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Auto updating list of all Free Player Seasonal Armors

Academic Attitude
Academy Jeans Outfit
Acid Rain Mage
Aegis Guardian
Akiban Hanfu
Alegre Carnaval Armor
Alpha Hunter
Alpha Rogue
Ambitious Necromancer
Angry Broccoli (Armor)
Arata Gamer Gear (Non-AC)
Arctic Eldritch
Armored Defender of Battleon
Armored Victor of Battleon
Ascended Legion Evoker
Aspiring Necromancer (Armor)
Astravian Cloaked Enforcer
Astravian Corsair
Astravian Enforcer
Astrum Vela Mage
Audioroid (Non-AC)
Aurora Caller
Autumn Days Outfit
Autumnal Civilian
Banana Suit
Bandit Drakath (Temp)
Barong Outfit
Battle Party Gear
Battle Sassafras
Battle Swimwear
Battleready Frostlorn Rogue
BBQ Apron
Beach Party Wear
Beach Ready Swim Suit
Beach Ready Swim Suit + Floaty
Beach Wear
Beleen's Festive Frostval Outfit
Benevolent Yukata
Berserker Bunny
Bido's BlackCaster
Big Love Formal Wear
Black Boardwalk Outfit (Non-AC)
Black J5
Black JVI
Black Kirin Parade Costume
Black Necromancer
Black Peasant Rags
Black Pirate Costume
BlackPink Meanest Girl
Bloody Dungeon Guard
Blossom KotaPon Prize A
Boar's Guard
Borgrix Guardian
Bright Commander
Bright Grove Fairy
Bright Officer
Bright Party Outfit
Bright SnowAngel (Non-AC)
Broken Hearts Brigade
Brunswick Leo Scion
Bubble Armor
Caecalian Defender
Caliente Carnaval Armor
Candy Corn Crusher
CandyCorn Sweater
Cangaceiro Vitorioso
Casual Ilustrado
Celestial Dark Knight
Celestial Pirate Commander
Ceremonial Attire
Ceremonial Temple Outfit
Cerulean Dragon Spirit
Chaos Abada Outfit
Chaos Varsity Team
Chaotic Yukata
Charming Couture
Cheer Lover
CheerCaster Armor
Cherry Blossom Love Yukata
ChickenCow BeastMaster
Chill Hoodie Outfit
Chiquita & Zep
Chronophoenix Guardian
Classic Alpha Pirate Armor
Classic Blood Paladin
Classic Pirate (Armor)
Classy Bunny
Clucky Moo (Armor)
Colorful Akiban Hanfu
Colorful Grenwog Garb
Colorless Pumpkin Armor
Combat Cupid
Commodore Core (Armor)
Cooler Love Bard
Corpo-Seco (Armor)
Crazy Clown (Armor)
Crimson Dark Lord Armor
Crimson Eveningwear
Crimson Pirate Mage
Cryostorm Crusader (Merge)
Cryostorm Warrior
Cuca's Apprentice
Cuca's Outfit
Cuddly GrenwogSlayer
Cupid of Evil
Cupid of Gold
Cupid of Love
Cursed Fimbulventr Witch
Cursed Jester
Cyborg Costume
Dainty Alchemist
Dalang Sinden
Dançarino Primal
Dark & Witchy
Dark Ceremonial Outfit
Dark CheerCaster
Dark Corsair
Dark Half-Dragon Mage
Dark Healer
Dark Infernal Mage Armor
Dark Litch Knight
Dark Lord Armor
Dark Mage
Dark Rogue
Dark Sea Corsair
Dark Sea Fleet Captain
Dark Tempest Soldier
Dark Vampire Queen
Dark Void Knight (0 AC)
Dark Void Monk (0 AC)
Dark Warlic Armor
Dark Warrior
Darkstar Fae
Dayak Warrior
Dearling's Garb
Decorated Akiban Hanfu
Decorated Colorful Akiban Hanfu
DeepDweller Pirate
DeepSea Star Pirate
Derp Llama Overlord
Diabolical Admiral
Diabolical Exosuit
Diabolical Noble Garb
Diabolical Officer
Diabolical Summer Wear
Diabolical Swimsuit
Diabolical Varsity Uniform
Divine Guardian Of Aegis
Divine Ox Garments
DoomFire Club Shirt
Dorian and Dorothy
Dracolich Kigurumi
Dragon Kigurumi
Dread Knight Armor
Dreaded Dzeza Magus
Dungeon Rockstar
Dusky Evader
Ebil Administrator
EbilSneezer Armor
EC Mach 6 Soldier Armor
Eggceptional Bunny
EggHunter Berserker
Elegant Frost Suit
Elegant Frostvale Suit
Elegant Gothic Valentine
Elegant Masquerade
Elite Guncraft Shadowslayer
Elite Shadowslayer
Emerald Druid
Emerald Earth Mage
Emerald Fairy
Emerald Party Outfit
Empowered Underworld Evoker
Encanto Sambista Armor
Enchanted Corsair
Enchanted Fairy Attendant
Enchanted Forest Rogue
Enchanted Formal Pirate
Enchanted Formal Pirate Leggings
Enchanted Hoodie Outfit
Enchanted Mountaineer
Enchanted Naval Guard
Enchanted Regal Pirate
Enchanted Regal Pirate Leggings
Enchanted Spectral Lycan
Enchanted Volleyball Hero
Ender's Knight
Enraged FiendHunter
Eros' Outfit
Ethereal Wanderer
Eventide Sorcerer
Evil Abada Outfit
Evil Bunny Suit
Evil Varsity Uniform
Evolved Bunny Berserker
Evolved DragonSlayer
Evolved Leprechaun Armor
Ewer Clothing
Fairy Attendant
Fairy Leprechaun
Fairy Tale Wanderer
Falcon Ranger
Fall Fighter
Fall ScareCrow
Fancy Corvus
Fancy Finery
Festive Caroler
Festive Cheers Sweater
Festive Frostval Elf
Festive Giefury Armor
Festive Giftbearer
Festive Party Outfit
Festive Punk Elf
Festive Sled Racer
Festive Sweater Weather
Festive Yulgar Outfit
Fiesta de la Victoria
Fimbulventr Witch (Armor)
Fire Monkey
FlameHeart Warrior
Flesh Ripper
FlibbitiestGibbet Armor
Fluffy Bunny Suit
Force Guardian
Forest Rogue
Form 888: The Harbinger
Form 999: The Harbinger
Formal Grenwog Garb
Formal Party Outfit
Formal Pirate Fleet
Formal Pirate Leggings
Frevo Party Outfit
Frigid Festive Wear
Fringed Carnaval Costume
Frost Berzerker
Frost Blademaster
Frost Deathknight
Frost DeathKnight Armor
Frost Royalty
Frostval Cheermaker

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