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Auto updating list of all full Non-Rare Free Player Armors

1 Dimensional Armor
2015 Ninja Warrior
A Friend of a Fiend
Abnormal Kappa Shinobi
Absolute Zero (Armor)
Abyssal Priest of Nulgath
Acolyte of Kolyaban
AdventureQuest Shirt
AE Dragon Shirt
AE Logo Shirt
Agares' Armor
Air Fènnù de Hóuzi
Akiban Defender
Alchemage Armor
Alden Armor
Alden Armor (Temp)
Alliance Exponent
Almost Visible Ninja
Ancient Evil Commander
Anti-Kolyaban Armor
Anubis Armor
Apprentice of the Light
AquaPyrrus Priest-Mage
Aquatic Defender
Arcane of Nulgath
Arcane StoneCrusher (Non-AC)
Arch DoomKnight
ArchFiend DoomLord
ArchPaladin (Armor)
Arctic Invader
Arena Warrior
Armor of Awe (Armor)
Armor of Aya
Armor of the Sun
Armor of Valthos
Armor of War
Armor of Zular
Artix's Wedding Party
Ascended Paladin
Ashen Nymph
Assassin of the Sands
Assassin of Vokun
Astral Vacuum Green
Autumn Nymph
Avatar Of Life (Merge)
BaconCat Commander
Bagged Undead
Bagged Undead (temp)
Battle Oracle
Battle Priest of the Sky
Battle Scarred Traveler
BattleGems Shirt
BattleMage Armor (Non-AC)
BattleOn Destroyer
BattleTech Mech
Beachin' Werewolf
Beast Hunter
Beast Hunter Evolved
Beast Of Vokun
Bellhop Minion
Biobeast Master
Bionic Bunny
Black Catty Armor
Black Pawn
Blackhorn Runes Armor
Blacksea Captain
Blacksea Pirate (Armor)
Blacksea Pirate Disguise (Temporary)
Blacksmith Apprentice
Blaze Binder Armor
Blessed Abezeth
Blessed Gladius Armor
Blessed Inquisitor Armor
Blessed Karok (Armor)
Blonde Bone-shell
Blood Dracolich Armor
Blood Moon Warrior
Blood Ninja
Blood Paladin
Bloodborne Plague Knight
Bloody UndeadSlayer
Blue Karategi
Blue Space Crew Shirt
Blue Space Paladin
BoltStriker Armor
Bone Crusher Knight
Bone Reaver
Book of Lore Shirt
Both Directions Groupie
Brandbreak Mercenary
Bride and Groom Groupie Armor
Bright Knight (Armor)
BrightOak Hunter
Brightscythe Shinobi
BrightShield Keep Warrior
Broken Infernal
Brutal Annihilator
Bunny Suit
Calavera Mech
Captain's Armor
CaPwn Armor
Carpet Racer
Castle Crusher
Celestial Commander
Celestial Defender
Celestial Knight (Armor)
Celestial Lieutenant
Celestial Lieutenant Temp
Celestial StarMage
Cerulean Dragonhealer's Wanderer
Cerulean Sorceress
Champions of the Rainbow Armor
Chaorrupted Arcana Mage
Chaorrupted Artix & Beleen
Chaorrupted Cysero & Alina
Chaorrupted Defender
Chaorrupted Lycan Hunter (Armor)
Chaos Berserker
Chaos Cannoneer
Chaos Doom Robe
Chaos Dragon Slayer
Chaos Eye Shirt
Chaos HydraSlayer
Chaos Lord Alteon (Armor)
Chaos Mountain Breaker
Chaos Robes
Chaos Rogue (2)
Chaos Shirt
Chaos Soul Stealer
Chaos SpyGames
ChaosWeaver Cleric (Armor)
Chaotic Healer
Chaotic Knight
Chaotic Lost Warrior
Chaotic Mage
Chaotic Shadows Armor
Chibi Nulgath Armor
Chicken Cow Knight
Chicken Self
Chickenman Suit
Classic Pirate (Armor)
Cockatrice Hunter
Commander of Cerberus
Corrupted BattleMage
Corrupted Druid Armor
Corrupted Forest Fairy
Crab Costume
Crafter Battlemage
Crimson Bonelord
Crimson Darkness
Crimson Dragoon
Crimson Gladiator
Crimson Plate of Nulgath
Crimson Spitfire
Crusader Armor
Cryomancer Armor (Merge)
Crypto Creator
Cursed Abezeth
Cursed Collector
Cyber Void Paladin
Cybernetic Adornments
Cybernetic Assassin
Cybernetic Space Marine
Dage x Faith Wedding Outfit
Daisy Wrap Dress
Dancin' Armor
Dark Arts Scholar
Dark Crusader
Dark Dragon Samurai
Dark Druid
Dark Elementalist
Dark Frostdrake Ruler
Dark FrostSpawn Mage
Dark Hand Assassin
Dark LoreKeeper
Dark Metal Necromancer
Darkblood Crafter
Darkblood Guards
Darkblood LoreKeeper
Darkblood Peasant
Darkblood Priest-Mage
Darkblood Stormking Armor (Non-AC)
Darkblood Zealot
Darkwave Dancer
Darkwave Outfit
Darkwolf Bandit (Armor)
Data Runner
Dead Moglinster
Deady Bear Body Morph
Death's Apprentice (Temporary)
Death's Hand Armor
Deathshead Destroyer
Deepspace Sniper
Deer Morph
Density Armor of Dark
Density Armor of Light
Desolate Rogue
Dew Drop's Dress Armor
Dimensional Champion of Nulgath
Dino Bot
Dire Marrowfiend
Dire Soul Warrior
Disguised Sepulchure (Temp)
Diviner of Power
Diving Gear
Djinn Warrior
Dog Dude
Doom Attendant
Doom Celestial Sandknight
Doom Exosuit Binoku (1)
Doom Genie
Doom Golden Centurion Armor
Doom Iced Jester
Doom Karma Army
Doom Lycan Armor
Doom Lycan Transformation
Doom Madness of Chaos
Doom Naval Commander
Doom Ninja Warrior
Doom Pirate Captain
Doom Prismatic Composer Armor
Doom Realm Guardian
Doom Rook
Doom Rotting Naval Commander
Doom Shadowscythe Mecha Suit
Doom Shielded Centurion Armor
Doom Souleater Warrior
Doom Toga
Doom Trislayer
Doom Vampire Transformation
Doomed Mage
Doomed Ranger
Doomed Valen (Temp)
DOOMFire OF Gravelyn
Dr. Eisenbacke (Armor)
Draco Tenebris
Dracolich Destroyer
Draconic Warlock
Dragon Disciple Armor
Dragon Rogue
Dragon Samurai (1)
Dragon Summoner (Armor)
DragonFable Shirt
DragonLord Grandmaster
DragonMaster Stonescythe (Armor)
DragonSkull Warrior

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