Helmets & Hoods (Legend)

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Auto updating list of all Legend Helmets & Hoods

Cat Ear Headband
Cat Morph
Cavern Terror
Celestial Amadis Helm (Legend)
Celestial Celebrant's Glasses + Locks (Legend)
Celestial Celebrant's Glasses Morph (Legend)
Celestial Summoner Hood
Celestial Warrior Helmet (Legend)
Celtic Caster Hood
Centurion Bone Crusher Helm
Centurion of the Sky Helm
Ceremonial Mask + Locks
Ceremonial Yeti Mask
Cerise Dragon Spirit Helm
Cerulean Dragon Spirit Helm
Cerulean Dragonpriest's Locks
Cerulean Dragonpriest's Mask
Cerulean Flame Helm
Chain of Nulgath
Champion of Stalagbite Helmet
Chaos Chicken Helm
Chaos Giftbox Helm 2017 Mem
Chaos Giftbox Locks 2017 Mem
Chaos Hunter Hood
Chaos HydraSlayer Scarf
Chaos Lionfang Helm
Chaos Mage Helm (1)
Chaos Manticore Trainer Mask
Chaos Pirate Tentacled Morph Locks
Chaos Pirate Tentacled Tricorn Morph
Chaos Slayer Helm
Chaos Slayer Hood
Chaos Wolfy Ears
ChaosWeaver Locks
Chaotic Captain Bearded Hat + Patch (Legend)
Chaotic Chronomancer's hood
Chaotic Executioner Goggles
Chaotic Executioner Hood
Chaotic Helm of Pride
Chaotic Knightly Helm
Chaotic Leisure Locks and Shades (Legend)
Chaotic Madness Mask
Chaotic Naval Commander Morph (Legend)
Chaotic Naval Commander Morph Locks (Legend)
Chaotic Naval Top Hat + Locks Morph
Chaotic Naval Top Hat Morph
Chaotic Spellsword Helm
Chaotic Spellsword Locks
Chaotic Summer Lesiure Shades (Legend)
Chaotic Top Hat
Chaotic Vamp Faceplate
Chapeu Encantado
Charm Of The Fire Avatar (Legend)
Charon's Skull Mask
Chef's Toque
Chef's Toque + Bangs
Chelicera Fangs
Chevalier Hair (Legend)
Chevalier Locks (Legend)
Chevalier of Love Helm (Legend)
Chibi GroveRider's Accessories
Chibi GroveRider's Accessories + Bridle
Chibi GroveRider's Hair
Chibi GroveRider's Hair + Bridle
Chibi GroveRider's Locks
Chibi GroveRider's Locks + Bridle
Chill Concert Hair + Glasses
Chill Concert Locks + Glasses
Chrono Goggles and Locks
Chrono Vanquishers Helmet
ChronoHood of Manipulation
ChronoLady Naval Top Hat (Legend)
ChronoLord Naval Top Hat (Legend)
Chrononaut Helm
ChronoOracle of Misfortune's Hood
ChronoOracle's Mask + Hood
Classier Rabbit Curls
Classy Bunny TopHat
Classy Bunny TopHat + Locks
Classy Naval Monocle (Legend)
Classy Villain Hair
Classy Villain Locks
Claws' Hood 08
Claws's Darkness
Clockwork Dandy Hat
Clockwork Doll Morph (Legend)
Clockwork Doll Ponytail
Clockwork Dolly Morph (Legend)
Cobalt Warrior Helm
Coded Long Glasses
Coded Short Glasses
Colorful Claws' Battle Helm
Colorful Giftbox Helm 2021
Colorful Grenwog Morph + Rider
Colorful Grenwog Visage Rider
Combat Sage's Shadowed Jingasa (Legend)
Concert Spikes + Beard
Concert Spikes Hair
Conical Hat
Conquest's Hood and Crown
Cool Head
Corax Mystic Hood
Corinthian Helmet
Corpse Knight Helm
Corrupt Draconic Guard Helm
Corrupt Draconic Spiked Hood
Corrupted Druid Hood
Corrupted Tattooed Druid Hair
Corrupted Tattooed Druid Locks
Corvus Mystic Mask
Cosmic Magus Morph
Cosmic Magus Visage
Cosmic Philosopher Morph
Cosmic Philosopher Visage
Covered Leviasean Bedhead
Covered Leviasean Tresses
Cow Minotaur Morph (Legend)
Cowboy Vigilante (Legend)
Cowgirl Vigilante (Legend)
Cowl of Dissonance
Cowl of Malicious Intent
Cowl of the Shinobi
Creature 30's Hood
Creep Guard
Creeper Crown
Creeper Flame Jack Helm (Legend)
Creeper Jack Helm (Legend)
Creepy Gas Mask
Crimson Archer Hair
Crimson Archer Locks
Crimson Destructor Helm
Crimson Glory Hat and Locks
Crimson Glory Hood
Crimson Northlands Hat
Crimson Northlands Locks
Crimson Party Hat
Crimson Party Hat + Locks
Crimson Peony Grenwog Top Hat
Crimson Peony Grenwog Tophat + Locks
Crusader Helmet
Crushed Top Hat
Cryo Assassin of Nulgath Hood (Legend)
Cryo Drakonnan Helm
Cryostorm Troll Helm
Crystallis Conductor Cap + Locks
Crystallis Conductor's Hat
Crystallis Rescuer Visor (Legend)
Crystallis Soldier's Hat + Glasses
Crystallis Soldier's Locks + Battle Gear
Crystallis Summer Hair + Scarf (Legend)
Crystallis Summer Locks + Scarf (Legend)
Crystallis Summer Ponytail (Legend)
Crystallis Voidslayer Mask
Crystallis Voidslayer Masked Locks
Curly Love is Blind Tophat
Cursed Stalker's Hood
Cursed Stalker's Mask + Hair
Cursed Tricorn and Scarf
Cursed Tri-Locks and Scarf
Custom Destructor Helm
Cute Killer Costume Locks
Cutesy GrenwogSlayer Ears
Cutesy GrenwogSlayer Ears + Locks
Cutie Chaos Naval Top Hat (Legend)
Cyber Blood Guard of Nulgath (Legend)
Cyber DeathHunter's Hat + Hair (Legend)
Cyber DeathHunter's Hat + Locks (Legend)
Cyber Doom Helm (Legend)
Cyber Headphones + Locks (Legend)
Cyber Headphones (Legend)
Cyber J6 Helm (Legend)
Cyber Maximillian Helm
Cyber Paladin Helm (Legend)
CyberAssassin Helm
CyberAssassin Locks
Cyberg Helmet (Legend)
Cybernetic Acolyte Helm
CyberVoid Helm
Cyclops Morph
Cyclops Warlord Helm
Dapper Musician Morph
Dapper Musician Visage
Dapper Rose Charmer Morph
Dapper Rose Charmer Visage
Dark Asgardian Helm
Dark BitterHeart Hood
Dark BitterHeart Locks
Dark Cabaret Morph
Dark Cabaret Visage
Dark Conical Hat (Legend)
Dark Cyber Reaver Helm
Dark Dandy Hair (Legend)
Dark Dragon of Time Horns + Locks (Legend)
Dark Dragon of Time Horns (Legend)
Dark Dragon Slayer's Winged Sallet
Dark Dreadhaven Helm (Legend)
Dark Ferryman's Hood
Dark FlameBlade Hood
Dark FlameBlade Locks
Dark Gi Mask
Dark Heart Manly Locks
Dark Hunger
Dark Jester's Cap
Dark Knight's Battle Hood (Legend)
Dark Leprechaun Hat
Dark Leprechaun Locks
Dark Marrowlocks
Dark Marrowmask
Dark McLuck Hat (Legend)
Dark Merchant Helm
Dark 'n Deadly Fascinator (Legend)
Dark Overseer's Horned Locks (Legend)
Dark Overseer's Locks (Legend)
Dark Pumpkin Caster Hood
Dark Ripper Helm
Dark Scientist J6 Goggles (Legend)
Dark Scientist J6 Goggles Updo (Legend)
Dark ShadowFire Horns
Dark Slayer
Dark SnowAngel's Hair (Legend)
Dark SnowAngel's Locks (Legend)
Dark Valkyrie Locks Helm
Dark Wizard Hat 13
Darkblood Bite
Darkblood Helm of Awe
Darkened Minion Hood
Darkened Necromancer Hood
Darker Heart Locks (Legend)
Darkness Hood
Darkon's Debris 180 Eye
Darrgoross Guard
Dat Sock Helm
Dawn Duelist's Hat + Hair
Dawn Duelist's Hat + Locks
Dazzling White Ponytails
Dead Head Cluster
Deadly Assassin's Locks
Deadly Assassin's Scarf
Deadly Jester Braid (Legend)
Deadly Jester Hair (Legend)
Deadly Jester Mask + Braid (Legend)
Deadly Jester Mask (Legend)
Deadly Jester Snarl Morph (Legend)
Deadly Krampus Morph (Legend)
Deadman's Hair
Deadman's Locks
DeathBlood Helm (Legend)
Deathdoll enchant

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