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Auto updating list of all Wands

ArchFiend Mage's Wand
Aural Echoes Wand
Aurora Wand
Axeros' Snow Globe Wand
Bark Caster Wand
Bido's Wand of Giving
BitterEdge Wand
Black Calligraphy Pen
Blue Calligraphy Pen
Bright Astromancy Wand
Brightoak Wand
Candycorn Wand
Carnival Of Love Wand
Celestial Celebrant's Wand (0 AC)
Celestial Celebrant's Wand (AC)
Celestial StarScepter
Chaotic Witch's Wand (0 AC)
Chaotic Witch's Wand (AC)
ChronoReaper Wand
Classy Cane of Ebil
Dark Refraction Wand (0 AC)
Dark Refraction Wand (AC)
Dragonsworn Wand (AC)
Dragonsworn Wand (Non-AC)
Dreambound Unicorn Wand
Elegant Cane of Ebil
Emerald Druid Staff
Emerald Druid Wand
Enchanted Balloon Wand
Enchanted Earth Orb Wand
Enchanted Rod of Greased Lightning
Epic Matchstick
Formal Paragon Cane (AC)
Formal Paragon Cane (Merge)
Frosted Wand
Frostvale Mage Wand
Frozen Ring Wand
FrozenShard Wand
Galaxy Witch Wand
Gilded Heartbreaker Wand
GlitterFrost Fairy Wand
Globrush Cavity Crusher
Globrush (R) Wand
Gold Lovestruck Carnaval Mask
Golden Leprechaun Cane
Green Calligraphy Pen
Halcyon Skye Scepter
Halcyon Virtue Scepter
Heartstone Wand
Heartwarming Wand
Immortalis Magus' Scepter
Immortalis Magus' Wand
Jeweled Sakura Wand
LichLord Skull Wand
Light Witch Wand
LoveBringer's Wand
Lumen Ice Shillelagh
Lunamoss Wand
Lunar Witch's Wand
Mage's Wand
Magical Butter Stick of Power
Magical Dryad's Staff
Magical Dryad's Wand
Magical Wand Of Time (AC)
Magical Wand Of Time (Non-AC)
Magus of Nulgath Cane (AC)
Magus of Nulgath Cane (Non-AC)
Mel de Abelha Wand
Melodic Al Fine Wand
Merlandria's Staff
Midnight Magic Fairy Wand
Midsummer Wizard Wand
Mystical Glass Orb Wand
Noble Leprechaun's Cane
Orange Calligraphy Pen
Pink Calligraphy Pen
PinkGlitter Fairy Wand
Prisma Bubble Staff (0 AC)
Prisma Bubble Staff (AC)
Prisma Bubble Wand (0 AC)
Prisma Bubble Wand (AC)
Prisma Bubble Wand (Legend)
Prismatic Rainbowtheus Wand
Pumpkin Witch's Wand
Purple Calligraphy Pen
Rainbow Wand
Rainbowtheus Wand
Ravinos Wand
Red Calligraphy Pen
Refraction Wand (0 AC)
Refraction Wand (AC)
Requiescat Regina Cane
Ruler of Darkness Staff
Scarlet Flame Sorcerer's Wand
Scent of Sakura Wand
Shadow Pumpkin Witch's Wand (AC)
Shadow Pumpkin Witch's Wand (Non-AC)
Shadow Witch Wand (AC)
Shadow Witch Wand (Legend)
Silver Lovestruck Carnaval Mask
Solar Witch's Wand
Sparkler of Love
Sparkler (Wand)
Starborn Mage's Wand
Sweet Sakura Fairy Wand
Thorned Fae Wand
TimeReaper Wand
Turbine Wand
Underworld Magia Wand
Underworldly Dark Wand
Vampire Masquerade Cane (0 AC)
Vampire Masquerade Cane (AC)
Wand of Dreamers
Wand of Glory (AC)
Wand of Glory (Special)
Wand of Hatoth
Wand of Joy
Wand Of Miracles
Wand Of Patronum
Wand of Serepthys
Wand of Summoning
Warlic's Wand
Weaponsmith's Wand
White Calligraphy Pen
Yellow Calligraphy Pen

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