Armors (Legend Seasonal)

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Auto updating list of all Legend Seasonal Armors

Arbor Armor
Arctic Defender
Armor of Elim
Assassin of Resolution
Battlescarred DragonSlayer
Big Daddy Helper
Black Healer Robes
Black J6
Black Mage Robes
Black Ninja
Black Renegade
Black Rogue Armor
Black ShoGunslinger
Black Warrior Armor
Black Witch Armor
Blackserker Champion
Blazebeard (Armor)
Bodiless Horseman Morph
Bounty Hunter
Carnaval of Love
Celtic Caster
Celtic Cutthroat
Celtic Destroyer
Champion Of Ice
Chrono Vanguard
Cold Bones Armor
Coolmint Twist
Countdown Disaster
Cute Santa
Dark Pumpkin Caster
Descendant of the Dragon
Evolved PumpkinLord Armor
Festa da Fierce
Field Guardian (Armor)
Frozen DeathKnight
Glutton Armor
Golden Moglin Brawler
Golden Valentine Warrior
Golf Suit
Gourdello Armor
Green Dragon Armor (AC) (1)
Grenwog Slayer
Hooked Metal Mog
Ice Claw (Armor)
Ice Protector
Kezeroth's Armor (Legend)
Legendary Dark BattleMage Armor
Lumina Mage
Masquerade Vesture
Maximillian Arctic Armor
Mummy (Armor)
Mutant Pumpkin Lord (Legend)
Native Turkey Hunter
Native Warrior
Nocturan Adept
Peppermint Twist
Pilgrim Rogue
Pilgrim Warrior
Pilgrim Wizard
Plume of Paradise
Prismatic ClawSuit (Armor)
Prismatic Fall Fighter
Pumpkin Lord Armor (Legend)
Red Moglinster (Armor)
Red Voltabolt Coat
Robe of Knowledge
Royal Romance Garb
Scrooge Mcluck
Sean and Dawn Are The Dead
Serpent Parade Green
Serpent Parade Red
Soldados Brasileiros
Spearmint Twist
Spirit of Conquest (Legend)
Spirit of Death (Legend)
Spirit of Famine (Legend)
Spirit of War (Legend)
Strolling Zombie Killer
Tarandus Battle Armor
Thermal Lorekeeper of the Moon
Thermal Lorekeeper of the Sun
Thrilling Outfit
Toil Armor
Tribal Mummy
Turkey Suit
Undead Curse
Undead Mage Armor
Undead Moglin
UW3017 Shield (Legend)
Vampire Armor
Voltabolt Coat
Votari Warrior
Warrior of the Star
Witch Armor
Yaomo Armor
Zoo Keeper

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