Capes & Back Items (Free Player Seasonal)

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Auto updating list of all Free Player Seasonal Capes & Back Items

2-Striped Prismatic Beach Towel
3-Striped Prismatic Beach Towel
4-Striped Prismatic Beach Towel
5-Striped Prismatic Beach Towel
A Ghostly Spirit
A Gourdly Spirit
Acid Rain Cape
Acid Rain Horned Cape
Albania Pride Scarf
Algeria Pride Scarf
Aoi Yousei Wings
Arachnid Commander's Sheathed Sword
Argentina Pride Scarf
Argentina Spirit Cape
Armenia Pride Scarf
AUS-some Cape
Australia Pride Scarf
Australia Spirit Cape
Austria Pride Scarf
Azerbaijan Pride Scarf
Back Axes of Randor
Back Frost Blades
Backpack of Eggs
Belarus Pride Scarf
Belgium Pride Scarf
Belgium Spirit Cape
Bido's Back Blade
Bido's Fireflies
Black Cape
Black Kirin Parade Cape
Blue Flag Cloak
Blue Grove Fairy Wings
Boar's Guard Cape
Bosnia and Herzegovina Pride Scarf
Botswana Pride Scarf
Brasil Pride Scarf
Brasil Spirit Cape
Bulgaria Pride Scarf
Bunny on your Back
Caliente Featherfan Cape
Caliente Feathers Cape
Canada Pride Scarf
Candy Sack
Cape Of Envy
Cape of Rainbows
Carrot Quiver Cape
Cayman Island Pride Scarf
Celeritas Leo
Celtic Caster Wrap
Celtic Wings
Chibi Bat Wings
Chile Pride Scarf
China Pride Scarf
Class of Banner
Cloak of Fur
Clovercraft Cauldron Cape
Clovercraft Minion Cape
Colombia Pride Scarf
Columbia Spirit Cape
Conquest's Cloak
Conquest's Embellishments
Corrupted Sentry Cape
Costa Rica Spirit Cape
Crimson Bonelord Seal
Crimson Bonelord Wrap
Crimson BoneLord Wrap and Seal
Crimson Pirate Mage Weapons
Croatia Pride Scarf
Croatia Spirit Cape
Crossed Dark Corsair Cutlasses
Crossed Golden Corsair Cutlasses
Crossed Gongji Katanas
Crossed Silver Corsair Cutlasses
Cuba Pride Scarf
Cupid of Evil Wings
Cupid of Gold Wings
Cupid of Love Wings
Cyber Samurai Back Blade
Cyprus Pride Scarf
Czech Republic Pride Scarf
Daisy on your Back
Dançarino Primal Feathers
Dançarino Primal Wings
Dark Corsair Gold Back Gear
Dark Corsair Silver Back Gear
Darkstar Fae Streamers
Deck And Mantle
Deck Of Hearts
Deep Fried Turkey Wings
Denmark Pride Scarf
Denmark Spirit Cape
Divine Guardian Wings
Dominica Pride Scarf
Dominican Republic Pride Scarf
Double Green Fly Wings
Dragon Dance Tail
EC Mach 6 Sword Back
Egypt Pride Scarf
Egypt Spirit Cape
El Salvador Pride Scarf
England Pride Scarf
England Spirit Cape
Enraged FiendHunter's Hide
Estonia Pride Scarf
Festive DoomKnight Cape
Finland Pride Scarf
Fire Monkey Tail
Floating Baby Cape
Floating Fears Cape
France Pride Scarf
France Spirit Cape
Franken Cannon
Frost Blademaster's Backblade
Frost Blademaster's Backblades
Frost DeathKnight Cloak
Frostmoglin on Your Back
Frostval Barbarian Cape
Frostval Barbarian Leather Cape
Frozen Back Blades
Georgia Pride Scarf
Germany Pride Scarf
Germany Spirit Cape
Ghostly Cape
Giant Sack of Gifts
Gilded Rainbow Wrap
Glacial Berserker Cape
Glacial Berserker Sword Cape
Glacial FrostScythe Cape
Glacial FrostScythe Wings
Glacial FrostScythe Wrap
Glacial Knight Cape
Glacial Knight Rune
Glacial Knight Rune Sword Cape
Gold Parade Cloak
Gold Sack on your Back
Golden Commander's Back Cutlass
Golden Moglin on your back
Golden Yaomo Cape
Gong Ji Zhanshi Side Blades
Greece Pride Scarf
Green Grove Fairy Wings
Grenwog's Bigger Gloves Trophy Cape
Grenwog's Gloves Trophy Cape
Grim Guard Cape
Grimblood Guard Cape
Guatemala Pride Scarf
Harvest Hunter Quiver Cape
Holiday Archpaladin Cape
Holly Cape
Honduras Pride Scarf
Hong Kong Pride Scarf
Honra Selvagem Feathers
Honra Selvagem Quiver
Hungary Pride Scarf
Hungry Skull Cape
Iceland Pride Scarf
Iceland Spirit Cape
India Pride Scarf
Indonesia Pride Scarf
Iran Pride Scarf
Iran Spirit Cape
Ireland Pride Scarf
Israel Pride Scarf
Italy Pride Scarf
Jamaica Pride Scarf
Japan Pride Scarf
Japan Spirit Cape
Jurassic Grenwog Tail
Kazkhstan Pride Scarf
Kinnaree Wings
Korea Pride Scarf
Kyrgyzstan Pride Scarf
Laser Memet on your Back
Latvia Pride Scarf
Lebanon Pride Scarf
Legionator Cape
Libya Pride Scarf
Lichbone Cape
Liechtenstein Pride Scarf
Linda Feathers Cape
Lithuania Pride Scarf
Lucky Gold Cape
Lucky Pink Cape
Lucky Rune Cape
Lunar Lorekeeper Cape
Luxembourg Scarf
Macedonia Pride Scarf
Madagascar Pride Scarf
Malaysia Pride Scarf
Maldives Pride Scarf
Mana Fenix Feathers
Mantle of Hearts
Maple Wings
Mariachi Hero Guitar Cape
Mariachi Hero Maracas Cape
Marshall Islands Pride Scarf
Mauritania Pride Scarf
Mediator Shields
Mediator Tail
Memory Wisp Wings
Mexico Pride Scarf
Mexico Spirit Cape
Micronesia Pride Scarf
Moldova Pride Scarf
Monaco Pride Scarf
Mongolia Pride Scarf
Monochrome Spirit Cape
Montenegro Pride Scarf
Morocco Pride Scarf
Morocco Spirit Cape
Multi-Striped Beach Towel
NecROMANCE Hip Sheath
Nepal Pride Scarf
Netherlands Scarf
New Zealand Scarf
Nicaragua Pride Scarf
Nigeria Spirit Cape
Noble Leprechaun Wrap
Nocturan Cape
Nomura's Tentacles
Northern Ireland Pride Scarf
NorthStar's Light Cloak
Norway Scarf
Orbs of the Darkstar
Pakistan Pride Scarf
Palau Pride Scarf
Panama Spirit Cape
Parade Blue Cloak
Parade Violet Cloak
Paragon's Greatsword Cape
Paraguay Pride Scarf
Peru Spirit Cape
Philippines Pride Scarf
Pink Cape
Pink Grove Fairy Wings
Pirate Mage Side Cutlass
Poland Pride Scarf
Poland Spirit Cape
Portugal Pride Scarf
Portugal Spirit Cape
Ragnarok Cavalier Mantle
Rainbow Striped Beach Towel
Rainbowtheus Scarf
Rainha da Bateria Feathered Tail
Rainha da Bateria Feathers
Rainha do Carnaval Feathered Tail
Rainha do Carnaval Feathers
Raptor Tail
Red Flag Cloak
Republic of Ireland Pride Scarf

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