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Auto updating list of all Legend Armors

Serpent Parade Red
Server Gremlin Suit
Shadow Beastmaster Of Nulgath
Shadow Blade Shinobi
Shadow Dancer
Shadow Guard
Shadow Jester (1)
Shadow Made
Shadow Mage (Armor)
Shadow Nightmare J6 (Legend)
Shadow of Nulgath (Armor)
Shadow of Nulgath (Rare)
Shadow Pirate
Shadow Shinobi
Shadow Stalker
Shadow Void of Nulgath (Legend)
Shadow Weaver
Shadow ZombieSlayer Armor
Shadowcats Away Gear
Shadowcats Gear
ShadowCore Rocker
Shadow's Light
Shadowscythe Mecha suit
Shadowslayer Armor
Shinobi Senshi (Legend)
Shinobi X
Silent Sentinel
Silver GunSmith
Silver Valentine Warrior
Silver Wedding Guest
Skulls of the Necromancer
SkyGuard Diplomat
Skyguard Gunner
Skyguard Helmsman
SkyGuard Mech Armor
SkyGuard Medic
SkyGuard MP
Skyguard Private
Skyguard Private (Temp)
SkyGuard Rifleman
Skyguard SWAT
Skyguard Warrior
Sly Fox Suit
Solar Entity (Legend)
Soldados Brasileiros
Solrac Devoid
Solrac Legacy
Sorcerer Armor
Soul Banisher
Soul of Chaos Armor
Soul of Chaos Human Armor
Sovereign of Storms
Space Marine (Legend)
Space-Mage Armor
Spearmint Twist
Spicelord (Mem)
Spider Witch (Legend)
Spirit of Conquest (Legend)
Spirit of Death (Legend)
Spirit of Famine (Legend)
Spirit of Fire Armor
Spirit of War (Legend)
Spirit of Water Armor
Spirit Wolf
SpiritHunter Armor
Spookeasy Nightmare (Legend)
Sporkion Garb
Squire of Heartfelt Sighs
SteamPunk TreasureHunter
Stinky Cheese Suit (Legend)
Storm Kimono
Stormborn Battlegear
Strolling Zombie Killer
Summer Rave A
Super6 (Permanent)
Supernova Fortress Guard (Legend)
Sweetish Fish Suit
Swordhaven Diplomat
Swordhaven Master Adept
Synderes Groupie Armor
Tanuki Morph
Tarandus Battle Armor
Tau Ceti Soldier
Techno Mage
Techtronic Biker (Legend)
Terror Lord
The Beast Below
The Butcher (Armor)
The Chaos Knight
The Loop Armor
The Seekers of Chaos (Legend)
The Spawn
The Unhinged
The Unholy Armor
Thermal Lorekeeper of the Moon
Thermal Lorekeeper of the Sun
Thermal Titan
Think Pink Cheerleader
Thrilling Outfit
Tibicenas (Armor)
Tiki Fun
Titan Attendant
Tog Slayer
Toil Armor
Too-Slow Slayer
Tower Mystic
Toxic Fiend of Nulgath
Tribal Chieftains Away Team
Tribal Chieftains Rush Team
Tribal Chieftains Team
Tribal Horc Armor
Tribal Mummy
Trislayer Armor
Troll Guardian Armor
Troll Spellsmith Armor (1)
Troll Warrior
Trophy Hunter Advanced
Tundra Hunter
Turdraken Hunter
Turkey Suit
Typhoon Robe
Ultra Elemental Warrior Armor (Legend)
Umbral Fiend
Undead Curse
Undead Infantry Armor
Undead Mage Armor
Undead Moglin
Undead Paladin (Armor)
Undead Paladin (Rare)
Undead Paladinslayer (Legend)
Undead Survivor
Undead Terror Armor
Undead Trophyhunter (Legend)
Undead Wizard
Underglade Scavenger (Legend)
UnderHammer Armor
Unholy Demon Juggernaut
Unlucky Knifewielder
UW3017 Shield (Legend)
Valentine Warrior
Valkyric Glory Armor
Vampire Armor
Vampire Knight (Armor)
Vampire Lord Incubus
Vath's Chaotic Dragonlord Armor
Vermilious Necromancer
Villain of Steel (Legend)
Violet Cruise Captain
Violet Paladin
Viridian Tech Suit
Vladic Knight
Vodarage Tank
Void Beastmaster Of Nulgath
Void Dragon Defender (Legend)
Void DragonSlayer
Void Entity
Void of Nulgath
Void of Nulgath (Rare)
Void Walker (Legend)
Void Witch (Legend)
Voltabolt Coat
Votari Warrior
Wandering Knight
War Mummy Armor
War Wolfy
Warhorses Team
Warlord Armor
Warrior of the Star
Warrior's Beast Master
Warriors of The Moon
Warriors of The Sun
Water Dragon
Water Ring
Weaver Mage
Wendigo (Armor)
Werepyre Slayer
White Royalty
White Samurai Robe
White Shadow Hunter Suit
White Stalker (Armor)
White Tailcoat (Legend)
Whiteberry's Costume
Will Armor
Winter Hexer (Legend)
Witch Armor
Wolf Legend
Wolf of War
Wolfwing Armor
Wood Nymph
Xiang Chaos
X-Static X-Zilla
Xtreme Fishing Jersey
Yaomo Armor
Yellow L.O.S.E.R. (Armor)
Yokai Kimono
Zard Self
Zayark's Shadowwalker
Zealith Warrior
Zellare's Safeguard
Zeph'gorog Armor
Zombie Caesar
Zombie Formal Suit
Zombie Guardian
Zombie Leperchaun
Zombie Light Warrior
Zombie Platinum Knight
Zombie Trophyhunter
Zoo Keeper

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