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Auto updating list of all Legend Swords

1st Birthday Sword
2nd Betrayal Blade of Nulgath (Sword)
3rd Betrayal Blade of Nulgath (Sword)
5th Betrayal Blade of Nulgath (Sword)
6th Betrayal Blade of Nulgath (Sword)
7th Betrayal Blade of Nulgath (Sword)
A Blade too Cold to Hold
Adorable Pink Blade of Cuteness
Airship Avenger
Almost Visible Blade
Anatomically Alien
Ancient Knight's Golden Blade (Legend)
Ancient PaladinSlayer Claymore (Legend)
Ancient Platinum Blade
Angelic Golden Flame Sword
Angelic Hematite Sword
Angelic Runed Broadsword
Arasat's Bane
Arboreal Seed Spit (Legend)
Arcane Pirate Rapier
Ardent Shadowslayer Falchion
Asgardian Knight Blade (Legend)
Assassin Commander Sword (Legend)
Assassin of Nulgath Sword
Astravian Alchemist's Black Sword (Legend)
Balor's Cruelty
Barbarian Steel Blade
Basic Claymore of Pain
Battle Herald Sword
Beamsword of Love (Legend)
Beast King's Lightning
Behemoth Blade of Light
Behemoth Blade of Shadow
Betrayal Blade of Nulgath
Betrayal Blade of Nulgath (Rare)
Bido's Toxic Gift Blade (Legend)
Big Daddy Smitestick
Big Daddy (Sword)
Black Dragon Ninja Sword
Black Katana
Blade of Alt
Blade of Ashes
Blade of aww.. man..
Blade of Discord
Blade of Disorder
Blade of Divine Intervention
Blade Of Glory
Blade of Hail
Blade of Half Awe-f
Blade of Havoc
Blade of Loyalty
Blade of Meh
Blade of Rage and Fury
Blade of Revenant
Blade of Revontheus the Good
Blade of Shade
Blade of Silent Might
Blade of the Battle Kris
Blade of the Bone
Blade of the Chaotic Fleet
Blade of the Gemmed Heart
Blade of the Overlord (Legend)
Blade of the Watchers
Blade of Thorns (2)
Blade of Vampire
Blade Ov 1000 Kittehs
Bladed Cypress Tendril
Blazebeard's Cutlass
Blessed Rune Blade of Hope
Blinding Caladbolg
Blinding Edge
Blinding Igneus Blade
Blister's Chainsaw
Blood Fire
Blood Ice
Blood of the Mountain
Bloodblade of Nulgath
Blooming Katana
Blooming Rose Ember
Blue Light Sword
Blue Raspberry Ice Pop
B'Naner Blade (Legend)
Boiled Prawn Rapier
BoneChilling Carver
Booger Blade
Borked Blade of Dragon Control
Bounded Blade
Bright SoulSeeker (Legend)
Broad Werepyre Blade
Broadsword of Bane
Broadsword of the Chaorrupted Fang
Broken Horseshoe Blade
Busterline of Souls
Cavern Strike
Celebration by Fireworks
Celestial Beacon Blade
Celestial Sword of Nulgath (Legend)
Celestia's Blade
Ceremonial Iron Sickle
Ceremonial SkySword
Cerulean Flame Sword
Cerulean StarBlade
Champion Blade of Nulgath
Champion Hydra Sword
Chaorrupted K'Sork Blade
Chaorrupted Nifarii Blade
Chaorrupted Pirate Cutlass (1)
Chaorrupted SkyGuard Blade
Chaorrupter Unlocked (Legend)
Chaos Eruption Blade
Chaos Giftbox Sword 2017
Chaos Shogun Sword
Chaos Slicer
Chaotic Bramble
Chaotic Draconian Blade
Chaotic Hanzamune
Chaotic manticore Tamer
Chaotic Scimitar
Charcoal ShortSword
Charfade's Blade
Chelicera's Bite
Chelicera's Sting
Circuitbreaker Blade
Claw Of The Ocean
Claws' Little Helper (AC)
Claws' Little Helper (Non-AC)
Cocktail Sword
Coeur du Mer
Colorful Giftbox Sword 2021
Cooler Sword
CorDemi Codex
CorDemi Sword
Corpse Maker of Nulgath
Corvus Piercer Blade
Cozy Sock-Hilt Blade
Crimson Blade of Flames
Crimson Pact
Crimson Zweihander
Cruel Chaos Widow Blade
Crusader Sword
Cryo Assassin of Nulgath Sword
Crystal Annihilator of Nulgath
Crystal Claymore (2)
Crystal Greatsword of Order
Crystal Runesword
Crystaline Avastilator
Crystalisk Blade
Cumulus Cutter
Cuniculus Decimator
Cursed Dragon Blade
Cursed Scimitar
Cursed Spiritseeker Blade
Curved Blade of the Sands
Curved DunePiercer
Custom Dragonsaw Blade
Custom Trooper Sword
Cutlass Calais
Cyber Chaos Blade
Cyber Consciousness Blade
Cyber Soul Mender (Legend)
Cybercharged Blade Of Awe +3
Cyberg Sword (Legend)
CyberVoid Sword
Cysero's Defender Sword
DaiTengu Blade of Wind
Dark BitterHeart's Rage
Dark Draconian Sword
Dark Dragon's Fang
Dark Heart Sabre
Dark Marrowblade
Dark Phoenix Blade +5
Dark Rune Blade
Dark Sin Of Revontheus
Dark Tech Blade
Dark Tower Sword
Darkblood Symbiotic Sword (Legend)
DarkIce Calibreaker
Ddog Sea Serpent Sword
Deadly Tower Blade
Deathknight Blade
DeathKnight's Cleaver
Decaying Blade of Agony
Deep Khaox Kris
Deeprage Decapitator
Deepspace Saber
Defender of the Reef
Defiled Dragon Blade
Deluge Destroyer
Demonic Maw Blade
Derpy Seppy Sword
Desoloth's Bane
Dexterous Blade of Cold
Dishonored Sword
Divine Intervention
Doom Edge
Doom Ice Pop
Doom of the Matrix
Doomed SpiritSeeker Blade
DoomReaver Blade
Dotanuki Blade
Double Black Blade
Double Blue Blade
Double Glow of Glory
Double Sabre Of Peace
Double Tipped Cutlass
Draconic Fury
Draconic Pulse
Dragarian Blade
Dragon Conquest Blade
Dragon Sword of Chaos
DragonFire of Nulgath
Dragonfire Of Vengeance
Dragon's Courage
Dragon's Maw
Dragontooth Ripper
Dreadblade Mach 2.0
Dual-Edged Pink Sonic Blade
Dwarven Baselard
Earth Blade
Ebil Operative Death Blade
Edge of Chaos (Sword)
Effortless Effloresce
Eldritch KeyBlade
Electro Bioblade
Elegant Death
Elegant Runeblade
Enchanted Blade
Enchanted Crafted LongSword
Enchanted Cyber FrostReaver (Legend)
Enchanted Necrayaya's Spear
Enchanted Obsidian FrostReaver (Legend)
Enchanted Phoenix Blade
Enchanted SandGuardian Blade
Enchanted Skull Blade
Enchanted Skulls on Skulls Blade
Enchanted SpellSword's Flame Blade
Enchanted Spiked Skulls on Fire Blade
Enchanted Spikes on Skulls Blade
Energy Skull Sword
Enredo Blade
EPIC Live Dragon Ranger
Espada Brasileira

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