Daggers (Legend)

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Auto updating list of all Legend Daggers

Rabid Ronin's Kamas
Rabid Ronin's Katanas
Raging Fire Daggers
Ragnarok Cavalier Back Daggers
Ravenous Reaver Daggers (Legend)
Regal Pirate's Dual Handguns
Reki's Twin Dragons
Reversed Borgrix Blades
Reversed Duality Daggers
Reversed Psionic Daggers
Re-Vitalized Bloodletter of Nulgath
Ring Of Ice Daggers
Rings of Power (Legend)
Riptide Blades (Legend)
Roroth's First Revolvers
Rose Flaming Fists (Legend)
Roses on Fire Batons
Royal Quill and Scroll
Royal Saber And Shield
Royal Yokai Tea Set
Sai of Shadows
Sakura Blossom Gohei (Dagger)
SandSea Guardian's Daggers
SandSea Scimitars
Sandstone Rippers
Saurus Armaments
Scary Machetes
Scorpion Blades
Scorpion Claw
Seraphic Agent's Daggers
Seraphic Chakrams
Seraphic Pistol and Cannon (Legend)
Seraphic Pistols
Seventeen Bladed Daggers
Shadow BeastMaster Knuckle
Shadow Daggers of Destruction
Shadow Thief's Dagger
Shadowcat Pom Poms (Dagger)
Shadowed Butterfly Blades
ShadowFire Prince's Claws
ShadowScythe Daggers
ShadowScythe Reversed Daggers
Shield and Spear o' Plenty
Shuang Gou of Shinobi
Silent Sentinel Arms
Silent Wanderer Scissor + Comb
Silver Dream Guardian Daggers
Silver Dream Guardian Dual Scimitars
Silver Duel Busters
SilverStag Warrior's Sabers (Legend)
Simple Celtic Dagger
Sixteen Bladed Daggers
Skeletal Smashers
Skull and Axe Armaments
Skyguard Blade and Shield
SkyGuard Choppers
SkyGuard Pistol
Soben Bowl + Sticks
Solar-edge ArmBlades
Soul Stealer Advanced
Soulfire Odachis
Soulfire Tonfas
SoulReaper's Katanas (Legend)
Sovereign of Storms Orbs
Spellblade's Tool Set
Spellsword Daggers (Legend)
SpellSword's Reversed Daggers
Spinal Tap of Nulgath
Spirit Assassin Blades
SpiritHunter Blades
StarCrasher Lightblades
Stellar BattleMage Blades (Legend)
Stellar Royalty's Swords
Stinging Dagger of Serpents
Stolen Cutlasses
Stone Minotiger Spear and Dagger
Sugar & Spice Eviscerators
Sun Kataras
Supernova Octarine Orb (Legend)
Sweaty Sock Daggers
Sword and Shield of the Sky
Sword of Might
Teapot and Cup
Tech Daggers Of Awe
Terra Chakra
The Epic Blades
The Syringe Cringe
The Way Pistols
The Zombie Arms of Metal
The Zombie Arms of Peace
Thirteen Bladed Daggers
Throwing Blades Of Reaping
Tidal Byakko Fans
Tidal Byakko Wakizashis
Tidal Stylets
Tidal Tiger Wakizashis
Tidal Tiger's Fans
Tidal Warrior of Prosperity Wakizashis
Tidal Warrior of Prosperity's Fans
Titanium Wolf Claw
Trollic Naval Accoutrements (Legend)
Truth And Justice
Turdrakolich Daggers
Twelve Bladed Daggers
Twenty Bladed Daggers
Twenty-One Bladed Daggers
Twenty-Two Bladed Daggers
Twig's Voyager Battle Gear (Legend)
Twin Lilies
Twisted Jester Reversed Daggers
Twistedtooth's Chaotic Claw
Twistedtooth's Claw
Tyrant Queen's Suppression
Ultimate Destroyer's Dual Axes (Legend)
Umbral Claws (Legend)
Umbral Fiend Hands
Undead Assault Axe and Sword
Undead Infantry Kris
Undead Ninja Dual Katanas
Underglade Scavenger Reavers (Legend)
Underworld DeathFiend's Morningstars (Legend)
Underworld Nemesis Claws
Underworld Nemesis Kamas
Unholy Reaper of Nulgath
Victor's Dual Glory Blades
Viper Sickles
Vodarage Accoutrements
Void Champion Daggers
Void Champion Orb
Wanderer's Void Katana Sheath
Wanderer's Void Katanas
Web of Shadows Axe
Winter's Double Bitter Edge
WinterWild Dagger
Witching Armaments
World Core's Lights
Wraith of Darkness Dual Blades
Yellow Coward Armaments
Zhu Ronin Cleaver + Kanabo

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