Helmets & Hoods (Legend)

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Auto updating list of all Legend Helmets & Hoods

Spirit Wolf Hair
SpiritHunter Mask
Spookeasy Chops (Legend)
Spookeasy Locks (Legend)
Spookeasy Morph + Beard (Legend)
Spookeasy Morph + Locks (Legend)
Spooky Boy's Hair + Hat
Spooky Casual Hat + Morph
Spooky Girl's Locks + Hat
Spooky Pigtails Hat + Morph
Spooky Spirit Hunter Hood
Spruce's Helm (Legend)
Stalker Carapace
Stalker's Guard
StarCrasher Helm + Scarf
StarMaster's Facegear
StarMaster's Helm
StarMaster's Locks
Stealth Guardian of Darkness Hair
Stealthy Sea Patch Hair
Stealthy Sea Patch Locks
Steampunk Claws Hood
Stellar BattleMage Locks + Scarf (Legend)
Stellar BattleMage Scarf (Legend)
Stellar BattleMage Visor + Scarf (Legend)
Stinky Provolone
Stitched Burlap Mask
StormKing Bladed Female
StormKing Bladed Male
StormKing Masked Female
StormKing Masked Male
Stormy Platinum Hat
Stygian Navigator's Morph
Stygian Navigator's Visage
Stylin' Tundra Hunter
Sugar Sweet Bandana + Patch
Suki's Seraphic Morph
Summer Seraph Hair and Shades (Legend)
Sun Head
Super Aqua Scout Helm
Super6 Helmet
Swanky Top Hat (Legend)
Swanky White Top Hat (Legend)
Sweetish Fish Face
Swordhaven Defender's Halo
Swordhaven Emissary Circlet
Swordhaven Emissary Diadem
Symbiote Infection
Synderes Minion Mask
Synderes Minion Mask and Locks
Taco Admiral (Female)
Taco Admiral Hat
Taco Admiral Locks
Taco Admiral (Male)
Tainted Crown
Tainted Crown of Shadow
Tarandus Battle Helm
Tattooed Druid Helm
Tattooed Druid Locks
Tau Ceti Helm
Techno Hood
Techtronic Bike Helmet (Legend)
Tenti Hawk
Terra Topper
Terrifier's Morph
Terror Guard
Terror Lord Helm
That Which Goes Bump In The Night
That Which Is The Stuff Of Nightmares
The Armet of the Afterlife
The Face of the Hollows
The Face of the Paladins
The Helm of Magnus
The Helm of the Corrupt
The Hood of the Divine
The Mask of the Skulls
The Master's Hat
The Unhinged's Hood
The Unholy Helm
The Very Convincing Lycan Mask
The Way Mysterious Helm
The Wet Look
Thermal Flame Hood
Thinking Cap
Thorn Guard of Nulgath (Legend)
Tibicenas Face
Tidal Crest Helm
TideWalker's Hair Morph (Legend)
TideWalker's Locks Morph (Legend)
Tilted ShortHat
Timeseeker's Bunny Ears
Timeseeker's Bunny Ears + Locks
Timestream Ravager's Morph + Hat
Toil Hair
Toil Locks
Top Hat 'n Tresses (Legend)
Totally Normal Face 002
Totally Not a Killer Face 002
Toxic Mantis Pinchers
Toxic Mantis Visage
Toxic Vision Helm
TreasureHunter Hair
TreasureHunter Wrap
TreasureHunter's Divemask
Treeant's Mane
Tress and Gasmask
Tribal Mummy Helm
Triple Heart Hermes Helm
Trollinator M3
Trophy Helm Advanced
Tundra Hunter Hood
Turdraken Head
Turdraken Hunter Hat
TurkeyAssassin Cowl
TurkeyAssassin's Trophy
TurkeySlayer Bonnet
TurkeySlayer Hat
Tusked Battle Helm
Twig's PJs Hood
Twig's PJs Hood + Locks
Twig's Voyager Battle Helm (Legend)
Twilight Bongo Cat Hair
Twilight Bongo Cat Locks
Twilly's Bongo Cat Hair
Twilly's Bongo Cat Locks
Twisted Jester Demon Helm
Twisted Jester's Morph
Twisted Paw Head Morph
Ultimate Chaos Demolisher Helm (Legend)
Ultimate Victory Armet
Ultra Yaomo Morph
UltraShad's Chin + Cap
UltraShad's Grin + Cap
Undead Adept Assassin Horns (Legend)
Undead Adept Assassin Mask (Legend)
Undead Ninja Hood
Undead Wizard Cowl
Underglade Scavenger Horns (Legend)
Underglade Scavenger Morph (Legend)
UnderHammer Bearded Mask
UnderHammer Helm
UnderHammer Helm with Braids
UnderHammer Mask with Braids
Underworld DeathFiend's Gaze (Legend)
Underworld Nemesis Enchanted Horns
Underworld Nemesis Enchanted Horns + Locks
Underworld Nemesis Hood + Horns
Unholy Demons Howl
Unleashed Dragon Helmet
Urban Locks + Mask
Urban Swoop Cut + Mask
UW3017 Shield Helm (Legend)
Vaal's Doom Visage
Valentine Warrior Helm
Valentine Warrior Locks
Valkyrie Locks Helm
Vampire Guard's Locks
Vampire Guard's Sidecut
Vampiric Knight Winged Hair
Vampiric Knight Winged Locks
Vampiric Noble's Shag Hair
Vampiric Noble's Shaggy Locks
Vanir Beard Helm
Vath's Hair
Veiled Skyguard Fascinator
Verdant Nymph Wig
Verdant Sprite Wig
Vestige of Stalagbite
Veteran's Ironcrusher Guard
Vigilante Mask (Legend)
Viking Chop Helm
VIP Helm
Vladic Knight Helm
Void DragonSlayer Helm
Void GateKeeper's Horned Hair (Legend)
Void GateKeeper's Horned Locks (Legend)
Void Lass Tophat +3
Void Naval Tophat +3
Void Vampire Guard Battle Locks
Void Vampire Guard's Battle Hair
Void Walker Helm (Legend)
Void Walker Horns Morph (Legend)
Void Warlock's Hat
Void Witch's Hat (Legend)
Voidfiend Symbiote Horned Morph (Legend)
Voidfiend Symbiote's Battle Helm (Legend)
Voltaire Hat
Voltaire Hat and Facial hair
Votari Mage Locks
Votari Mage Wreath
Vulture Hood
Wandering Knight Spiked Helm
Warlock of Love Wink
Warlock of Love Wink + Locks
Warrior Golem Guard
Warrior of the Rabbit Helm
Warrior's Faceplate
War's Helm (Legend)
Water Fènnù de Hóuzi Ornate Helm
Water Fènnù de Hóuzi Ornate Locks
Water Ring Mask
Wavy Love is Blind
Weaver Mage Morph
Welder Tricorn Mask + Goggles
Well-Water Hair Helm
Werejaguar Colored Helm
Werejaguar Morph
Werepyre Slayer Helm
Werewolf Morph (2)
Were-woman Morph
Whispering Winds
White Foodog Morph
White Grenwog Tophat
White Grenwog Tophat + Locks
White Tiara
White Top Hat 'n Tresses (Legend)
White-hot Winged Helm
Wicked Cool Hair + Glasses
Windswept Elf's Horns + Hair
Windswept Elf's Horns + Locks
Winged Helm of Aerodu (Legend)
Wings of Fury Mask
Winter Elf Locks Morph
Winter Elf Morph
Winter Warlock Locks
Winter Warlock Morph
Wolf of War Hood
Wolf of War Mask
Wolfy Ears
Wood Nymph Locks
Wood Nymph Morph
Wooden Crown
Wraith of Darkness Morph
Wretched Helmet (Legend)
Wretched Stalker's Scarf
Wretched Stalker's Scarf + Locks
Xan's Flaming Skull (Legend)
Xmas Cutie Stripe Hat
Xmas Cutie Stripe Locks
X-Static Kaiju Morph Helm
Yaomo Morph
Yellow L.O.S.E.R. Helmet
Yellow Tournament Mask
Yeti Destroyer Horned Hair (Legend)
Yeti Destroyer Horned Locks (Legend)
Yokai Oni Mask, Hair + Tricorn (Legend)
Yokai Oni Mask, Locks + Tricorn (Legend)
Yokai Peek-a Side Mask + Hair

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