Daggers (Free Player)

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Auto updating list of all full Free Player Daggers

13th Dagger of Claws
8 and a half Inch Nails
A Salt and Battery Daggers
Alchemical Onyx Daggers
Alchemical Onyx Reversed Daggers
Alchemist's Dual Repeaters
Alpha Rogue Knives
Amethyst Daggers
Ancient Runeblades
Angelic Silver Daggers
AQW Diploma (Dagger)
Arcane Pirate Cutlass and Rapier (Non-AC)
ArchFiend Enchanted Orbs
Artifact Hunter's Daggers
Astaroth's Claw Daggers
Avenged Hand
Awethur's Accoutrements
Axe Dagger
Backscattering Blades
Bamboo Slicer Dual Katanas
Banished Brawler Dagger
Basa Basa Blade
Basic Sai
Basic Wooden Stake
Bass Clef Dagger
Battle Cello And Bow
Battle Piano Strikers
Battlegear E Daggers
Beastmaster Ravager Daggers
Bee Arthur Katanas
Bido's Dual Black Blades
Biobeast Master Lightblades
BitterEdge Daggers (AC)
BitterEdge Daggers (Non-AC)
Blade and Shield of Glass
Blade Knife
Bladed Daggers of Souls
Blademaster's Icy Reversed Dagger
Blademaster's Reversed Dagger
Blades of Atrocity
Blades of Corruption
Blades of Darkness
Blades of Excellence
Blades of Life-Taking
Blades of the Djinn King
Blades of the Fallen Djinn
BlightSlayer Dagger
Blinding Daggers of Destiny
Blinding Explosion
Blood Guardian Daggers
Blood Hawk Hand of Success
Blood of the Void Daggers
Bloodletter of Nulgath
Bloodwave Violin and Bow
Blue Crystal Spike
Boar's Guard Sword + Shield
Brawler Dagger
Bright Blades of the Light
Bright Daggers of Destiny
Brightoak Raven Armblades
Brightsteel Daggers
Brilliant Beacon Daggers
Broken Blades
Broken Dagger
Broken Dual Half-Chakra
Broncolich Fist of Victory
Brutal Battle Blades
Brutal Bone Daggers
Brutal Dagger
Bubble The Cat Plus
Burger and Ketchup Bottle
Burger and Mustard Bottle
Burning Ember and Mace
Butcher Blades
Butcher Knife
Caipora's Daggers
Candy Cane Rippers
Candy Dagger
CandyCorn Daggers
Cat Claws
Cataclysmic Daggers
Celestial Accoutrements
Celestial Beacon Dagger
Celestial Light Daggers
Celtic Hunter Reavers
Chained Rune Bonebreaker
Chaos Breaker's Daggers
Chaos Infused Daggers
Chaos Spy Blades
Chaotic Energy Claws
Chaotic Healer's Dual Vortex (Non-AC)
Chaotic Knight Blades
Chaotic Sand Reavers
Chaotic WarMage Dagger
Cheese Dagger
Cherry Bomb
Cheval Glass Swords
Chicken Cow Knight's Sword + Shield
ChickenCow Fang
Classier Rabbit Chakrams
Clavic Daggers
Claw of Nulgath
Claws of the Astral
Claws of the Daeva
Claws of the Underworld
Claws of the Weald
Cloaked Nocturu Daggers
Cockatrice Hunter's Accoutrements
Colonicus' Wing Dagger
Colorless Pumpking Daggers
Copperwire Daggers
Corrupt Draconic Paragon Reavers
Corundum Kris
Cosmic Reavers
Cosmic Slashers
Cowbell + Dinger
Crafter Chakram (Dagger)
Crescent Dagger
Crimson Destructor Swords
Crimson Star Reavers
Crimson Star Slashers
Crow Hand of Victory
Crude Twin Dagger
Crystalisk Daggers
Crystallis Chappals
Crystallized Mana Dagger
Crystamorph Dual Banes
Cupid of Evil Bow + Arrow
Cupid of Gold Bow + Arrow
Cupid of Love Bow + Arrow
Curved Dagger
Cyber Armblades (Non-Legend)
Cyber Dryad Glaives
Cyber Samurai Katanas
CyberFire Torches
Dacite Daggers
Dagger and Caustic Flask
Dagger and Chaos Flask
Dagger and Healing Flask
Dagger and Lethal Flask
Dagger and Noxious Flask
Dagger of Awe (0 AC)
Dagger of Serpents
Dagger of the Bat
Dagger to the Heart
Daggers of Akriloth
Daggers of Crescent
Daggers of Darkness
Daggers of Destiny
Daggers of Guiding
Daggers of Scorching
Daggers of Semiramis
Daggers of the Desolate Desert
Daggers of the Forsaken
Daggers of the Pumpking
Dancing Blades
Dark Dragon Samurai Dual Katanas
Dark Dual Arachnotana
Dark Exo Dagger
Dark Flames of Fury
Dark Flaming Fists
Dark Hand's Claws
Dark Hand's Dual Cyclones
Dark Hand's Kusari-Gama
Dark Metal Necro Scythes
Dark Void Paladin Katanas
Darkness Dagger
Darkon's Debris 4.1
Darkon's Debris 4.2
Darkon's Debris 508 Dual
Darkon's Double Fried 1952
Darkstar Shards Daggers
Darkwave Violin and Bow
Dayak Battle Gear
Deadly Fan
Death Scythe of Nulgath
Default Dagger
Defiant Rogue Daggers
Deity Daggers
Desolate Duel Axes
Disarmed daggers
Disease Dagger
Djinn Warrior Daggers
Doom Dynamite
Doom ExoDagger Binsoku
Doom Zealith Reavers
DoomFlame Rapier
Double Hard Edges
Dragon Roar Dagger
Dragon Rogue Klinge
Dragon Samurai Dual Katanas
DragonFable Destiny Sword
Dragon's Claw
Dragon's Heart-beam
Dreaddaggers Mach 3.0
Dreaded Daggers
DreadMaw Daggers
Druid Chakram (Dagger)
Drum Styx
Dual Abaddon's Terrors
Dual Abomineator Axes
Dual Alchemical Onyx Katanas
Dual Alteon's Pride
Dual Angelic Lightnings
Dual Axe of the Black Knight
Dual Axes of Randor
Dual Balor's Cruelty
Dual Balrog Blade
Dual Bark Basher
Dual Bearded Axe of Nulgath
Dual Berry Mugs
Dual BFP
Dual Big 100K
Dual Blade of The Fallen
Dual Blades of Awe
Dual Blades of Doomination
Dual Blades of the Forsaken
Dual Blessed Coffee Cup
Dual Blinding Light of Destiny
Dual Blood Axe Of Destruction
Dual Bloodrivers
Dual Bone Sword
Dual Bonespar Rapiers
Dual Boreal Blades
Dual Burn it Down Staves
Dual Burning Blades Of Abezeth
Dual Cerberus Axes
Dual Ceremonial Temple Blades
Dual Chainsaw Katanas
Dual Chaoaxes
Dual Chaos Gutters
Dual Char Blasters
Dual Crystal Claymore
Dual Crystal Phoenix Blade of Nulgath
Dual Crystallis Chakrams
Dual Crystallized Mana Daggers
Dual Crystals Of Love
Dual Cursed Flame Katanas
Dual Cyan Zappers
Dual Dark Corsair Cutlasses
Dual Dark Crystal Claymore
Dual Darkstar Floating Shards
Dual Default Sword
Dual Demolishers of Destruction
Dual Doom Epic Flails
Dual Doom Fail-Flails

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