nethermage (Armor)
Newbie Armor
NibbleOn Guardian
Nightmare Hula
Nightwyvern (Armor)
Ninja Armor
Ninja Warrior Armor
Noble Falconer
Noble Mage Armor
Northern Lights Wanderer
Northpointe BrightRogue
Northpointe Guardmage
Not Quite Chaos Shape
Not Quite Dread Shape
Noxus Armor
Nulgath Armor
Oblivion of Revontheus
Obsidian ArchPaladin
Obsidian Assassin
Obsidian Serpent Knight
Omega Corsair

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