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Shadow Dragon's Rod
Shadow Infinity Pike
Shadow Jester Scythe
Shadow Legion Vampire Scythe
Shadow Ronin Naginata
Shadow Scythe
Shadow Scythe of Revontheus
Shadow Serpent Scythe
Shadow Slash
Shadow Spear of Nulgath
Shadow Void Shogun Naginata
Shadowed Beacon Polearm
Shadowed Polearm
Shadowfall Commander Spear
ShadowFlame Dragon Spear (AC)
ShadowFlame Dragon Spear (Legend)
ShadowFlame DragonMage Spear
ShadowFlame Fang Spear
Shadowflame Juggernaut Spear
Shadow's Guard Polearm
ShadowScythe of Doom
ShadowScythe of Scourge
Shadowscythe Rider Lance
Shadowstealer Ripper Scythe
ShadowZard Lance (0 AC)
ShadowZard Lance (AC)
Shamrockin' Scythe
Shattered Ice
Shattered Soul Harvester
Sheer Polearm
Sheng Chi Slasher
Sheng Long Slasher
Shiden Bardiche
Shining Polearm
Shining Spear of Undead Slaying +15
Shinobi Naginata
Shu Ninja Naginata
Sickle of the Eternal Dragon Warrior
Sickle of the Harvest
Silver Polearm
Silver Stonescythe
Simple Poleaxe
Skull Halberd
Skull of Casualties
Skyguard Halberd
Skyguard Spear
Slayer Recruit's DragonSpear
Slimed DragonMaster Scythe
Solar Lorekeeper Spear
Solar Star Polearm
Solar Star Scythe
Solidified Lightning Staff
Soul Gouging Spear
Soul Harvester Spear
Soul Ripper Scythe
Soul Saving Spear
Soul Scythe
Soul Spear
Soul Stealer Scythe
SoulBinder Poleaxe
Soulcursed Silencer
Soulreaper of Nulgath
Spear of 100 Bodies
Spear Of Ardor
Spear of Awe (0 AC)
Spear of Awe! (AC)
Spear of Darkness
Spear of Dragon's Vengeance
Spear of Guiding
Spear of Honor
Spear of Immortality
Spear Of Legend
Spear Of Life +5
Spear of Light
Spear of Malice
Spear of Nulgath
Spear of the Dawn
Spear of the Fallen
Spear of the New Year
Spear of the Undying
Spear of Virtue
Spear of Wolf Slaying
Spectrum Halberd
Spellcaster's Bright Scythe
Spider Scythe
Spiderkin Star Polearm
Spiderkin Star Scythe
Spine Spear
Spirit Hunter Scythe
SpiritHunter Halberd
SpiritHunter's Reaper
Staff of Despair
Staff of the Scorpion
Stone Minotiger Spear
Stone's Glow
Storm Drakel's Prod
Stormslasher Stick
Stormy Pinkness
Sugary Scythe of Slaying
Summoner of Storms
Super Kathool Spear
Supercharged Heavenly Hasher
Superior Guard Spear
Supreme Dragon Scythe
SwarmTrooper Stick
Sweet Scythe of Pain
Taco on a Stick
Tanabata Polearm
Techno Spear of Nulgath
The Apprentice's Scythe
The Brutalizer (AC)
The Brutalizer (Legend)
The Eggsterminator Scythe
The Everglaive
The Grave Spade
The Hollow Spear
The Lance of The Legion
The Ogre's Spear
The Pain Scythe
The Plague Scythe
The Reaper's Scythe
The Rixty Ripper
The Rose's Engraved Polearm
The Rot
The Scythe of Awe
The Scythe of Emptiness
The Scythe of Eternal Rest
Three Worlds Scythe
TideWalker's Wrapped Spear (AC)
TideWalker's Wrapped Spear (Legend)
TideWalker's Wrapped Trident (AC)
TideWalker's Wrapped Trident (Legend)
Tiki Torch
Time Reaper Scythe
TimeDragon's Defender Polearm
Tinsel Taunter
Tonbo Giri
Toxic Knight's Polearm
Toxic Plague Spear
Toxic Revenger Polearm
Toxic Scythe
Toxic Wisteria's Reach
Transforming Spear of the Berzerker Bunny
Translucent Axe
Tribal SkinWalker's Poleaxe
Tribal SkinWalker's Spear
Trident of Alignment
Trident of Chaos
Trident of Nautica
Trident of Storms
Trident of the Sea Witch
Turdraken Spit Polearm
Turdrakolich Slicer
Twilight Moon Scythe
Twilight's Arcana Pole Arm
Twisted Bough Staff
Twisted Eldritch Polearm
Tyndarius's Gilded Destruction
Tyndarius's Ultra Gilded Destruction (1)
Tyndarius's Ultra Gilded Destruction (2)
Tyrian Polearm
Ultima Electrix
Ultimate Dragonlord Scythe
Ultimate Necrotic Fang Spear
Ultimate ShadowFlame Fang
Ultimate Slayer's Spear
Ultra Bloodbeacon Polearm +10
Ultra Dragoon Lance
Ultra Revenger Polearm
ULTRA Shadow Legion Vampire Scythe +10
Unchained Rocker's Mic
Uncorrupt Celestial Spear
Undead Plague Spear
Undead Skull Polearm
Underworld Chronomancer Scythe
Unholy Demons Slash
Unlucky Bident
Unrequited Love Scythe
Vampire Guard's Scythe
Vampire Star Polearm
Vampire Star Scythe
Vampire's Spineripper
Vampiric Knight's Lance
Vengeance Scythe
Victor's Trophy Spear
Vigilante Golf Club
Vigilante Hockey Stick
Violaceous Purification
Vodarage Beacon Staff
Void BattleMage Scythe
Void BattleMage ShadowSpear
Void BattleMage Spear
Void Ripper Scythe
Void Shogun Naginata
Void Spartan Spear
Void Spear of War
Void Walker Great Axe
Void Walker Scythe
Void Walker Spear (AC)
Void Walker Spear (Legend)
Void Warlock Scythe
VoidCaster Rift Staff
Volcanic Fire Double Edge
Volcanic Fire Polearm
Volcanic Fire Scythe
Volcanic Fire Spear
WarSeeker's Scythe (0 AC)
WarSeeker's Scythe (AC)
Water Fènnù de Hóuzi Glaive
Water Fènnù de Hóuzi Ornate Glaive
Winter's Wrath
Wisteria's Reach
Wisterrora's Reach
Wolf Lord's Spear
Wolfhound's Pike
Wraith Warder
Wraith's Pike
Wraith's Soul Collector
Wrath of Fire
Wreckord Stand
Wretched Widowmaker (AC)
Wretched Widowmaker (Legend)
Yaomo's Naginata
Zombie Slayer Polearm

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