Polearms (Non-Rare AC)

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Auto updating list of all Non-Rare Adventure Coin Polearms

Acid Rain Spear
Anti-Kolyaban Trident
Aqua Rage Trident +25
Arch DoomKnight Polearm
ArchFiend Overlord's Spear (AC)
Astaroth's Reaver Polearm
Avatar Of Death's Scythe
Battlepoint Scythe
Berserker Polearm
BlightSlayer Polearm
Blinding Scythe of Destiny
Blood Flame Dragon Polearm
Bloodborne Plague Scythe
Boreal Cavalier Bardiche
Bright Paladin's Spear
Bright Scythe of Destiny
Chaos Pinnacle Spear
Crimson Bonelord Scythe
Crypto Crusher Hammer
Crystal Spear of Love
Crystamorph Venom
Cursed Guitar of DOOM
Cursed Overlord's Spear
Cursed Trident
Dançarino Primal Spear
Daoi Sith Halberd
Dark Knight's Spear
Dark Metal Scythe
Dark Ripper Spear
Death Of Time Scythe
Death's Grimmer Scythe (AC)
Death's Grimmer Scythe (Merge)
Death's Scythe (1)
Deep Fried Dricken Polearm
Doom Creeper Leg
Doom Shiden Bardiche
DOOMing Fork
Draco Tenebris Scythe
Dragon's Plague Scythe
Dragonslayers Dread
EC Mach 6 Spear
Elemental Dragonslayer Polearm
Elite Guard's Scythe
Emerald Edge of Gorgok
Enchanted Caster Scythe (0 AC)
Enchanted Caster Scythe (AC)
Eternal Juggernaut Spear
Evolved Shadow Spear of Nulgath
Fallen Wanderer Spear (AC)
Flame Dragon Polearm (2)
Flaming Moose Scythe
Formal Battle Cane (0 AC)
Formal Battle Cane (AC)
Frigid Flame Spear
Frostval Barbarian Poleaxe
Frozen Fire Spear
Glacial FrostScythe Scythe
Golden Defenders Lance
Golden Inquisitor's Spear
GonnaGetcha Trident
GrandMaster Enchanted Spear
Green Dragon Polearm
Greenguard Druid Polearm
GrimDark Scythe
Halberd of Justice
Hollowborn Evoker's Scythe (0 AC)
Hollowborn Evoker's Scythe (AC)
Hollowborn Spear
Ice Dragon Polearm
IceStorm Shatterspear (AC)
Ignited Guardian Lance
Infernal Warlord's Polearm
Judgement Scythe
Kogane no Yari
L'amour Scythe
Lance Of Hearts
Lance of Time
Lava Star Polearm
Lava Star Scythe
Lavamorph Venom
Legion Lich Lord's Scythe
Lich Lord's Scythe
Lightning Mage Spear
Master Twang's Energy Polearm
Necrotic Caster Grave Spade
Necrotic Scythe of Scourge
NibbleOn Guardian Lance
Nightcaller Scythe
Northern Wanderer Polearm (AC)
Northern Wanderer Spear (AC)
Northlands Fishing Spear
Nutcracker's Polearm
Obsidian Samurai's Naginata (AC)
Orange Star Polearm
Orange Star Scythe
Overclocked Energy Scythe
Paraíso Feather Fan
Pike of the Shimmering Sands
Pinnacle Spear
Pluma de Boitata Staff (AC)
Polearm of Shimazu
Polearm of the Forsaken
Polish Hussar Spear
Prismatic Double Scythe
Rage Against the Scythe (AC)
Rainbow Scythe
Reaper's Void Scythe
Scorpion Scythe
Scroll Keeper's Spear
Scythe of Blessings
Scythe of Carving
Scythe of Destiny
Scythe of Scourge
Scythe of Sorrow
Scythe of the Garnet
Sea King's Trident
Serpent Knight Polearm
Shadow DragonMaster's Polearm
Shadow DragonMaster's Poleaxe
Shadow Jester Scythe
Shadow Ronin Naginata
ShadowFlame Dragon Spear (AC)
Shadowflame Juggernaut Spear
ShadowScythe of Scourge
Shadowstealer Ripper Scythe
ShadowZard Lance (AC)
Slayer Recruit's DragonSpear
Soul Spear
Soulreaper of Nulgath
Spear of Awe
Spear of Guiding
Spear of Nulgath
Spectrum Halberd
Spellcaster's Bright Scythe
Staff of the Scorpion
Storm Drakel's Prod
Supreme Dragon Scythe
The Reaper's Scythe
Three Worlds Scythe
Toxic Plague Spear
Toxic Scythe
Twisted Eldritch Polearm
Unrequited Love Scythe
Victor's Trophy Spear
Void BattleMage Scythe
Void BattleMage ShadowSpear
Void BattleMage Spear
Void Ripper Scythe
Void Shogun Naginata
Void Spartan Spear
Void Spear of War
Void Walker Great Axe
Void Walker Scythe
Void Walker Spear (AC)
Void Warlock Scythe
WarSeeker's Scythe (AC)
Wisterrora's Reach
Wrath of Fire

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