Staffs (Legend)

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Auto updating list of all Legend Staffs

Abraxos Staff
Aquatica Gratia
Arcana's Disciple
Arcane Staff of Light (Legend)
Astral Scythe of Lilith
Aura Allure
Aura of the Snowglobe
Bark Caster Staff
Baron Sundae's Super Staff (Legend)
Bengala Encantada
Bengala Inclinada Encantada
Best Scythe
Big Daddy's Enchanted Cane
Bone Cane
Bone Deadly
Bones From The Deep
BrightGuard's Staff (Legend)
Broken Mirror of Death
Carnaval Bongo
Cataclysmic Staff
Celestial Staff
Chaorrupted Staff of the Twisted
Chaotic Gem Staff
Charfade's Staff
Cherub Serenity
Citizen's Kane
Citrine Staff
Clover Staff of Fire
Clover Staff of Garden
Clover Staff of Ice
Colorful Grenwog Battle Cane
Compact Fluorescent Stick
CorDemi Staff
Corrupt Celtic Hunter Staff
Corundum Rod
Crimson Glory Staff
Crimson Grenwog Canes
Cruel Chaos Widow Staff
Cruel Staff of the Fallen
Crystalline Staff
Cursed Pharaoh's Staff
Cyber Spellbound (Legend)
Cysero's Defender Staff
Dark Horsehead Cane (Legend)
Dark Love Staff
Darkened Shadowmage Staff
Darkon's Madness Surfboard (Legend)
Death Standard
Devoid Magitech Staff
Diamond Ring Staff
Discordia Rose of Chaos
Doom Skull Staff
Dracolich Scythe
Dragonhead Archon
Dragonhead Bongo
Dread Staff
Duality Mage Staff
Dust Storm Driver
Earthen Staff (1)
Earthen Staff (2)
Electina's Lightning Rod
Embellished Scroll
Enchanted Arcana's Disciple
EPIC Live Dragon Staff
Escherion's Evolved Staff
Esoteric Staff
Ethereal Wanderer's Cane
Evergreen Crystal Staff
Exotic Bone Staff
Face of Pain
Faust Staff
Fire Egg Staff
Flowing Staff
Frost King Horn
Frost Vortex Staff
Frostball Aristocrat Cane (Legend)
Frostlorn Mystical Necro Staff (Legend)
FrozenFire Staff
Geomancers Staff
Glaive Of The Orb
Gloomcaster Cane
Gold Lycan Skull Staff
Golden Brightwing Staff (Legend)
Golden Cane
Golden Scepter of the Sunhawks
Golf Club
Golf Club +3
Golf Club +5
Great Void Vertebrae
Green Glowstick
Greenguard Shaman Scepter
Hanging Lantern Staff
Hawberry Grenwog Canes
Heart of Atlantis
High Azure Staff
High Celestial Staff
High Staff of Darkness
High Staff of Light
Hollow Soul Staff
Hollowsoul Lich Staff
Jewel of Hanicus
Jewel of the Sea Staff
Juvania's Disciple
Kelly's Charm Staff
King Alteon Surfboard (Legend)
Lawful-Good Smitestick
Legendary Pastel Grenwog UwU Cane
Lich Staff
Luminous Scroll
Lush Blooming Stalk
Madness Staff
Magus of Nulgath Catalyst (Legend)
Mana Circle Staff
Memet's Dream Surfboard (Legend)
Monochromatic Celestial Staff
Moonwrath's Staff
Mystic Corax Staff
Mystical Brightoak Staff
Necromancer Fiend Staff (Legend)
Necromancer Staff of Bloodthirst
Neon Spectrum Staff
Noel Marauder Staff (Legend)
Northland Slasher's Skull Staff
Noxus Head Staff
Oaken Spiritbranch
Obsidian Staff
O-dokuro Staff
Ominous Leech
Oracle of Misfortune's Mirrors
Orb of Alexander
Orb Staff Of Elements
Orb Staff Of Necromancy
Parade Staff Green
Parade Staff Red
Partisan Polearm
Plum's Cane
Prismatic Cuca's Apprentice Staff
Pulsing Coal Staff
Pulsing Golden Staff
Queen Victoria Surfboard (Legend)
Ravenloss Defender Staff
Really Large Chopsticks
Recycled Rainwater Staff
Red GlowStick
Red-Hot Swank Sword Cane (Legend)
Rose Petal Scepter
Runic Silence
Sand Storm Staff
SandSea Guardian's Staff
Sandsea HarpySlayer's Staff
Scarab Staff
Scepter of Ithil
Scepter Of Orloc
Scythe of Nibiru
Scythe of Slough
Seraph Calamity
Shadow Aristocrat Cane (Legend)
Shadow Priest Staff
Shadow Zorbak Staff
ShadowSnow Staff
Shattered Screams Staff
Shifting Scroll
Shimmering Scroll
Silk Scroll
Silver Cyborg Monk Staff
Silver Cyborg Monk Stick
Skull Cane
SkyGuard Cane
Skyguard Commander's Cane (Legend)
SoulSeeker Spear
Spear of Hail
Staff of Conflagration
Staff Of Eggzelence
Staff of Hail
Staff of Inversion (Staff)
Staff of Mayhem
Staff of Sapphires
Staff of Thanks
Staff of the Burning Abyss
Staff of the Dragon Conqueror
Staff of the Eve
Staff of Thrice
Starborn Mage's Cane
Steam Sceptre
Stranded J6 Surfboard
SugarSkull Cane
Sun of Hours Staff
Tainted Brightoak Staff
Talon Grip Octarine Staff (Legend)
Talon Grip Staff (Legend)
Tana's Autographed Board (Legend)
The Gardens Sphere
The Super Pole
Tidal Power Staff
Toxic Polearm
Trislayer Double Blade
Typhoon Trident
Undead Avarice Staff
Violet GlowStick
Violet Sphere
Warlock of Love Heart Staff
White Horsehead Cane (Legend)
Wilted 4-Leaf Clover Staff
Wizard's Blessing
Wizard's Hydra Staff
Wrapped Pearl of Light Staff (Legend)
Yokai Umbrella
Zephyrus Orb Staff

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