Misc. Items (Legend)

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Auto updating list of all Legend Misc. Items

2011 Armor Token
Ancient Vitae
Aura of Awe
Birthday Legend AC Note
Black Gift Box
Blood Titan Token
Blue Cheese
Blue Gift Box
Bolt Of Silk
Cats-Eye Hyper Crystal
Chaos Stone
Chimera Egg
Class Shaped Giftbox
Class Shaped Giftbox 12
Clubhouse Blueprint
Complex Key
Corrupt Spirit Orb
Cracking Golden Pet
Crystalized Fernos Shard
Cysero's Nose Hairs
Dark Daimyo Armor
Dark Energy (Misc)
Dark Spirit Orb
Diabolical Aura
Diamond Flame
Djinn's Bounty
Doom Aura
DoomKnight Weapon Kit
DoomSoldier Weapon Kit
DoomSquire Weapon Kit
Dragon Fiend Gem
Dragon's Blessing Brew
Dragonspirit Elixir
Earth Stone
Emerald Flame
Emerald Hyper Crystal
Evergreen Armor Shaped Giftbox 11
Experimental Dark Item
Fenmoor Key
Fire Stone
Flux Communicator
Ghoul Fire
Giftbox Armor Item
Giftbox Cape Item
Giftbox Helm Item
Giftbox Pet Item
Giftbox (Pet) (Misc)
Giftbox Weapon Item
Glacial Bones
Glacial Token
Gleaming Grenwog Tooth
Gold Ingot
Golden Daimyo Armor
Golden Egg Hammer
Golden Egg (Misc) (Legend)
Golden Key (Legend)
Golden Phoenix Egg
Golden Pirate Bounty
Great Pumpkin Seed
Green Gift Box (Misc)
Grenwog Tooth
Grenwog's Diamond Tooth
Grenwog's Other Tooth
Grenwog's Rotten Tooth
Hollowsoul Blue Key
Hollowsoul Green Key
Hollowsoul Key
Hollowsoul Red Key
Legend Holly-Daily Present
Legend Investment Trinket
Legend Investment Trinket - SELL NOW
Legend Present Merge
Legend Top Hat
Legendary Awe Pass
Legion Daimyo Armor
Legion Frostval Pet Gift Box
LightGuard Defender Token
Necromancer Token
Nulgath Minion Voucher
Ominous Aura
Pack Of Spices
Pet Treasure Chest
Pink Gift Box
Prismatic Gift Box
Red Gift Box
Ruby Flame
Ruby Hyper Crystal
Rustling Golden Pet
Rysa Chick Egg
Sapphire Flame
Sapphire Hyper Crystal
Screamfeeder Heart
Scroll of Chaos Fog
Scroll of Charged Flare
Scroll of Dark Energy
Scroll of Dark Flare
Scroll of Dark Grip
Scroll of Doom Flare
Scroll of Fire Flare
Scroll of Freezing Flame
Scroll of Holy Flare
Scroll of Plague Flare
Scroll of Shiftburn
Scroll of Torment
Sentinels Platinum Coin
Sentinels Writ
Silent Sentinel Medallion
Simple Key
Slimy Golden Pet
Smelly Golden Pet
Tainted Core
Tainted Soul
Tempered Scrap
The Lens of Cornelis
The Secret 2
Tinker Trinket
Twisted Emu Egg
Twisted Hummingbird Egg
Twisted Pelican Egg
Twisted Phoenix Egg
Ultra Carnax's Bounty
Vault Guardian Heart
Voucher of Nulgath
Warm Hug Potion
Water Stone
Wind Stone
Zoshi Birthday Gift

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