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Auto updating list of all Free Player Use Items

Accuracy Elixir
Aim Elixir
Airther Vitae
Angelic Elixir
Anointed Elixir
Balance Elixir
Barrier Potion
Basic Angelic Elixir
Basic Anointed Elixir
Basic Barrier Potion
Basic Battle Elixir
Basic Blessed Elixir
Basic Body Tonic
Basic Brave Tonic
Basic Brawn Tonic
Basic Bright Tonic
Basic Brilliance Tonic
Basic Brute Tonic
Basic Chance Tonic
Basic Courage Tonic
Basic Crusader Elixir
Basic Cunning Tonic
Basic Divine Elixir
Basic Fate Tonic
Basic Finesse Tonic
Basic Foresight Tonic
Basic Fortitude Tonic
Basic Fortune Tonic
Basic Guard Potion
Basic Healer Elixir
Basic Insight Tonic
Basic Judgment Tonic
Basic Karma Tonic
Basic Keen Elixir
Basic Malevolence Elixir
Basic Mastery Tonic
Basic Might Tonic
Basic Mind Tonic
Basic Piercing Elixir
Basic Power Tonic
Basic Protection Potion
Basic Sage Tonic
Basic Sharp Elixir
Basic Shield Potion
Basic Skill Tonic
Basic Spiritual Elixir
Basic Stinging Elixir
Basic Swiftness Elixir
Basic Velocity Elixir
Basic Wise Tonic
Battle Elixir
Bixx Bento
Blessed Coffee of the Lightguard
Blessed Elixir
Boar's Feet In Salted Butter Sauce
Body Tonic
Bottled Lightning
Brave Tonic
Brawn Tonic
Breath of Life
Bright Tonic
Brilliance Tonic
Brute Tonic
Chance Tonic
Clarity Cordial
CLASS Boost! (10 min)
CLASS Boost! (1 hr) (2)
CLASS Boost! (20 min)
Class Boost! (60 Min) (1)
Courage Tonic
Crawling Chaos
Creeping Horror
Crusader Elixir
Cunning Tonic
Daily Login Class Boost
Daily XP Boost! (1 hr) (1)
Destruction Elixir
Divine Elixir
Doom CLASS Boost! (1 hr)
Doom GOLD Boost! (1 hr)
Doom REP Boost! (1 hr)
DragonHeart Philtre
Dragonscale Draught
Elders' Blood
Elixir of Haste
Elixir of Regeneration
Elusion Elixir
Endurance Draught
Eradication Elixir
Essence Potion
Fate Tonic
Felicitous Philtre
Finesse Tonic
Fleet Foot Philtre
Foresight Tonic
Fortitude Tonic
Fortune Tonic
Globrush (R) Lightbeam Elixir
Globrush Sparklebeam Elixir
GOLD Boost! (10 min)
GOLD Boost! (1 hr) (1)
GOLD Boost! (20 min)
GOLD Boost! (60 Min) (1)
Guard Potion
Haunted Muffin
Healer Elixir
Health Potion (1)
Health Potion (2)
Health Potion (3)
Healthy Snacks
Heart Potion
Hole-y Cheese
Holy Wasabi
Honor Potion (1)
Honor Potion (2)
Insight Tonic
Inspiration Brand Energy Drink (™)
Judgment Tonic
Karma Tonic
Keen Elixir
Life Potion
Lightbeam Elixir
Malevolence Elixir
Malice Potion
Mana Potion (1)
Mana Potion (2)
Mastery Tonic
Might Tonic
Mind Tonic
Mog Water
Piercing Elixir
Potent Accuracy Elixir
Potent Aim Elixir
Potent Balance Elixir
Potent Barrier Potion (Non-AC)
Potent Battle Elixir (Non-AC)
Potent Destruction Elixir (Non-AC)
Potent Elusion Elixir (Non-AC)
Potent Eradication Elixir
Potent Essence Potion
Potent Guard Potion
Potent Heart Potion
Potent Honor Potion
Potent Life Potion (Non-AC)
Potent Malevolence Elixir
Potent Malice Potion (Non-AC)
Potent Protection Potion
Potent Renew Elixir
Potent Resolve Potion
Potent Revitalize Elixir (Non-AC)
Potent Shield Potion
Potent Soul Potion (Non-AC)
Potent Striking Elixir
Potent Trueshot Elixir (Non-AC)
Potent Vigor Potion (Non-AC)
Potion of Evasion
Potion of Inscrutable Mutation
Potion of Speed
Power Tonic
Protection Potion
Pumpkin Spice Elixir
Renew Elixir
REP Boost! (20 min)
REP Boost! (60 Min) (1)
REPUTATION Boost! (10 min)
REPUTATION Boost! (1 hr) (2)
Resolve Potion
Revitalize Elixir
Sage Tonic
Scroll of Acid Rain
Scroll of Arc Lightning
Scroll of Blessed Shard
Scroll of Blinding Light
Scroll of Cantor's Lament
Scroll of Chain Lightning
Scroll of Chains
Scroll of Corrosion
Scroll of Cripple
Scroll of Crushing Wave
Scroll of Dark Arc
Scroll of Death Pact
Scroll of Decay
Scroll of Diamond Cage
Scroll of Dissonance
Scroll of Distracting Hugs
Scroll of Eclipse
Scroll of Enrage
Scroll of Ethereal Curse
Scroll of Ethereal Slumber
Scroll of Exorcise
Scroll of Fire Storm
Scroll of Fireball (1)
Scroll of Fireball (2)
Scroll of Fireblast
Scroll of Firebolt
Scroll of Frost Flare
Scroll of Frostbite
Scroll of Furious Gale
Scroll of Geyser
Scroll of Guardian Blast
Scroll of Heartbeat
Scroll of Holy Bolt
Scroll of Ice Shard
Scroll of Life Steal
Scroll of Mystify
Scroll of Pangs
Scroll of Petrify
Scroll of Plasma Bolt
Scroll of Psychic Wave (1)
Scroll of Psychic Wave (2)
Scroll of Pulse Compression
Scroll of Purge
Scroll of Satisfying Snooze
Scroll of Scorched Steel
Scroll of Shadow Bolt
Scroll of Shadowblade
Scroll of Shadowburn
Scroll of Soul Crush
Scroll of Spirit Rend
Scroll of Ssikari's Breath
Scroll of Talon Twisting
Scroll of Underworld
Scroll of Void Strike
Scroll of Weaken
Scroll of Wind Strike
Scroll of Wither
Senna's Buns
Sharp Elixir
Shield Potion
Shriekward Potion
Skill Tonic
Soul Potion
Sparklebeam Elixir
Sparrow's Blood
Spiritual Elixir
Steal Their Breath
Stinging Elixir
Striking Elixir
Swiftness Elixir
Treasure Potion
Trollola Terrine
Trueshot Elixir
Twilly's Go-Go Potion
Unstable Barrier Potion
Unstable Battle Elixir
Unstable Body Tonic
Unstable Brave Tonic

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