Polearms (Free Player)

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Auto updating list of all Free Player Polearms

Abre Alas
Acid Rain Spear
Ada's Light Scythe
Ada's Overcharged Scythe
Ada's Scythe
Air Fènnù de Hóuzi Glaive
Akriloth's Bane
Alienation Ascension
All-Seeing Spear of Chaos
Amaranthine Tri-Spear
Amethyst Poleaxe
Anaerobic Trident
Anti-Kolyaban Trident
Antiquated Shadow Swordstaff
Aqua Rage Trident
Aquamer Trident
Aracara's Limb
Arch DoomKnight Polearm
ArchFiend Spear
Archfiendish Spear of Death
Ascended Paladin Spear
Astaroth's Reaver Polearm
Astravian Saw Scythe
Astravian Serrated Scythe
Aurelian Spear
Aurous Blessing
Avatar Of Death's Scythe
Avomancer Spear
Awakened Scythe of Gazeroth
Banana Guandao (Non-AC)
Batty PitchFork
Beast of Vokun Polearm
Bedraggled Cherrywood Cane
BitterEdge Blades
BitterEdge Slicer Polearm
Blade of Corruption
Blades of Order Pike
Blades of Order Spear
Blinding Scythe of Destiny
Bloodborne Plague Scythe
Bone Guardian Polearm
Boreal Cavalier Bardiche
Bright Deorum Lance
Bright Paladin's Spear
Bright Scythe of Destiny
Bright Spear of Light
Bright Warlord of Nulgath Polearm
Brightoak Poison Pike
Brightoak Raven Scythe
Brilliant Beacon Polearm
Brutal Lance!
Burning Phoenix Spear
Butternut Blades
Caliente Feather Fan
Chaos Ally Spear
Chaos Beleen Polearm
Chaos Beleen Scythe
Chaos Energy Polearm
Chaos Merdrac Trident
Chaos Pinnacle Spear
ChaosWeaver Defender
Chaotic Banneret's Polearm
Chopping Pole Arm
ChronoPhoenix Guard's Spear
Citrine Poleaxe
Clockwork Scythe
Cold Scythe of Vengeance
Conquest Polearm
Corpse Hijacker of Nulgath
Crimson Bonelord Scythe
Crimson Star Reaper
Crypto Crusher Hammer
Crystal Spear of Love
Crystalized Tyrian Scythe
Crystallis Soulbreaker
Crystallis VoidSlayer Spear
Crystamorph Venom
Cursed Scythe of the Necropolis
Curve Bladed Polearm
Cyber Armored Spear
Cyber Golden Dragon Spear
Cyber Scythe
Cyber Skewer
Cyber Spear
Dançarino Primal Spear
Dark Dracomancer's Scythe
Dark Dragon's Havoc
Dark Heart Harvester
Dark Knight of Vokun Polearm
Dark Metal Scythe
Dark Phoenix Scythe
Darkon's Debris 13
Death Of Time Scythe
Death's Scythe (2)
Deep Fried Dricken Polearm
Delta V Guard Lance
Demented Doom Spear
Deorum Lance
Dessert Spear
Doom Creeper Leg
Doom Shiden Bardiche
Doom Spear
Doom Worshipper's Scythe
DOOMing Fork
Double Saber of Ebil
DoubleBlast Staff
Double-Headed Abominator Poleaxe
Draco Tenebris Scythe
Dracolich Destroyer Scythe
Draconic Tigress Polearm
Dragon of Time Reaper
Dragon of Time WingBlade
Dragon's Plague Scythe
DragonSlayer General Spear
DragonSlayer Spear of Poking +15
Dragonslayers Dread
Drakka Defender Polearm
Dreadhaven Halberd
Dreadhaven Spear
Earth Fènnù de Hóuzi Glaive
Earth Piercer
EC Mach 6 Spear
Ectoplasmic Pole
EggHunter Berserker's Polearm
Electric Pool Noodle
Electronic ShadowScythe Spear
Elemental Dragonslayer Polearm
Elite Dragonspear
Elite Guard's Scythe
Emerald Edge of Gorgok
Emerald Poleaxe
Empyrean Scythe
Enchanted Default Spear
Enchanted Shadow Battle Spear
Energy Scalpel
Energy Slicers
Eternal BeastMaster's Glaive
Evolved Bunny Berserker Spear
Fallen Scythe of Vengeance
Fang of the Archfiend
Favored of Kyanos Polearm
Fear of Light (1)
Fènnù de Hóuzi Fire Glaive
Fiend Champion's Spear
Fiendish Impaler
Fire Monkey Staff
Firefeather Spear
Fishman Trident
Flame Dragon Polearm (2)
Flame Guardian's Lance
Flaming Moose Scythe
Frigid Flame Spear
Frigid Frostbarb
Frigid Scythe of Vengeance
Frostlorn Raider Lance
Frostlorn Scythe
Frostval Barbarian Poleaxe
Frozen Fire Spear
Frozen Force of Fury
Furious Naginata
Fury of the Dragon (Polearm) (Merge)
Gall's Poleaxe
Gilded Lobthulhu Scythe
Glacial FrostScythe Scythe
Glacial Slicer
Glaive Of Gourds
Glowing Harvester Spear
Gold Exalted Paladin Poleaxe
Gold Exalted Paladin Spear
Golden Celestial Warrior's Spear
Golden Champion's Spear
Golden Clover Cleaver (Polearm)
Golden Defenders Lance
Golden Dragon Glaive
Golden Halberd
Golden Inquisitor's Spear
Golmoth's Polearm
GrandMaster Enchanted Spear
Green Death of Time Scythe
Green Dragon Polearm
GrimDark Scythe
Guild Launch Flag
Guild Launch Lance
Halberd of Justice
Hand of the Polearm
Harvest Scythe (2)
Heart Reaper Scythe
Heavenly Hasher
High Nega Commander Spear
Hockey Stick
HolloEnergy Blade
Hollowborn Shadow Shaper's Spear
Hollowborn Soul Taker
Hollowborn Spear
Hollowborn Vampire Scythe
Holy Blessing Spear
Honra Selvagem Spear
Horc Hacker
Hun'Gar's Polearm
Hunting Spear
Ice Dragon Polearm
IceDragon Breath Scythe
Icy Frostlorn Raider Lance
Icy Frostlorn Scythe
Icy Infernal Spear
Ignited Guardian Lance
Iluminated Scythe
Imperial Naginata
Infamous Revenge
Infantry Pole Axe
Infernal Harbinger's Howl
Infernal Warlord's Polearm
Infinite Joust
Inquisitor Captain Short Polearm
Inquisitor Guard's Spear
Intergalactic Harvester Spear
Iron Spear
Jack O Poison Scythe
Jack O Scythe
Kalestri Polearm
Killer Pitchfork
Knight's Pike
Kogane no Yari
Lance of Hatoth
Lance Of Hearts
Lance of Serepthys
Lance of the Patriots
Lance of the Sun
Lance of Time
Lavamorph Venom
Leeching Earth
Legion Wrath Scythe
Lesser Bloodbeacon Polearm (Polearm)
Leviathan Warrior's Trident
Leviathan's Bane
Lich Lord's Scythe
Light Spear
Linda Feather Fan
Lobthulhu Scythe
Lord of Order Polearm (Quest)
Lu Niu's Taurean Spear
Lunar Lorekeeper Spear
Lusè Shu Naginata

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