Daggers (Non-Rare AC)

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Auto updating list of all Non-Rare Adventure Coin Daggers

Grimstone Greatswords
Grimstone Khopeshs
Grimstone Reavers
Grislyfang Pirate's Tools
GryphonClaw Knight's Blades
GryphonClaw Warrior's Blades
Guias da Mãe D'água
Guillotine Betrayal Blades
Guncraft Battle Armaments
Guncraft Shadowslayer Big Irons
Guncraft Shadowslayer Bigger Irons
Guncraft Shadowslayer Biggest Irons
Guncraft Shadowslayer Gunblades
Halcyon Coronation Axes
Halcyon Skye Axes
Halcyon Skye Blades
Halcyon Skye Hand Axes
Halcyon Skye Longswords
Halcyon Virtue Axes
Halcyon Virtue Blades
Handaxes of Dread
Harmonic Libra Orbs
Headless Pumpkin Blades
Healer of Time's Battle Gear
Heart Render Betrayal Blades
Heartcrushing Warhammers
Helsgrove Guardian Dual Batons
Heroic Titan's Greatswords
High Reversed Shadow Daggers
High ShadowScythe Daggers
High Tatras Daggers
Hippodrome Star Cutlasses
Hitman's Pistols
Hollowborn Alchemist's BattleGear
Hollowborn Alchemist's Blades
Hollowborn Apocalypse Flames
Hollowborn Battlemage Armaments
Hollowborn Battlemage Hammers
Hollowborn Blades of Chaos
Hollowborn Chaos Unlockers
Hollowborn Daggers of Thorns
Hollowborn Dark Orbs (0 AC)
Hollowborn Dark Orbs (AC)
Hollowborn DreamWalker's Claws
Hollowborn Evoker's Claymores (0 AC)
Hollowborn Evoker's Claymores (AC)
Hollowborn Evoker's Katanas (0 AC)
Hollowborn Evoker's Katanas (AC)
Hollowborn Evoker's Light Orbs (0 AC)
Hollowborn Evoker's Light Orbs (AC)
Hollowborn Evoker's Skullblades (0 AC)
Hollowborn Evoker's Skullblades (AC)
Hollowborn Executioner's Bite + Axe
Hollowborn Lex et Ordo
Hollowborn Necrotic Dagger (0 AC)
Hollowborn Necrotic Dagger (AC)
Hollowborn Nightmare Arm Blades
Hollowborn Nightmare Reavers
Hollowborn Omega Swords
Hollowborn Reaper's Daggers
Hollowborn Reaper's Kamas
Hollowborn Shadow Shaper's Armblades
Hollowborn Soul Eater Blades
Hollowborn Soul Stealer
Hollowborn Swords (0 AC)
Hollowborn Swords (AC)
Hollowborn Zweiblades (0 AC)
Hollowborn Zweiblades (AC)
Hongbaoshi Blades (AC)
Honorable Koi Ningyo Tachis
Honorable Ninja Dual Katanas
Honorable Ninja Dual Weapons
Horcish Naval Accoutrements (AC)
Iara's Water Orb
Ice Wizard's Staff + Tome
IceStorm Daggers (AC)
Icy Flintlocks
Icy Frostlorn Rogue Daggers
Icy Rapiers
Ignited Guardian's Accoutrements
Ignited Guardian's Blade + Shield
Illusionist's Scar
Illustrious Savior's Blades
Immortal Chronomancer Daggers (AC)
Inaba Oni Battle Fans
Incandescent Claymores
Infernal ArchFiend Swords
Infernal Defender's Devastators
Infernal Krampus' Claws
Infernal Legion Athame
Inferno Nation Double Axes
Intergalactic Revolver + Kitten Gun
Iron Flight Cutlasses
Ivory Blame Blade and Bangle
Ivory Blame Blade and Shield
Ivory Defilers of the Ancients
J6 Sailor's Double Delight (0 AC)
J6 Sailor's Double Delight (AC)
J6's Birthday Guns
Jack's Haunted Battle Gear
Jack's Haunted Treat Gear
Jade Dragonguard Katana and Sheath
Jade Dragonguard Katanas
Jade Dragonguard Swords
Jade Rabbit Buccaneer Rapiers
Jade Rabbit Buccaneer Swords
Jade Rabbit Pirate Accoutrements
Jiangshi's Haunted Weaponry
Jiangshi's Strings of Beads
Jin Gong Ji Fans
Kabasaran Shielded Polearm
Kabasaran Shielded Sword
Kaharaka's Lightning Fangs
Kaiju's Scimitars
Kalayo's Oaths
Kampilan Sword + Shield
Karmic Battlegear
Karrot Daggers
Kasuari Spear + Shield
Kasuari Sword + Shield
Kasuari Swords
Keys to Eden City
Khione's Curse Blades
Kinsman's Partner Blades
Knight of Light's Sword + Shield
Kurogatana + Onigatana
Lady Lua's Fans
Lava Star Daggers
Lavamorph Dual Banes
Legion Bone Crusher and Shield
Legion Bone Crushers
Legion Conqueror Battle Gear
Legion Conqueror Sword + Shield
Legion Conqueror Swords
Legion DeathSpines
Legion Malignant Blades
Legion Symbiote Cleavers
Leonine Regalia Greatswords
Leques da Mãe D'água
Leques Ecantado da Mãe D'água
Leviathan Domination Spears
Lightglaive Ordens
Lightning Pirate's Cutlass + Charged Wheel
Lightning Pirate's Dual Charged Wheels
Lightning Pirate's Dual Cutlasses
Lightning Pirate's Dual Machine Guns
Lightning Pirate's Dual Machine Pistols
Lightning Pirate's Dual Spare Wheels
Lightning Pirate's Dual WheelGuns
Litch Knight's Dual Swords
Litch Knight's Sword + Whip
Longswords of the Dark
Lore's Champion Daggers
Lorosian Hunter Gun Set
Lorosian Hunter Handguns
Lorosian Hunter Sabers
Lovely Rocker's Drums
Loyal Alloy Daggers
Loyal Alloy Dirks
Loyal Alloy Knives
Lunarian Mallets
Luxuria's Daggers
Luxuria's Reversed Daggers
M4trix SkyGuard Sword + Shield (AC)
Mage's Kris and Staff
Magical Bean Moglins
Magical Bean Twigs
Magical Bean Twillys
Magistral's Bow + Arrow
Magmagilt Kamas
Magmagilt Odachis
Magmagilt Tabars
Making a Point (Dagger)
Malevolent Scarecrow Chainsaws
Malevolent Two Headed Torch
Malicious Code Blades
Mallow Longswords
Mana Flame Torches
Mana Guardian's Hammers
ManaShaper's Sword & Staff
Marauder's Cutlass + Pistol
Marauder's Cutlasses
Marauder's Pistols
Marauder's Rapier + Cutlass
Marauder's Rapiers
Martial White Lotus Runes
Master Terror Guard's Spears
Mecha Dragon Commander Blades
Mechanized Armblades
Melodic Ice Crystals
Messina Helmsman's Gear
Messina Mirage Crew's Gear
Metrea's Frostkissed Daggers
Midnight Assassin Daggers
Midnight Fiend Swords
Midnight Masquerade Polearm
Mikey's Hatchets
Mindflayer's Infested Bow and Arrow
MindSmasher Blades
Mischievous Magic Kit
Mix n' Match Sickles
MOAR CowBell
Molten Lava Orbs
Molten Monarch Orbs
Moon Bow Dual Katanas
Moon Bow Dual Weapons
Moonlight Hunter's Dual Candle Blades
Moonlit Steel Rapiers
Mortal Fiend Armblades
Mortal Fiend Claws
Mortal Fiend Katanas
Mortal Fiend Reavers
Mutated Rebirth Daggers
Mysterious Sprites Daggers
Mystic Sigil Daggers
Mystical Acolyte's Axes
Mystical Acolyte's Mana Blades
Mystical Chakrams Of Illusion
Mystical Devotee's Scimitars
Mystical Glass Orbs
Mystical Ice Katanas
Mystical Underworld Mugs
Nameless Ceremonial Daggers
Narakan Fiend's ArmBlades
Nation Ordinance Weapons
Nation Ritualist's Dual Swirling Sigils
Naval Guard's Cutlasses
Naval Guard's Rapiers
Nebula Nova Katanas
Nebula Trident and Shield
Necho Tech ArmBlades
Necro Crewmember's Battle Gear
Necro Crewmember's Blade + Sheath
Necro Crewmember's Blades
Necro Crewmember's Cutlasses (AC)
Necro Crewmember's Flintlocks
Necro Energy Sabers
Necrotfinger's ArmBlades
Necrotic Daggers of Destruction
Necrotic Katanas of Doom
NegaNet Protective Gear
NeoBattleon Riot Blaster
NeoBattleon Short Barrel Guns
Neon Wires
NibbleOn Guardian Accoutrements
Nightmare Carnax's Daggers
Noble Amethyst Katana and Sheath
Noble Amethyst Katanas
Noble Yokai Amethyst Blades

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