Daggers (Non-Rare AC)

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Auto updating list of all Non-Rare Adventure Coin Daggers

Accessory DaiDoji Dual Katanas
Alchemist's Dual Repeaters
Alpha Rogue Knives
Amon Ra Daggers
ArchFiend Overlord's Armblades (AC)
ArchFiend Overlord's Reavers (AC)
Artifact Hunter's Crossbow + Daggers (AC)
Astaroth's Claw Daggers
Awethur's Accoutrements
Axe and Shield of Cerberus
Azure Flaming Fists
Bamboo Slicer Dual Katanas
Base DaiDoji Dual Katanas
Battlegear E Daggers
Battlegear P Daggers
BIG Dual Bowies
Blades of the Loyal Legion Warrior
Blades of Virtue
Blessed + Celestial Cutlasses (AC)
BlightSlayer Accoutrements
BlightSlayer Dagger And Shield
Blinding Daggers of Destiny
Blood Blaze of the Vampire
Blood Guardian Daggers
Blood of the Void Daggers
Blue Gummi Were-bear and Lolly
Boar's Guard Sword + Shield
Bright Blades of the Light
Bright Daggers of Destiny
Bubble The Cat Plus
Burning Ember and Mace
CC Crustacean Crusher
Celestial Light Daggers
Chained Rune Bonebreaker
Chaotic Healer's Dual Vortex (AC)
Chiseled Gold
ChronoStriker Slicers (AC)
Claw of Nulgath
Claws of the Daeva
Colonicus' Wing Dagger
Colorless Pumpking Daggers
Combustible Kamas
Conquest Accoutrements
Copperwire Daggers
Crustacean Crusher
Crystamorph Dual Banes
Cupid of Evil Bow + Arrow
Cyber Samurai Katanas
Dagger and Mystery Flask
Dagger of Awe
Daggers of Akriloth
Daggers of Destiny
Daggers of Destruction
Daggers of Guiding
Daggers of Ra
Daggers of Semiramis
Daggers of the Forsaken
Daggers of the Pumpking
Dark Flaming Fists
Dark Hand's Claws
Dark Hand's Dual Cyclones
Dark Hand's Kusari-Gama
Dark Stabbers
Darkovian Noble Daggers
Death Scythe of Nulgath
Doom Dynamite
Doom ExoDagger Binsoku
Doom Piercer
Doom Zealith Reavers
Dragon Dicers
DragonsBane Dagger
Dragonwings of Destiny
Drake's Scimitar
Dual BFP
Dual Bio-War Cultist Blades (AC)
Dual Black Katanas
Dual Blades of Doomination
Dual Blades of the Forsaken
Dual Blessed Cutlasses (AC)
Dual Blinding Caladbolgs
Dual Blood Spirit Staff
Dual Bonespar Rapiers
Dual Boreal Blades
Dual Boss Smashers!
Dual Bright Blades
Dual Caladbolgs
Dual Caster Scythes (0 AC)
Dual Caster Scythes (AC)
Dual Celestial Cutlasses (AC)
Dual Ceremonial Temple Blades
Dual Chainsaw Katanas
Dual Champion Blade of Nulgath
Dual Chickencow Claws
Dual Chickenwing ArmBlades
Dual Crystals Of Love
Dual Cultist Knife
Dual Cursed Flame Katanas
Dual Dark Corsair Cutlasses
Dual Dark Reavers (0 AC)
Dual Dark Reavers (AC)
Dual Doom Epic Flails
Dual Doom Fail-Flails
Dual Dragonbone Axe of Nulgath
Dual Enchanted Ice Katanas
Dual Enraged Fiend's Bane
Dual Evil J-Sixth Lord Blades
Dual Explorer Pistols
Dual Flaming Katanas
Dual Forgotten Cutlasses
Dual Golden Corsair Cutlasses
Dual Golden Spirit Rods
Dual Great Golden Pistols
Dual Hollowborn Pistols
Dual Hollowborn Reavers (0 AC)
Dual Hollowborn Reavers (AC)
Dual Ice Katanas
Dual Infernal Warlord Blades
Dual Iryerris
Dual J-Sixth LightBlades (AC)
Dual Katana of Shadows
Dual Katanas of Flames
Dual Kogane No Ha
Dual Legion Fans
Dual Legion Symbiote's Rage
Dual Lightning Lich's Strikes (AC)
Dual Lightning Strikes (AC)
Dual Lucky Caladbolgs
Dual Masquerade Fans
Dual Nightborn Cutlass
Dual Nightborn Sword
Dual Obsidian Katanas (AC)
Dual Pony Gary Yellow Toy
Dual Power Saws
Dual Primal Hanzo Void Blades
Dual Prince of Dragon's Blade
Dual Proto Sabers
Dual Purified Claymore of Destiny
Dual Radioactive Blasters
Dual Radioactive Rods
Dual Red Rose Blades
Dual Safiria's Spirit Orb
Dual Sentinel's Katanas (AC)
Dual Shadow Ronin Katana
Dual Shadow War-Mage Blades
Dual Shadowripper Blades
Dual Shadow's Aura Orb
Dual Shipwrecked Pirate's Pistols
Dual Sickles of Gathering
Dual Siege Mauls
Dual Silver Corsair Cutlasses
Dual Skull Half-Axes
Dual Spears of Nulgath
Dual StarWalker Light Blades (AC)
Dual StoneCrusher Fists (AC)
Dual Tachyon Blades
Dual Tainted Claymore of Nulgath
Dual Tenebris Flails
Dual Toxic Void Katanas
Dual Umbral Blades
Dual Underworld General Axe (0 AC)
Dual Underworld General Axe (AC)
Dual Void Awakening Blades
Dual Void Rebirth Blades
Dual Void Shogun Katanas
Dual Void Walker Claws
Dual War-Cultist Blade (AC)
Dual WarSeeker Axes (AC)
Dual WarSeeker Blades (AC)
Dual Wounded Hearts
Duel Duel Molten Greatswords on a Stick
Duel Energy Axes
Duel Molten Greatswords
Eerie Dual Underworld General Axes
Elegant Gothic Violin & Bow
Elemental DragonSlayer Polearm + Shield
Enchanted Beastmaster Daggers
Enchanted Eternal PainSaws
Energy Dagger
Enraged Fiend's Accoutrements
Eternal Juggernaut Armblades
Fallen DeathKnight Accoutrements
Fiend of Light Blades
Fire Dagger
Fists of Fierceness
Flail and Shield of Cerberus
Fortitude + Hubris
Frosted Katana + Ninjato
Frosted Kunai
Frosted Shuriken
Frostval Barbarian Daggers
Frozen Fire Dagger
Fuschia Flames Of The Fire Avatar
Gilded Heartbreaker Daggers
Glacial Knight Swords
Golden Clover Cleavers
Golden Commander's Reavers
Golden Defender's Daggers
Golden Mugs
Gong Ji Zhanshi Fans
Gong Ji Zhanshi Katanas
GrenwogSlayer's Accoutrements
GrenwogSlayer's Daggers
Grislyfang Pirate's Tools
Honorable Ninja Dual Katanas
Honorable Ninja Dual Weapons
IceStorm Daggers (AC)
Ignited Guardian's Accoutrements
Ignited Guardian's Blade + Shield
Immortal Chronomancer Daggers
J6's Birthday Guns
Jin Gong Ji Fans
Knight of Light's Sword + Shield
Kurogatana + Onigatana
Lava Star Daggers
Lavamorph Dual Banes
Legion Symbiote Cleavers
Mage's Kris and Staff
Midnight Assassin Daggers
Moon Bow Dual Katanas
Moon Bow Dual Weapons
Mysterious Sprites Daggers
Necrotic Daggers of Destruction
NibbleOn Guardian Accoutrements
Nobles Cinquedea
NOTruto Chakram
Obsidian Katana + Sheath (AC)
Obsidian Samurai's Odachis (AC)
Opalescent Blades
Opposing Forces LightBlades (AC)
Orange Star Daggers
Paragon of Loyalty Accoutrements
Paragon of Loyalty Daggers
Personater's Daggers
Personater's Dual Swords
Plasma Arm Blades
Prince of Dragon's Shield and Blade
Prismatic Wings of Destiny
Purified Void Daggers
Reavers of the Gilded Sun
Red Gummi Were-bear and Lolly
Referee Whistle
Reshaper Swords
Reversed Dragonslayers Demise
Roroth's Training Shotguns
Rose Of The Fire Avatar
Royal Glaceran Daggers
Sanctified Glaives
Sanctified Sword and Shield
Sandsea Serpent Clawssss

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