Armors (Free Player)

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Auto updating list of all full Free Player Armors

Shogun of Shadows
Silent Water
Silver Exalted Paladin
Silver Xmas Cutie
Simple Green Healer's Robe
Simple Robe
Sinister Clown
Sir Valence's Armor
SkinWalker Druid
SkinWalker Warrior
Skudly Suit
Skuller of Vokun
Slammin' Swimwear
Slayer Armor
Sleek Concert Outfit
Slime Dragon Rogue
Slithering Shadowslayer
Sneeviltron (Armor)
Snow Golem (Armor)
Snow Leopard Skinwalker
Snowman Armor
Snuggle Bear
Snuggle Berserker
Somnian Bard
Soul Admired
Sparring Suit
Speedy Hare Suit
Spellsword Artifact Hunter
SpellSword's Apprentice
Spicy Samurai
Spirit of Air Armor
Spirit of Earth Armor
Sponzard Slayer
Spooky Goth Outfit
Spooky Kid
Spooky Skelly Suit
Static Pyro
Steampunk Clawsuit
Steampunk Eggsplorer
Steampunk Valentine
Stone Paladin Armor
Storm Drakel Warrior
Storm Guard (Armor)
Stormslasher (Armor)
Strikeforce Pulsar
Suit of Flame (Permanent)
Suit of Flame (Temporary)
Sullied BladeMaster
Summer Style
Summer Xeven and Sekt
Summoner Mori
Sun Lord and Lady (Merge)
Sun Lord and Lady (Wheel)
Sunflower Outfit
Sunsuit Romper
Super Scion Ninja
Super6 (Temporary)
Swim Suit
Swordhaven Adept
Swordhaven Defender
Swordhaven Loyalist
Tainted Druid
Tan Space Crew Shirt
Tango's Dancin' Armor
Tank Mech
Teen Slasher
Temp Fox
Temp Owl
Temp Rabbit
Tempest Dracolich Armor
Temporary Sparring Suit
Terra Robe
Territorial Lion
The Giant Dwarf
The Loyalist Armor
The Neverborn (Armor) (2)
The Nights of Wrath
The Ogre's Armor
The Order of Seeker
The Piercer Plate
The Seekers of Chaos (AC)
The Unholy of Vokun
The Unknown
Thief of Hours Armor
Thin Guy
Third Armor Shaped Gift
Those of the Despair
Thug J6 (Temporary)
Thunderborn Battlegear
Thunderfang Battlemage
Thunderous Zephyr Dragon
Timber-Wolferine Declawed
Tinsel's Armor Gift
Tinsel's Second Armor Gift
Titan Hunter
Tomb Thief
Tournament Champion
Tower Guardian (Armor)
Toxic Knight Captain
Toxic Mantis
Toxic Scavenger
Toxic Spirit
Toxic X-Terminator
Transcendent of Tercessuinotlim (Quest)
TreasureHunter Z
Troll Armor (Permanent)
Troll Armor (Temporary)
Troll Spellsmith (Armor) (2)
Trollok Fan Shirt
Trophy Hunter (2)
Trophy Hunter Evolved
Tsukumo-Gami Morph
Tundra Stalker (Armor)
Turdraken Scale Armor
Turdraken Slayer
Twig Animatronic Armor
Twilly Animatronic Armor
Twilly Shirt
Twisted EldritchSlayer
Twisted Jester
Twisted Treeant (Armor)
Ugly Christmas Sweater
Ultimate Lich King (Temporary)
Ultra FiendHunter
Ultra OmniKnight Armor (Merge)
Undead Dragon
Undead Evil Dread
Undead Fighter Armor
Undead Fighter (Temporary)
Undead Guardian Prime
Undead Mage (Temporary)
Undead Ninja Armor
Undead Pirate Curse
Undead Seraph Warrior
Undead (temp)
Undead Warrior Bruiser
Undead Warrior Executioner
Undead Wretched Stalker
Underworld Berserker
Underworld Cleric
Underworld Evoker
Underworld Horror
Underworld Thronetaker
Underworld Warlock
Unfortunate RingMaster
Unluckiest Leperchaun
Unlucky Hoodie
Unseelie Glassbinder
Urban Samurai
Uw3017 Blaster (Armor)
Uw3017 Gunner (Armor)
Vaderix Carapace
Valen and Lynaria Armor
Valen Armor
Vampirate (Armor)
Vampire Emissary
Vampire Lord (Armor) (Merge)
Vampire of Nulgath
Vampire of Vokun
Vampire Slayer
Vampiric Knight (Armor)
Vanta Blademaster
Vasalkar's Champion
Vaxen Loremaster
Victoria Armor
Vile Vulture
Vindicator Of They Armor (Armor)
Violet Dragonhame Wanderer
Violet Kirin Parade Costume
Violet Tech Suit
VIP Bride and Groom Groupie Armor
Virtual ShoGunslinger
Vivid Rugby Armor
Vivid Snowsuit
Void BattleMage
Void Cowboy
Void Destroyer
Void General
Void Ghost of Nulgath
Void Highlord Armor
Void Knight (Armor)
Void Monk of Nulgath
Void Paladin
Void Pirate (Armor)
Void Pirate Destroyer
Void Ripper
Void Shogun (Armor)
Void SkinWalker
Void SkinWalker Fiend
Void Spartan
Void Wanderer
Void Warlock
Voodoo Brawler
Wandering Onryo (Armor)
Warden of Light
WardKeeper's Armor
Warlock of Love
Warlord of Nulgath
WarpForce Shirt
Warrior Armor
Warrior of Kyanos
Warrior of the Clerics
Warrior of the Den
Water Fènnù de Hóuzi
Were-diver Morph
Werepyre Warrior
Werepyre's Guard
Werewolf Hunter
White Karategi
White Mage
White Pawn
White Rabbit Suit
White Space Crew Shirt
White Space Paladin
Whoops! Armor
Wicked Pumpkin Caster
Wind Ring
Window Slayer
Winter Assassin
Winter Defender Alpha
Wintery DoomKnight
Wintry Minstrel
Wise Owl Suit
Witch Doctor Necro Armor
Wolfblade Shirt
Wolfslayer Frostlorn Rogue
Worshipper of Doom
Worshipper of Nulgath
Woven Knot Outfit
Wraith of Darkness
Wretched Stalker
Xmas Cutie Armor
Yaksha and Kinnaree
Year of the Rabbit Warrior
Yellow Space Crew Shirt
Yellow Space Paladin
Yeti Warrior

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