Armors (Free Player)

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Auto updating list of all full Free Player Armors

Dread Captain (Merge)
Dread Crewmember (Merge)
Dread Leopard Guard
Dreadhaven General (Armor)
Dreadhaven Knight
Dream Palace Guard
Dricken Morph Armor
Drow Eviscerator
Drow Illusionist
Druid Battlemage
Druid Temp
Duality Mage - Evil
Duality Mage - Good
Ducal Falconer
Dungeon Defender
Dungeon Master
Dungeon Rockstar
Dwakel Warrior (Armor)
Dwarf Warrior
Earth Fènnù de Hóuzi
Earth Titan Armor
Ebil Genius Armor
Ebil Ninja
EbilCorp Shirt
EC Mach 6 Soldier Armor
Edgy Punk Outfit
Elegant Doom Toga
Elegant Frost Suit
Elegant Frostvale Suit
Elegant Gothic Valentine
Elegant Masquerade
Elemental Dracomancer Armor (Non-AC)
Elemental DragonSlayer
Elite Phoenix Hunter
Elite Shadowslayer
Elite Void
Emerald Acolyte
Emerald Dragonhealer Wanderer
Emerald Druid
Emerald Earth Mage
Emerald Emperor's General
Emerald Party Outfit
Empowered Underworld Evoker
Enchanted DeathKnight
Enchanted Forest Rogue
Enchanted Hoodie Outfit
Enchanted Pirate
Enchanted Shadowsong Rocker
Enchanted Spellsword
Enchanted Titan Armor +15
Ender's Knight
Enforcer Armor
Enraged FiendHunter
Envoy of Kyanos
EpicDuel Shirt
Eremon's Armor
Eridani Villager
Essence Of The Fire Avatar
Eternal Battlestar
Eternal BeastMaster
Eternal Inversionist (Armor)
Evil Archmage
Evil Bunny Suit
Evil Casual Wear
Evil J-Sixth Lord
Evolved Bunny Berserker
Evolved DragonSlayer
Evolved Legacy of Nulgath (Quest)
Evolved Leprechaun Armor
Evolved Rouge Armor
Evolved Shaman Armor (Non-AC)
Evolved Worshipper of Nulgath
Excavated Pilot Armor
Exctinction Survivor
Expendable Rogue (Armor)
Fae and Daz Morphs
Fairy Attendant
Fairy Leprechaun
Fairy Tale Wanderer
FairyTale Royalty
Fall Fighter
Fallen DeathKnight (Armor)
Fancy Awards Show Tux
Fantasy Bard
Fa's Attire
Fat Panda
Favored of Kyanos
Festive DoomKnight
Festive Frostval Elf
Festive Giefury Armor
Festive Yulgar Outfit
Fiend Champion of Adimonde
Fiend Minion
Fiend of Light
Fiend Warrior
Fiesta de la Victoria
Final's Armor
Final's Base Armor
Final's Upgraded Armor
Fire Fènnù de Hóuzi
Fire Monkey
Fireproof Suit
Fireproof Suit Temp
First Armor Shaped Gift
First Mate (2)
Fish Suit
Flame Dragon Armor
Flame Guardian
Flame Of The Ruby Dragon
Flame Warrior
FlameDragon Knight
FlameScourge Warrior
Flesh Ripper
Flintfang Armor (0 AC)
Fluffy Bunny Suit
Force Guardian
Forest Beast Slayer
Forest Faerie Dress
Forest Rogue
Formal Party Outfit
Formal Sanguine Shield
Formal Vigilante (Free Player)
Fortunate Holiday Paragon Plate
Freaki Beach Suit
Frevo Carnaval Armor
Frogzard Knight
Frost Berzerker
Frost Blademaster
Frost Deathknight
Frost DeathKnight Armor
Frost Ninja
Frost Royalty
Frost Royalty 12
Frost Void of Nulgath
Frostbringer Mage
Frostfur Claws
Frostval Deer Suit
Frostval DragonSlayer
Frostval Ice Blessing Outfit
Frostval NutCracker
Frostvale Healer
Frostvale Mage
Frostvale Robina
Frosty Armor
Frozen Fury
Frozen Hatred
Frozen Pyromancer (Armor)
Frozen Warlock Robe
Fryin Man
Furred Frostlorn Rogue
Fyreborn Mauler
Gaian Warrior
Galactic Eviscerator
Galactic Mech
Galactic Paladin Commander
Galactic Shadow Trooper
Galactic Treasure Hunter
Galaxy Witch
Gargantuan Golem
GateKeeper of Vokun
General Chud's Armor
General Gall's Armor
General Hun'Gar's Armor
General Velm's Armor
Generals of the Ignited Ones
Ghost's Wanderer Gear
Giant Warrior
Giefurious Armor
Giefury Armor
Giftbox (Armor)
Giftbox Armor 2015
Giftbox Armor 2016 (1)
Giftbox Armor 2016 (2)
Giftbox Armor 2017
Giftbox Armor 2018 (AC)
Giftbox Armor 2018 (Non-AC)
Giftbox Armor 2019
Giftbox Armor 2020 (AC)
Giftbox Armor 2020 (Quest)
Gilded Dragonlord
Gingerbread Claws Suit
Gjappy's Celestial Armor
Glacial Berserker (Armor) (Non-AC)
Glacial DreadKnight
Glacial FrostScythe
Glacial Knight
Glacial Troll Armor
Glamour Ghoul
Globlin Jammies
Goblin Disguise (Permanent)
Goblin Disguise (Temporary)
Gold Exalted Paladin
Gold Parade Costume
Golden Anubyx Warrior
Golden Armor of War
Golden Brightscythe Warrior
Golden Celestial Warrior
Golden Hanzo Void
Golden Inquisitor of ShadowFall
Golden Moglin Suit
Golden UndeadSlayer
Golden Warrior of Flame
Golem Skin
Gong Ji Zhanshi
Granite Dracolich Armor
Gravelyn (Temporary)
Gravelyn's Champion
Gravelyn's Dragon Armor
Green Dragon Armor (2)
Green Screamer (Armor)
Green Space Crew Shirt
Green Space Paladin
Green Wedding Guest
Greenguard Knight
Greenguard Ranger
Greenguard Shaman
Grenwog Worshipper
Grim Dungeon Guard
Grimskull Ragged Rogue
Groglurk Knight
Grunge Gear
Guard Armor
Guardian Of Love
Gummi Bear Suit
Gunslinger From The West
Hard Rocker
Harvest Hunter
Hashashin Armor
Havokrun Recruiter
Hazardous BioBeast Morph
Hazmat Suit
Hazmat Suit (Temp)
Healer Armor
Herald of Stalagbite
Hero of Sponsors
Heroic Berserker
Heroic Horror
HeroMart Shirt

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