Pets (Legend)

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Auto updating list of all Legend Pets

Evil Toaster of Love
Evolved Frogzard
Evolved Shadow Orb
Evolved Warlord Orb of Nulgath
Exploding Kitten (Legend)
Extrikiti Pet
Eye Wyrm Pet
Fairy Flute
Fairy Godmother
Fairytale Wedding Cake (Legend)
Fallen Leaf Pile
far0 the Originally Almighty
Feisty Server Hamster
Fenrir (Rare)
Feral Hedgehog
Festive AQWorld Cup Ball
Festive Chibifar0 Pet
Festive Giefury Pet
Festive New Years Cannon
Ficus Tree
Fiend Dragon Blade Battlepet
Fiend Dragon's Battlepet
Fiend Orb
Fiendish Crypt Spider
Fiendish Spy Pet
Fierce Pheasant Pet
Fiery ArchFween
Fiery Cake
Fiery Phoenix of Protection
Fighter Crag & Bamboozle
Fightin' Death Bunny Nitro
Fightin' Frogzard
Fighting Rhino Beetle
Fire Cyclone Pet
Fire Flies
Fire Ki'lk Pet
Firestorm Twilly
Firestorm's Offspring
First Mate's Octopus
Fish and ClawgCream Pet
Flame Butterfly
Flame Titan Gryphon
Flame Wing
Flaming Temple Gibbon Battlepet
Flaming Temple Gibbon Pet
Flamog Pet
Flea Pet
Floating Baby Pet
Floating Fire Pet
Floating Jolly Roger Pet
Floating Skull Pet
Floating Xan Head Pet
Floppy Fish
Flying Agitated Orb
Flying Candycorn
Flying Legion Skull
Flying Marmoset
Flying Moglin
Flying Quoklin
Flying Spellbook
Forest Elephant
Forest Tiger
Formal Wedding Cake
Fosty Letori
Franken Chibifar0 Doll
Freeze Troll
Frost Beetle
Frost Draglin
Frost Fangbeast Pet
Frost Goblin Pet
Frost Moglin
Frost Reaper Pet
Frostfur Yetikin
Frostval Hashtog
Frostval Pixel Pup
Frostvale Moglin (Pet)
FrostWyrm Rider BattlePet
Frosty Chinchilla Pet (Legend)
FrostZard 08
Fudgey Pet
Full Moon Dire Wolf
Fungal Lad
Fyresyn Hatchling
Gaiazor Pet (AC)
Gaiazor Pet (Non-AC)
Gargoyle (Pet)
Gem of Nulgath (Pet)
General Chud Pet
General Gall Pet
General Hun'Gar Pet
General Velm Pet
Geopetal Rocks Pet
Ghost Moglinster Pet
Ghost of Mogloween Pet
Ghost Turtle Pet
Ghostly Good Boi
Ghostly Pumpkin Spirit
Ghostly Sheet (Pet)
Giant Aozora Kijimuna
Giefurious Pet
Giefury BattlePet
Giefury Pet
Giftbox Pet
Giftbox (Pet)
Giftbox Pet 2016 (1)
Giftbox Pet 2016 (2)
Giftbox Pet 2019
Gilded Lobthulhu Pet
Gilded Pigasus
Glacial Moglin
Glass Golem Pet
Glass Panther Pet
Glass Wyvern Pet
GleebleGlarble BattlePet
Gnomish Airship
Gnomish Battletank
Gnomish Engineer
Gnomish Pyrotechnic
Gnomish Technician
Goblin Forest Warrior Pet
Goblin Wolf-Rider Pet
Goggly Zard
Gold Dragon's Parrot Pet (Legend)
Gold FooDog
Gold FooPup
Golden Commander's Parrot
Golden Freedom Cannon
Golden Mini Mecha-Rex
Golden Moglin
Golden Ore Elemental
Golden Parrot Pet
Golden Peacock
Golden Phoenix
Golden Pirate Monkey
Golden Robo Shark
Golden Scarab (Pet)
Golden Tog
GooShroom Pet
Gorillaphant Calf
Gourd Prophet Pet
Graduate Moglin
Grandhonk Goose the Gray
Granola Twig (Pet)
Gratitronia (1)
Gratitronia (2)
Gravelyn GiftBork Pet
Gravelyn Lunchbox
Great Pumpkin Pet
Greater Solar Elemental Battlepet
Greater Solar Elemental Pet
Green Baby Chick
Green Dragon Battle Pet
Green Dragon's Parrot Pet (Legend)
Green Furble Pet
Green Gift Box (Pet)
Green Gummi
Green Memurble
Green Moglin
Green Moglinster Pet
Green Rat (Pet)
Green Spaced Intruder
Green Trobbolier Pet
Grey Hawk (Pet)
Gridiron Broncolich Groundhog
Gridiron Seahorcs Groundhog
Grievvy General
Griffin Cub Pet
Grim Blade of Shade Battlepet
Grim Stalker (Pet)
Groglin Pet
Grounded Pigasus
Grove Dryad on her Throne
Grove Spore (Pet)
Groveborn Defender's Battle Pet
Grrrberus Battledog
Grrrberus Watchdog
Grumpy Cat
Grumpy Elemental
Grumpy Grenwog Plush Pet
Grumpy Spring Cat
Grumpy Ziri Rider
Guardian Crystal Phoenix Blade of Nulgath
Guardian Dragon Pet
Guardian Hound Pet
Guardian Spirit Pet
Guncraft Commander's Parrot (Legend)
Happy Balloon Pet
Happy Cloud (Pet)
Happy Crab Conga
Hard Rock Pet
Harvest Dragon
Harvest Sneevil 13
Hatchling Battlepet
Hate Hawk
Heart Dispenser
Hedge Hog
HedgeGoblin Battle Pet
Hermes Balloon
Hermes Hoglets
Hermit Crab Conga
Hide in a Tree Moglin
Highnoon Falcon
Hikari no Akuma Battlepet
Hippocampus Pet
Holiday Baby Polarbear Cub
Hollow Soul Pet
Hollowborn Daimyo
Hollowborn Daimyo Battlepet
Hollowborn Shadow Shaper's Battlepet
Holo Zorba The Bakk
Honey Badger
Honorable Boar Pet
Hooded Creature
Hot Pink Sparkling Mouse
Hovering Mustachio
Howard's Raging Halo Pet
Hungry Skull Pet
Hungry Unicorn Foal Pet
Hydra Battle Pet
Hyosubei Pet
I Heard You Like Hermes Pet
Iadoa Pet
Ice Giant Pet
Ice Ki'lk Pet
Ice Scream Pet
Ice Spider Pet
Ice Wolf Pup
Ichorus Egg
Icy ArchFween
Icy Dragonoid
Imagined Dragon Battlepet
Imp Flaremage
Infected Cat Pet

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