Armors (Legend)

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Auto updating list of all Legend Armors

Krampus (1)
Krampus (2)
Laken Armor
Laken the Evil (Legend)
Lán sè Shu Ninja
LaRosa Toga
Late-Afternoon Wolfy
Ledgermayne (Armor)
Legend Shirt
Legendary Bride and Groom
Legendary Chaos Destroyer
Legendary Chaos Healer
Legendary Chaos Mage
Legendary Chaos Rogue
Legendary Chaos Warrior
Legendary Dark BattleMage Armor 13
Legendary Darker Fiend
Legendary Dragon Spirit
Legendary Frostguard Commander
Legendary Knight
Legendary Prime Dominus
Legendary Shinobi
Legendary Wedding Usher
Legion ShadowCats Armor
Leonine Storm
Leopard Armorz
Lethe Of Vokun
Lich General
Lich Of The Stone (Armor)
Licorice Twist
Light Auriladae
Light Witch
Lightning ClawSuit (Legend)
Living Ice (Armor)
Living Mana
Loki Mecha
Looter's Raiment
Lord Brentan (Armor)
Lost Warrior
Love of Rouge
Loyalist Away Gear
Loyalist Away Team
Loyalist Rush Team
Loyalist Team
Lucky Foot
Lumina Mage
Luminous Armor
Lunar Sand Knight (Legend)
Lycan Of Nulgath (Legend)
Mad Magic Manawalker
Madness of Chaos
Mage of Cinders
Mage of the Ignited Ones
Magenta's Costume
Magistrate Armor
Magitech Plating
Magma Armor
Magma Claw
Makeshift Mage
Malachite Merc
Mammoth Team
Man of Steal (Legend)
Marauder Legionary
Marauder Scout
Mascarada de Muertos
Masque of Red Death (Legend)
Masquerade Vesture
Master Falconer
Master Punk
Matrix Hanzo Void (Legend)
Maximillian Arctic Armor
Maximillian Armor
Mecha Gear: Mediator (Legend)
Medieval Shadow
Memet Kigu (Legend)
Midnight Hanzo Void (Legend)
Midnight Nutcracker (Legend)
Mighty Undead Infantry Armor
Mighty Warlord Armor
Miners Away Team
Miners Rush Team
Miners Team (1)
Miners Team (2)
Minotaur of War! (Legend)
Mirror Drakath (Armor)
MockingSlayer (Legend)
Moglin Self
MogliTech (Legend)
Molten Dragon Plate
Molten Robe
Moon Lab Scientist
Mr. Strawberry Sparkle Suit
Muenster Monsters Team
Mummy (Armor)
Music Pirate Garb
Mutant Pumpkin Lord (Legend)
Mystical Warrior
Nagami Armor
Native Turkey Hunter
Native Warrior
Natural Druid (Legend)
Necro Battlemage
Necro U Cheerleader
Necromancer Emperor
Necromancer Fiend (Legend)
Nekoyasha Robe
Neon Blue Shadow
Night Hunter
Nightmare Pumpkin Lord
Nightshade Bounty Hunter
Noble Courtier
Noble Garb
Nocturan Adept
Non-GMO BrutalCorn (Armor)
Northern Aurora (Legend)
Northern Twilight (Legend)
Northpointe Shadowmage
Northpointe ShadowRogue
Nulgath (Legend)
Nulgathinator 9000
Nully Claws (Armor) (Legend)
OakHeart Guardian
Obsidian UndeadSlayer
One-Eyed Doll Band
Oni to Kijo (Legend)
Onyx Cleric Of Time
Onyx DOOMFire Warlord (Legend)
Onyx Dragon Armor
Orange Karategi
Ornate Air Fènnù de Hóuzi
Ornate Earth Fènnù de Hóuzi
Ornate Water Fènnù de Hóuzi
Oversoul MerMan
Pactagonal Knight (Armor)
Pactagonal Knight's Armor
PaintBender (Legend)
Paladin (Armor)
Paladin Loremaster
Pantherian Priests
Particle Armor
Pastel Skyguard Captain (Legend)
Peacock's Costume
Peppermint Twist
Pie-rate Captain
Pilgrim Rogue
Pilgrim Warrior
Pilgrim Wizard
Pink Entity
Pink L.O.S.E.R. (Armor)
Pink Necromancer
PinkScar Rocker
Pirate of Vokun
Pirate Renegade
Pirut SlayR
Plasma Pyro (Legend)
Plate of Golden Prowess
Plate Of Holiness
Plate Of The Garnet Dragon (Legend)
Platinum Eternal Champion (Legend)
Plume of Paradise
Poisonmaker's Apprentice
Pomegranate Twist (Legend)
Pride of Chaos
Pride of Panthera
Pride of the Kingdom
Priest of the Ashes
Prisma Pop (Legend)
Prismatic ClawSuit (Armor)
Prismatic Doom Attendant
Prismatic Draconian
Prismatic Fall Fighter
Prismatic Necromancer (1)
Prismatic Neon Shadow (Legend)
Prismatic SkyGuard Warrior
Prismatic Water Snake
Pristine Blades of Order
ProtoSartorium (Armor)
Pumpkin Lord Armor (Legend)
Purified SoulBinder
Purple Dragonpriest Robes
Pyromancer Evolution (Legend)
Pyromancer's Apprentice
Queen's ArchSage (Armor)
Rainbow Pride Parade Outfit
Rainy Day Romper
Rampage Blademaster (Legend)
Rare DeathHunter Armor (Legend)
Rath and Zail Morphs
Raven King & Queen (Legend)
Ravenous Reaver (Legend)
Razorkiss Mech (Legend)
REALLY Undead Paladin
Reclamation Armor
Red Asian Dress
Red Dragon Plate
Red Dwarf Warrior Armor
Red Hibiscus Sarong
Red Kirin Parade Costume
Red L.O.S.E.R. (Armor)
Red Moglinster (Armor)
Red Voltabolt Coat
Red-Hot Swank Valentine (Legend)
Reign Gate Keeper
Reign Plate
Renegade Armor
Revontheus the Good (Armor)
Rift Warden
Ripped Denim Concert Gear
Rise of a Dragon Slayer
Robe of Knowledge
Robe of the Arcane
Robes of Rayst
Rogue Fiend of Nulgath (Legend)
Rogue Leather
Romantic Heart
Ronin Hunter
Rose Ebil Ninja
Rosy Royal Wedding Garb (Legend)
Rouge Lord and Lady
Royal Alchemist
Royal Battle Herald
Royal Dancer
Royal Fang Armor
Royal Romance Garb
Royal Suit
Royal Swordhaven Guard
Ruby Dragonhealer's Robes
Sage Armor
Sakura Dragon Spirit
Sandsea Enchanter (Legend)
Sandsea General's Armor
SandSea Guardian
Sanguine Vampire (Legend)
Sanguine's Armor
Santy Claws Moglin Suit
Satyrs Away Team

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