Armors (Non-Rare AC)

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Auto updating list of all Non-Rare Adventure Coin Armors

ShadowScythe General Armor
ShadowScythe General (Armor) (AC)
Shadowscythe Reaver (1)
Shadowscythe Sorcerer
Shadowscythe Templar
Shadowslasher Warrior
Shadowslicer Rogue
ShadowStalker of Time (Armor)
Shimazu's Guard
Shimazu's Warrior
Shogun of Shadows
Shrade Armor
Silver DeathKnight Lord
Silver Exalted Paladin
Sinister Black Knight
Sinister Brute
Sir Valence's Armor
Skelly Jamz
SkinWalker Druid
SkinWalker Warrior
Slayer Armor
Snuggle Berserker
Solar Entity (AC)
Solar Flux
Solar Protector
Solaris Knight
Soul of the Darkness
SoulWeaver Prime
Space Voyager
Spectre Techsuit
Spicy Town
Spirit Savior
Spookeasy Nightmare (AC)
Starsword Armor
Steampunk J6
Stone Morph
Storm Drakel Warrior
Street Mime
Sullied BladeMaster
Sun Girl
Super6 (Permanent)
Swamp Beast
Swordhaven Defender
Tech Archer
The Collector Armor
The Fallen Emperor
The Illuminated One
The Lost Knight
The Mischief
The Neverborn (Armor) (2)
The Obfuscated One
The Seekers of Chaos (AC)
The Shadow Manipulator
The Shadow of Death
Thin Guy
Tomix's SoulWeaver
Toxic Mantis
Transcendent of Tercessuinotlim (Quest)
Traveling Bard
Treant Morph
TreasureHunter Z
Turtle Marauder
Twisted EldritchSlayer
Ugly Christmas Sweater
Ultimate Lich King (Permanent)
Ultra Elemental Warrior Armor (Legend)
Ultra Elemental Warrior Armor (Non-Legend)
Ultra OmniKnight Armor (AC)
Umbral Fiend
Undead Berserker (Armor)
Undead Berserker Guard
Undead Death Guard
Undead Guardian Prime
Undead Paladin (Armor)
Undead Seraph Warrior
Undead Warrior (Armor)
Underglade Scavenger (AC)
Underworld Shrade
Underworld Thronetaker
Underworld Warlock
Unholy Shadow Burst
Unseelie Glassbinder
Urban Samurai
Vampire Slayer
Vampiric Knight (Armor)
Vanta Blademaster
Vivid Mountaineer
Void BattleMage
Void Cowboy
Void Destroyer
Void Highlord Armor
Void Knight (Armor)
Void Monk of Nulgath
Void Paladin
Void Pirate (Armor)
Void Pirate Destroyer
Void Ripper
Void Shogun (Armor)
Void SkinWalker
Void SkinWalker Fiend
Void Spartan
Void Vampire Guard
Void Warlock
Wandering Onryo (Armor)
WardKeeper's Armor
Warlord of Nulgath
Warp Necromancer Armor
WarpForce Shirt
Watchtower Sergeant
Werepyre Warrior
Werewolf Hunter
Wessin Smith
White Bishop
White Knight
White Mage
White Rook
White Witch and Warlock
Winter Defender Alpha
Wintery DoomKnight
Wolfblade Shirt
Xan's Robes
Yami no Ronin (Armor)
Yokai Senshi
Yokai Spirit Mage
Zealith Reaver
Zombie Hunter Hunter
Zombie Pirate

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