Capes & Back Items (Legend Seasonal)

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Auto updating list of all Legend Seasonal Capes & Back Items

Ardent Demon Cape
Astravian Enforcer Complete Halo
Audioroid SoundWaves (Legend)
Autumnal Red Panda
Backblades and Cloak Combo
Bright Grove Wings
Bright SnowAngel's Wings (Legend)
Cape d'Amour
Cape of Moments
Carnaval Party Poppet
Cloak of Blizzard
Conquest's Cape
Conquest's Embellished Cloak
Creeper PumpkinLord Shroud (Legend)
Crimson Countdown Cape
Crimson Party Cape
Crimson Winglets
Crouching Blissus, Hidden far0
Crystallized Ice Shards
Customizable Emblazoned Competitor's Bag
Cutesy Carrot Quiver Cape
Cutesy Grenwog's Bigger Gloves Trophy
Cutesy Grenwog's Gloves Trophy Cape
Cyber Code Cape (Legend)
Cyber Maximillian Cape
Dark Sparkle Cape
DarkCaster's Winged Ministry
Double Jewelled Fly Wings
EbilCorp Fishman Tail
Eggceptional Bunny Cannon Launcher
Elemental Orbs
Enchanted Necrayaya's Coffin Cape
Enchanted Necrayaya's Eternal Musicians
Enchanted Resting Hockey Sticks
Enchanted Snowflakes
Espírito da Mãe d'água
Ethereal Wanderer's Wings
Explosive Rocket Backpack
Fallen Lionheart Blade and Shield
Famine's Cape
Feathers of Paradise
Festive Archer Bow + Quiver (Legend)
Formal Koala Companion cape
Frost Sparkle Cape
FrostScythe's Frigid Mantle
FrozenDawn Cloak
Game Hunter's Prismatic Scarf
Ghastly Creeper PumpkinLord Cape (Legend)
Ghastly PumpkinLord Cape (Legend)
Giant Mouse Cursor
Gold Party Scarf
Gold Party Wrap
Golf Bag
Great Pumpkin King's Great Vines
Green Dragon Cloak
Guiding Stars Cape
Harvest Hunter Bow + Quiver
Howard's Stalking Grief
Jewelled Fly Wings
Jolly Frostval Caster's Jester Cape
Kezeroth's Cape (Legend)
Love Knight's Wings
Luckiest Lorikeet Feathers
Lucky Broadsword on your Back
Lucky Lycaena Wings
Lunaris Redeemer Cloak and Blades
Maximillian's Arctic Cape
Mediator Wings (Legend)
Metallic ChronoPhoenix Wings
Midwinter Snowflakes
Mini Kartherax
Mounted Slayer Shotguns
Murasaki Yousei Wings
Mystical Oceanic Butterflies Wrap (Legend)
NeoBattleon Gear
Nightmare Pumpkin Vines
Parade Green Cloak
Parade Red Cloak
Pink Carnaval Feathers
Prismatic Battleburnt Cloak
Prismatic Cat's Tail (1)
Prismatic Cat's Tail (2)
Prismatic Clawspikes
Prismatic Shadow Cuca
Prismatic Striped Scarf
Pumpkin Patch Cape
Pumpkin Vine Cape
PumpkinLord Creeper Vines (Legend)
Purple Grove Fairy Wings
Regal Pirate's Cape + Wheel
Resting Enchanted Hockey Stick
Resting Temporal Storm Gunbai
Revolutionary Quiver
Sapphire Beach Parasol (Legend)
Seraphic Fourth Blades and Cape
Shadow Crescent Cloak
Shadow of Screams
Shadowscythe Signs
Shadowscythe Symbols
Sheathed Musket
Shoulder Barn Owl
Snowball Trebuchet
Solaris Redeemer Cloak and Blades
Summer Rave Cape
Sword McLuck Cape
Symbiote Growths
Tainted Wings
Tarandus Battle Cape
Tattered PumpkinLord Shroud (Legend)
Tom Turkey Feathers
TurkeyChampion Cape
Twig's Voyager Thrusters (Legend)
Ultra Frank on yer back
Warlock of Love Miasma
War's Cape
Yokai Oni's Lamp Cape (Legend)
Zeph'gorog's Wings

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