Armors (Free Player)

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Auto updating list of all full Free Player Armors

Charged Cryptborg
CheerCaster Armor
Chibi Nulgath Armor
Chicken Cow Knight
Chicken Self
Chickenman Suit
Chronophoenix Guardian
Classic Alpha Pirate Armor
Classic Hollowborn Paladin Armor
Classic Pirate (Armor)
Clawsuit Guardian
Clucky Moo (Armor)
Cockatrice Hunter
Collector Armor
Colorless Pumpkin Armor
Commander of Cerberus
Commodore Core (Armor)
Concert Glow Armor
Concert Hoodie Outfit
Convict Nulgath (Temp)
Cool Crystallis Yukata
Cool Onsen Yukata
Corpo-Seco (Armor)
Corrupt Draconic Paragon Plate
Corrupted BattleMage
Corrupted Druid Armor
Corrupted Forest Fairy
Crab Costume
Crafter Battlemage
Crazy Clown (Armor)
Crimson Bonelord
Crimson Darkness
Crimson Dragoon
Crimson Fiend
Crimson Pirate Mage
Crimson Plate of Nulgath
Crimson Spitfire
Crocadile Dundoo
Crusader Armor
Crusader of the Light
Cryomancer Armor (Merge)
Cryostorm Crusader (Merge)
Cryostorm Warrior
Crypto Creator
Crystallis Heart of Kotaro
Crystallis Jinbei
Crystallis Voyager
Crystallis Yukata
Crystallis Yukata + Haori
Cuca's Apprentice
Cuca's Outfit
Cuddly GrenwogSlayer
Cupid of Evil
Cupid of Gold
Cupid of Love
Cursed Abezeth
Cursed Collector
Cyber Dreadhaven General
Cyber Dryad
Cyber Healer
Cyber King
Cyber Mage
Cyber Peasant
Cyber Rogue
Cyber Samurai
Cyber Void Paladin
Cyber Warrior
Cybernetic Adornments
Cybernetic Assassin
Cybernetic Space Marine
Cyborg Costume
Cysero's Wedding Guest
Dage x Faith Wedding Outfit
Daisy Wrap Dress
Damaged Cyber Peasant
Dançarino Primal
Dancin' Armor
Dark Arachnomancer
Dark Arts Scholar
Dark Berserker
Dark Bones
Dark Ceremonial Outfit
Dark Chaos Berserker Armor
Dark CheerCaster
Dark Corsair
Dark Crusader
Dark Crystallis Jinbei
Dark Devourer
Dark Disco
Dark Dragon Samurai
Dark Druid
Dark Elementalist
Dark ExoSuit
Dark Frostdrake Ruler
Dark FrostSpawn Mage
Dark Half-Dragon Mage
Dark Hand Assassin
Dark Healer
Dark Heartbreaker
Dark LoreKeeper
Dark Mage
Dark Metal Necromancer
Dark Noble Garb
Dark Ranger
Dark Ringmaster
Dark Rogue
Dark Snuggle Bear
Dark Sorcerer
Dark Summoner
Dark Sun Mage
Dark Vampire Queen
Dark Void Knight (0 AC)
Dark Void Monk (0 AC)
Dark Warlic Armor
Dark Warrior
Darkblood Crafter
Darkblood Guards
Darkblood LoreKeeper
Darkblood Peasant
Darkblood Priest-Mage
Darkblood Stormking Armor (Non-AC)
Darkblood Zealot
Darkon's Debris 180
Darkon's Debris 66.1
Darkon's Debris 66.2
Darkon's Debris 66.3
Darkon's Debris 92.1
Darkon's Debris 92.2
Darkon's Debris 92.3
Darkovian Noble
Darkside Armor
Darkside Trooper
Darkstar Fae
Darkwave Dancer
Darkwave Outfit
Darkwolf Bandit (Armor)
Data Runner
Dawn Archmage
Dayak Warrior
Dead Moglinster
Deadtech Lich
Deadtech Necromancer
Dearling's Garb
Death Alive (Armor)
Death's Apprentice (Temporary)
Death's Hand Armor
Deathshead Destroyer
Deep Fried Mecha
DeepDweller Pirate
DeepSea Hunter
DeepSea Scourge
Deer Morph
Derp Llama Overlord
Desolate Rogue
Dew Drop's Dress Armor
Diabolical Ectomancer
Diabolical Witch
Diamond Dueler
Digital ArchFiend DoomLord (Armor)
Dimensional Champion of Nulgath
Dino Bot
Dire Marrowfiend
Disguised Sepulchure (Temp)
Divine Guardian Of Aegis
Diving Gear
Djinn Knight
Djinn Oracle
Djinn Warrior
Doctor Hue
Dog Dude
Doom Attendant
Doom Celestial Sandknight
Doom Chaos Symbiote
Doom Disciple Armor
Doom Exosuit Binoku (1)
Doom Exosuit Binoku (2)
Doom Genie
Doom Golden Centurion Armor
Doom Holiday Paragon Plate
Doom Iced Jester
Doom Karma Army
Doom Lycan Armor
Doom Lycan Transformation
Doom Madness of Chaos
Doom Midknightgown
Doom Naval Commander
Doom Ninja Warrior
Doom Phoenix Plate
Doom Pirate Captain
Doom Prismatic Composer Armor
Doom Realm Guardian
Doom Rook
Doom Rotting Naval Commander
Doom Shadowscythe Mecha Suit
Doom Shielded Centurion Armor
Doom Souleater Warrior
Doom Toga
Doom Trislayer
Doom Vampire Transformation
Doomed Mage
Doomed Ranger
Doomed Valen (Temp)
DOOMFire OF Gravelyn
Doomknight Battlemage
Doomknight Shadowmage
Dorian and Dorothy
Dr. Eisenbacke (Armor)
Draco Tenebris
Dracolich Destroyer
Draconic Warlock
Dragon Disciple Armor
Dragon of Time Armor
Dragon Prince
Dragon Rogue
Dragon Samurai (1)
Dragon Shinobi Armor (Merge)
Dragon Summoner (Armor)
Dragonbone Necromancer
DragonFable Shirt
DragonFable's Blue Mage
DragonLord Grandmaster
DragonMaster Stonescythe (Armor)
DragonSkull Warrior
Dragonslayer Armor
DragonSlayer General Armor
DragonSlayer Guard
Dragonslayer LoreMaster
Dragonslayer Recruit
Dragonslayer Slayer
Drakath Armor (Permanent)
Drakath Armor (Temporary)
Drakel Chud Armor
Drakel Gall Armor
Drakel Gall Armor (Green)
Drakel Hun'Gar Armor
Drakel Velm Armor
Drakel Warlord Armor
Drakonnan (Armor)

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