Helmets & Hoods (Legend)

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Auto updating list of all Legend Helmets & Hoods

Filthy's Bowler
Filthy's Bowler and Stache
Firebird Carnaval Headdress
Firestorm Corporal's Helm
FireWalker Hood
Fir's Helm (Legend)
Fjord Visor
Flaming Jack Helm (Legend)
Floating Skull
Flores de Senora
Forever Provolone (Legend)
Fortress Guardian Hood (Legend)
Frigid Snowcat Locks
Fringe Drow Morph
Frisky Feline Hair
Frost Drake Morph
Frost Guard
Frostborne Helm + Scarf (Legend)
Frostborne Helm (Legend)
Frostbringer's Diadem Morph
Frostbringer's Helmet
Frostbringer's Helmet + Morph
Frostbringer's Helmeted Locks + Morph
Frostbringer's Long Hair + Morph
Frosted Fighter Hair
Frosted Spikes
Frostval Fiend Horns
Frostval RuDoge Helm
Frostvale Ushanka Helm (Legend)
Frosty Barbarian's Helm (Legend)
Frosty Barbarian's Horns (Legend)
Frozen DeathKnight Helm
Frozen Magma Helm
Frozen Soul Knight Skull
Full Top Hat
Furious Captain's Locks
Galactic Bandana (1)
Galactic Elegant Eyepatch
Galactic Eyepatch
Galactic Starswept Locks
Galactwig Helm
Galatea Head (Legend)
Garnet Dragon Plate Helm (Legend)
Gearslinger Hat
Gearslinger Locks
General Chud's Helm
General Nevanna Helm
General Velm's Helm
Genesis Face of Revontheus
Geomancer's Hood
Ghostly Blanket
Ghostly Top Hat
Ghostly Top Hat + Locks
Giftbox Helm
Giftbox (Helm)
Gilded Dragon Faceplate
Gilded Togrulek Helm
Girly Anime Goggles
Girly Arctic Goggles
Girly Hair
Glacial Horns of Scorn
Glacial Locks of Rage
Glacial Veneer
Glacial Walker Locks
Glacial Walker Morph
Glacier Helm
Glare of the Permafrost
Gloomcaster Cap
Gloomcaster Hat
Glorified Helm
Glow Dreads
Glow Falls
Glowing Minion Hood
Gnarled Mud Minion Morph
Gobble Helmet
Goggle-less Bearded Chronolord Top Hat (Legend)
Goggle-less ChronoLady Top Hat (Legend)
Goggle-less ChronoLord Top Hat (Legend)
Gold Crested General Plume
Golden Battle Visor
Golden Centurion Commander Helm
Golden Destructor Helm
Golden Dragoon Helm
Golden Helm
Golden Helm of Prowess
Golden Moglin Brawler Morph
Golden Valentine Warrior Helm 16
Golden Valentine Warrior Locks
Golden Warcaller
Golden Yang Helm
Gorgorath's Head
Gorillaphant Helm
Gothic Skully Top Hat
Gothy Hair
Grand Inquisitor's Helm
Great Game! Helmet
Great Pumpkin King's Head
Green Block Head +1
Green Draconian Head
Green Dragon Helm (1) (Non-AC)
Green Dragon Helm (AC) (1)
Green Kirin Parade Mask
Grenadier Helm
Grid Helm with Tubes
Grid's Soldiers' Helm
Grief Hood (Legend)
Grim Stalker Helm
Grinning Fireskull
Grinning Warrior
Groomed Lycan Mane
Gryphon Rider's Headgear
Guardian of Destiny
Guardian of Light Scarf
Guardian of Light Scarf Locks
Guardian Spirit Morph
Hailstone Helm
Hailstone Locks
Hair on Fire
Hair-raising Helm
Halfro With Pick
Halo of Souls
Haloed Hood of Light
Hand of Destiny Helm
Hand of Destruction Helm
Happy Ebil Creeper Helm
Happy Gourdo Helm
Hawk Mask
Head of the Lava Warrior
Heart and Curls Hair
Heart and Curls Top Hat
Hei Gong Ji Locks (Legend)
Hei Gong Ji Mask (Legend)
Helm of Destruction
Helm of Jafar
Helm Of Patronum
Helm of the Dragon Dance
Helm of the Hungry Werewolf
Helm of the Ice Beasts
Helm of the Ignited Ones
Helm of the Lost
Helm of the Paladin Slayers
Helm of the Paladin Warriors
Helm of the Panthera
Helm of the Savior
Helm of Thunderous Applause
Helm of Ultimate Victory
Helm of Vokun
Helm of War
Helm Shaped Giftbox (AC)
Helm Shaped Giftbox (Non-AC)
Helmet-shaped Present
Hero's Female Cowl
Hero's Male Cowl
High Templar's Hood
Highborn Guard
Highway Man Hat
Hollow Head
Hollow Zerker Helmet
Hollowsoul Helm
Holy Halo Hair!
Honor of Onslaught Helm
Hood of Balance
Hood of Darkness
Hood of Death's Apprentice
Hood of Judgement
Hood of Nulgath
Hood of the Chaotic Fleet
Hood of the Chrono Enders
Hood of the Dark Ones
Hood Of The Eclipse
Hood of the Kingdom
Hood of the Scholars
Hood of the Vanquisher
Hood Ov Teh Kittehs
Hooded Dead Head
Horc Glory Helm
Horc Glory Horc's Helm
Horcish War Helm
Horned Death Pit Helm
Horned DeathGaze of Nulgath
Horned Dragon Skull
Horned Druid Helm
Horned Druid Locks
Horned Groglurk Helm
Horned Krampus Morph
Horned Matrix Hanzo Void (Legend)
Horned Oni Fukumen Hair
Horned Paladinslayer Helmet (Legend)
Horned Trislayer Helm
Horns Of Betrayal
Horns Of Betrayal - Pop Edition
Horns of Flaming Fury
Horns of the Chaotic Fleet
Horns of the Ice Beasts
Horns of the Raging Sea
Hot Head
Hot Pink Helm
Howl at the Frost
Howl at the Moon
Hunter Mask
Hunters Moon Beard + Scarf
Hunter's Moon Hair + Scarf
Hunters Moon Hood
Hunters Moon Locks + Scarf
Hyper Helmet
Hyperborean Holiday Hair
Hyperborean Holiday Hat
Ice Lord Guardian Hair
Ice Lord Guardian Locks
Ice Protector Helmet
Ice Witch Face
Icy Chibi Nulgath Helm
Icy Claws Hood (Legend)
Imbalanced Crown
Imbalanced Crown Locks
Imp Horns
Inbunche's Maquillage
Inbunche's Muse
Inbunche's Visage
Indian Chief Hat 08
Infernal Warrior Helm
Intimidating Hood of the ArchAngel
Intimidation by Fire
Ironwood's Helm (Legend)
J6 Commander Helm
Jaan Sentinel Helm (Legend)
Jack Frost
Jack Rabbit Bruiser
Jack Rabbit Jenny
Jade Samurai Helm
Jagged Fiend Cowl of Nulgath
Jagged Fiend Hood of Nulgath
Jagged Fiend Sneer of Nulgath (Legend)
Jaunty ShortHat
Jaunty Skyguard Fascinator
Jingling Helm Giftbox 12
Jinmenju Morph
Jolly Snowstalker Hood
J-Roku Kabuto
Jungle Assassin Commander Hood
Jungle Carnaval Headdress
Kaiju Morph Helm
Kawaii Cupid Locks (Legend)
Kawaii Cupid Shag (Legend)
Kezeroth's Helm (Legend)
Kezeroth's Shattered Helm
Khriot's Hair

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