Helmets & Hoods (Legend)

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Auto updating list of all Legend Helmets & Hoods

King Scorpion Helm
Kirin's Avatar Helm
Kittarian Burglar Hood
Kittarian Burglar Scarf
Kitty Clown Face
Knight of Love's Armet
Knight of Thorns Helm
Ladies' Battle Herald Crown
Lady of the Woods (Legend)
Lady Rotting Naval Top Hat (Legend)
Lassy Icy Naval Top Hat (Legend)
LD2 Combat Helm
Leader of the Faceless
Legacy Locks
Legendary Chaos Destroyer Helmet
Legendary Darker Fiend Helm
Legendary Dragon Spirit Helm
Legendary Knight's Hood
Legendary Prime Dominus Visor
Lengjing Geisha
Lethe Helm Of Vokun
Lich Helm
Lich Locks
Licorice Fascinator
Licorice FlopHat
Light Auril Helm
Light Bug Advanced
Light Ring Mask
Light Witch Helm
Light Witch Locks
Lightning ClawsHood (Legend)
Lightning Santa Cutie (Legend)
Lightning Santa Hunk (Legend)
Lightwielder's Mask
LightWitch Closecut
Lim Lookalike
Lion Mask
Liquid Metal Locks
Locks And Goggles
Locks of Patronum
Locks of the Dark
Locks of the Ignited Ones
Loki Headshield
Long Black Time Conductor
Long Cute Santa's Hat
Long Dimension Goggles
Long Locks Zipperface
Lord Brentan's Helm
Lord of the Dead Skull
Lord of the Forest (Legend)
Love At First Sight Female
Love At First Sight Male
Luchadwarf Braid Mask
Luchadwarf Horned Braid
Luchadwarf Horned Mask
Luchadwarf Mask
Lucky Foot Fedora
Lucky Long Locks
Lumenomancer's Helm
Lumenomancer's Undead Visage
Luminous Hood
Luminous Locks
Lunar BlazeBinder Hair
Lunar BlazeBinder Locks
Lunar Lorekeeper's Hair
Lunar Lorekeeper's Locks
Lunar Pirate Captain's Hat
Lunar Pirate Locks
Lunar Sand Crest (Legend)
Lunar Sand Wave (Legend)
Lycan Faceplate
Lycan Horned Brute
Ma'am's Monocle Top Hat (Legend)
Mad Crush
Mad Magic Mana Helm
Mad Scientist Morph
Mad Scientist Twintails
Magical Nymph Wig
Magical Sprite Wig
Magitech Engineering Mask
Magitech's Hood
Magma Mane
MagmaClaw Morph
Makeshift Wizard Hat
Malachite Mask
Male Chaos Seeker's Helms
Male Darkblood Incarnate
Male Galactic Naval Top Hat (Legend) (Rare)
Male Galactic Naval Top Hat (Legend) (Seasonal)
Male Gear Patch
Male Rotting Naval Top Hat (Legend)
Male Seeker's Helm
Male Spooky Hair
Male Teddy Bear Hat
Male Top Hat with Ears
Male Winged Hair
Mana Symbiote
Mane of Honor
Maned Attendant Helm
Marauder Legionary Helm
Marauder Scout Helm
Marauder Scout Hood
Masculine Helm of Glory
Mask of Balance
Mask of Nightmares
Mask of the Great Dragon
Mask of the Hidden
Mask of the Infiltrator
Mask Ov Teh Kittehs
Masked Crimson Archer Hair
Masked Crimson Archer Locks
Masked Fenix Plume Headress
Masked Mana Fenix Headress
Masquerade Mask
Master Kyuubi Morph
Master Punk Helmet
Matriarch Adversary Helm
Matrix Hanzo Void Helm (Legend)
Maximillian's Arctic Helm
Maximillian's Helmet
Mechanical Tricorn Eyepatch
Mechanical Tricorn Hair Eyepatch
Mechanical Tricorn Locks + Goggles
Mechanical Tricorn Locks Eyepatch
Medic Helmet
Medic Masked Helmet
Memet Kigu Hair (Legend)
Memet Kigu Locks (Legend)
MerMan Face
MerWarrior Crown
Metal Mercenary Helmet
Midnight Hanzo Void Helm
Midnight Kat's Masked Morph
Midnight Nutcracker Soldier Girl
Midnight Nutcracker Soldier Hat
Mighty Cyclops Helm
Mighty Defender's Winged Armet
MindBreaker Helm
Miss Galactic Naval Top Hat (Legend)
Miss Legion Naval Top Hat (Legend)
Miss Red Naval Top Hat (Legend)
Missy Scallywag Top Hat (Legend)
Mister Mummy Morph
Mistress Mummy Morph
Moglin Self Helm
MogliTech Visor
Molten Dragon Helmet
Monster Grin Morph (Legend)
Monstrous Zorbak Morph
Moon Head
More Than Pink! SwoopHawk
Mossy Titan Morph
Mountaineer's Hood
MP Hat
Mr. Chaos Naval Top Hat (Legend)
Mr. Monocle Top Hat (Legend)
Mr. Red Naval Top Hat (Legend)
Mr. Scallywag Top Hat (Legend)
Mrs. Platinum Naval Top Hat (Legend)
Muertos Sombrero
Mushroom Head (Mem)
Mustached Chef Hat
Mysterious Hood
Mystical Warrior Coif
Mystical Warrior Hood
Native Chief Hat
Native Feathered hat
Native Hunter Deaddress
Native Lorian Headband
Necro Battlemage Diadem
Necro Battlemage Locks
Necrolock Hood
Necromancer Emperor Crown
Necromancer Fiend Helm (Legend)
Necromancer Fiend Hood (Legend)
Necromancer Hood
Necrotic Deathday Helm
Nekoyasha Face
NeoFiend Helm of Revontheus
Neon Blue Shadow Morph
New England Clam
Night Hunter Hat
Night Warrior
Nightmare Hunter Feathered Tricorn
Nightmare Tiki Head
Nightshade Protector
Nightshade Seeker
Noble Recruit's Haircut
Noble Recruit's Helm
Noble Recruit's Helm + Locks
Noble Recruit's Locks
Noble's Cap
Nocturan Adept Helm
Nocturan Guard
Non-GMO Brutaldrop Morph
Nopperabo Ninja Morph
Nopperabo Samurai Morph
Noxus Top Hat
Nugget Man Helm
Nulgaleen Horns Morph
Nulgaleen Locks Morph
Nulgath Face Morph (Legend)
Nulgath Warrior Horns
Nulgathinator Grin
Nulgathinator Stare
Nully Claws Morph (Legend)
Nure Onna (Helm)
Nyctox Head
OakHeart Helm
Oakheart Magic Helm
OathKeeper Shroud (Legend)
Obsidian Naval Paladin Bandanna
Obsidian Naval Paladin Messy
Old Man Zombor
One Eye Open
Oni Fukumen Hair
Onyx Cleric Helm
Onyx Cleric Locks
Onyx DOOMFire Horned Hair
Onyx Dragon Helm
Orange Gi Mask
Ornate Adherent Mask (Legend)
Ornate Jester's Cap
Ornate Jester's Facade
Ornate Jester's Masque
OverClocked Tophat
OverGeared Tophat
Pactagonal Helm
Pancake Hat W/ Butter
Paper Bag Head
Parade Green Mask
Parade Red Mask
Parrot Carnaval Mask
Patriarch Adversary Helm
Peppermint Flopper
Pilgrim Rogue Hat
Pink L.O.S.E.R. Helmet
Pirate's Tricorn of Terror
Pirut SlayR's Hat
Pirut SlayR's Locks
Plasma Pyro Helm (Legend)
Platinum Battle Crown
Platinum Eternal Champion's Horns (Legend)
Plum Nymph Wig
Plum Sprite Wig
Plumage of Pain
Prismatic Classy Villain Hair
Prismatic Classy Villain Locks

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