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Auto updating list of all full Free Player Staffs

1st Lord of Chaos Staff
Acolyte Of Kolyaban Staff
Amethyne Rod
Amethyst of Thorns
Amethyst Spiked Staff
Ankh Staff
AntiShadow Striker
Appollonir's Beast Claw
Ascended Paladin Staff
Baron Sunday's Staff
Battle Oracle Battlestaff
Beacon Staff
Benben Scepter
Binky Lore Scroll
Black Leopard Skinwalker's Staff
Black Staff
Black Star Caster Staff
Blazing Phoenix Dragon Staff
Blessed Forge Hammer
Blinding Sapphire Star Staff
Blood Spirit Staff
Blue Dragon Lore Scroll
Blue GlowStick
Blueprints of War
Bo Staff
Bone Claws of Turmoil
Boreas Staff
Bright Star Staff
BrightGuard's Staff (AC)
Bronze Mana Scepter
Brutalcorn Surfboard
Burn it Down
Candy Cane (1)
Candy Cane (2)
Cane of Greed
Canidae Lance
Chair Lore Scroll
Chaos Gem Staff
Chaos Rose
Chaos Staff
Chaos Widow Staff
Cherry Wood Cane
Chinese Umbrella
Coal Staff
Corrupted Druid Staff
Crescent Moon Staff
Crimson Mana Staff
Crooked Hook
Crystal Scryer
Crystallized Memory Staff
Crystallized Memory Staff +10
CTRLler Staff
Dage's Bitter Snowglobe
Dark Druid's Staff
Dark Star Staff
Dark Tribe Skull Staff
Dark Wizard's Disparage
Darkblood Zealot Staff
Darkfrost Staff
Deadly Hydra Staff
Deathknight Staff
Deaths August Scythe
Deathstare Staff
Default Staff
Diamonds Of Time
Dimensional Staff
Dire Rachis Staff
Divine Guardian's Scythe
Doomed Staff (1)
Doomed Staff (2)
Dracolich Acolyte's Staff
Dragon Dance Fire Stick
Dragon Khan's Corrupt Scepter
Dragonfang Piercer
Dreadnought Skull Staff
Duality Mage Evil Staff
Duality Mage Good Staff
Dwakel Caster's Staff
Dwakel Lore Scroll
Earthen Dragonpriest Staff
Elemental Dragonstaff
Elemental Lore Scroll
Elk Antler Cane
Emerald Gem Staff
Emerald Intricacy Staff
Emerald Soul Staff
Enchanted ArchMage Staff
Enchanted Beastmaster Staff
Enchanted Celestial Staff
Enchanted Weaver Staff
Eternal Revolution Staff
Excavated Glaive: Staff
Extriki Bone Staff
Eye of Astaroth Staff
Faerie Botanis Staff
Fate's Slasher
Fiamme Board 2016
Fire Staff
Firey Dragonpriest's Staff
Fishin' for Food
Fishin' Rod
Fishman Lore Scroll
Focus Staff of Nulgath
Frigid Staff Of The North
Frog Drake Lore Scroll
Frozen Fire Staff
Frozen FireOrb Staff
Gale Staff
Gemmed Trophy Staff
Genesis Staff of Revontheus
Giant Thermometer
Gilded Scroll
Gjappy's Divine Staff
Gluttony Flower
Gnarled Mystical Wand
Gold Parade Staff
Gold Rune Staff
Golden Horsehead Cane
Golden Scroll
Golden Shamrock Staff
Golden Spirit Rod
Golden Staff
Golden Staff Of Healing
Great Pumpkin King Staff
Green Rat Lore Scroll
Green Spider Staff
Grizzly Lore Scroll
Harnessed Cat's Eye
Healer's Staff
Heart of the Void
Heartstone Staff
Herding Cane
Horatio's Staff
Horc Warrior Lore Scroll
Horns of the Undead Staff
Hydra Staff
Ice Orb (Staff)
Illumination of Ra
Illustrious Jewel of the Sea
Incarnation of Glitches Scythe
Invoker Staff
Jack O Stave
Jade Mage's Staff
Jova's Wrath
Kaiju Lover Staff
Kezeroth Lore Scroll
Legion Fenrir Lore Scroll
Legit HUVr Board
Lich Ravager Staff
Light Love Staff
Light of the Serpent
Live Dragon Staff
Lucky Charm
Lucky Day Staff
Lurker Lore Scroll
Lycan Legion Staff
Magma Spire
Mana Scepter
Mana Staff
Mana Trident
Metallic Crescent Staff
Metallic Jewel of the Sea
Mighty Pole of Recycle
Mighty Red Eye Staff
Mighty Yellow Eye Staff
Mirrored Deception Staff
Moglow Wand
Molten Staff
Mop (Weapon)
Mosquito Lore Scroll
Mystic Pencil of Endless Scribbles
Necromancer Emperor Staff
Necromancer Fiend Orb
Neverborn Staff
Nian Lantern
Nightlocke War Staff
NightWyvern Quarterstaff
NorthPointe Mage Crook
Nuclei Nebula Staff
Orb Of Astaroth Staff
Orb of Controlled Burning
Orb Staff of Crafting
Orb Staff Of Druids
Original Mage Staff
Parade Staff Blue
Parade Staff Violet
Parchment Scroll
Phoenix Dragon Staff
Pink Default Staff
Pirate Mage Flintlock Staff
Pirate Mage Harpoon
Pirate Mage Skull Staff
Porkon Lore Scroll
Potion Staff
Potion Wand
Pulsating Staff of Triumph
Purple Slime Staff
Purple Wedding Cane
Q Tip Staff
Quaking Geoto Sceptre
Reality's Judgement
Red Dragon Lore Scroll
Red Eye Staff
Red Pitchfork
Riftkin's Summoning Staff
Royal Jewel of the Sea
Royal Scepter
Sapphire Spiked Staff
Scavenged Infernal Staff
Scepter Mace
Scepter of the Divine
Sceptre of Divination
Scorching Orb Staff
Sea Fury Staff
Seedspitter Lore Scroll
Shocking Pink Caster Staff
Silver Dragonpriest's Staff
Sinister Staff of Mana Leech
Skeleton Lore Scroll
Skull-Staff of Torment
Slime Lore Scroll
Slimey Staff
Sneevil Lore Scroll
Snow Leopard Skinwalker's Staff
Snowglobe of Nulgath
Soul Stealer Staff
Sparkler (Staff)
Spinal Carnage Staff
Spine Gripper
Sprite's Twig
Staff of Awe
Staff Of Blessings
Staff of Casting
Staff of Darkness
Staff of Emeralds
Staff of Imp Fire
Staff of Justice (2)
Staff of Malachite
Staff of New Growth
Staff of Pestilence
Staff Of Reflections
Staff of Semiramis
Staff of Soul Weaving
Staff of Soul-Stealing
Staff Of Spades
Staff of the Fallen (1)

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