Polearms (All)

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Legion Wolf Scythe
Lengjing's Pike
Lesser Bloodbeacon Polearm (Polearm)
Leviasean Pike
Leviathan's Bane
Leviathan's Lightning
Lich Lord's Scythe
Lightning Mage Spear
Lightwielder's Spear
Linda Feather Fan
Lobthulhu Scythe
Lord of Order Polearm (0 AC)
Lord of Order Polearm (AC)
Lord of Order Polearm (Quest)
Love at First Scythe
Love Harvester
Love's Gladiator Scythe
Lucky Staff
Lunar Lorekeeper Spear
Lunar Sand Spear (AC)
Lunar Sand Spear (Legend)
Lycan Scythe of Hemorrhaging
Malacoda Necroment
Malani Polearm
Mana Lance
Mana Scythe
Marauder Spear
Master Twang's Energy Polearm
Mecha Kaiju Slayer Spear
Mechanical Star Polearm
Mechanical Star Scythe
Meme Ripper Scythe
Memehano's Blaze
Mermaid's Hairpoon
Midnight Nutcracker's Polearm
Mighty Curve Bladed Polearm
Mighty Horc Hacker
Mighty Infantry Pole Axe
Minotiger Spear
Mirrored Dragonfang Polearm
Mirrored Dragon's Heartfang
Mirrored ShadowFlame Fang
Molten Mayhem Polearm
Morose Spear
Moumiya Scythe
Mudluk's Prosperity
Mudluk's Tadpolearm
Murgish Shortspear
Mushroom Scythe
Naval Reaper Black Flag
Necrotic Caster Grave Spade
Necrotic Flame's Fang
Necrotic Scythe of Scourge
Necrotized Scythe
Neon Spectrum Stick
Neverborn Scythe
New Love at First Scythe
NibbleOn Guardian Lance
Night Mare Scythe
Nightcaller Scythe
Nightshade Staff
Northern Lights Polearm
Northern Wanderer Polearm (0 AC)
Northern Wanderer Polearm (AC)
Northern Wanderer Spear (0 AC)
Northern Wanderer Spear (AC)
Northlands Fishing Spear
Northlands Hunting Spear
Nosferatu Clan Scythe
Nutcracker's Polearm
Nythera's Ultimate Scythe
Oblivion Spear of Revontheus
Obsidian Legion Vampire Scythe
Obsidian Samurai's Naginata (0 AC)
Obsidian Samurai's Naginata (AC)
Ocean's Heart Polearm
Octarine Scythe (AC)
Octarine Scythe (Legend)
Odanata Weapon
Ode to Joy Scythe
O-dokuro Glaive
One Eyed DoomLance
One Eyed Polearm
Onyx Star Polearm
Onyx Star Scythe
Orange Star Polearm
Orange Star Scythe
Organ Harvester
Overclocked Energy Scythe
PaintBrush Polearm
Palladinum Champion's Pole
Paragon Spear
Paragon Star Polearm
Paragon Star Scythe
Paraíso Feather Fan
Pestilence Spear
Petrified Autumn Wood
Piercing Azurite
Pike of Contempt
Pike of Pain
Pike of the Shimmering Sands
Pink Strike Scythe
Pinnacle Spear
Piston-Driven Polearm
Plague Strike Scythe
Plaque Destroyer
Platinum Rider Lance
Platinum Star Polearm
Platinum Star Scythe
Pluma de Boitata Staff (AC)
Pluma de Boitata Staff (Legend)
Plumas Mortais Amarelas
Plumas Mortais Verdes
Poison Vapor Polearm
Polearm of Shimazu
Polearm of the Forsaken
Poleaxe of Randor
Polish Hussar Spear
Potent Chaorruption
Pride Of The Legion
Prime Galactic Scythe
Prime Necrotic Flame's Fang
Prime Paintbrush Polearm
Prime ShadowFlame Fang
Prime Spear of Awe
Prime Spear of Awe! (AC)
Primitive Stonehead Spear
Prismatic Cloudpiercer
Prismatic Double Scythe
Prismatic Keeper's Double-edged Blade
Prismatic Paint Polearm
Prismatic Pitchfork
Prismatic Scythe of Thyton
Pumpkin Lance of Piercing
Purified Polearm of Nulgath
Purified Scythe of Nulgath
Purified Soulbinder Poleaxe
Queen's ArchSage Scythe
Queen's Sage Scythe
QuickSpark Polearm
Radiant Lucian Spear
Rage Against the Scythe (AC)
Rage Against the Scythe (Legend)
Rage Unleashed Scythe
Rainbow Scythe
Rainbow Star Polearm
Rainbow Star Scythe
Rainbrutal Lance
Raptor Rider's Lance
Rare DeathHunter Scythe
Raven Queen Scythe (AC)
Raven Queen Scythe (Legend)
Raven Queen Scythe (Non-Legend)
Ravenloss Defender Scythe
Reanimated Revenge
Reaper's Void Scythe
Reavers of Chaos
Red Hot Chili Poker
Red Naginata
Red Pitchfork 08
Red Rocket Blade
Red Skull
Resurrected Hockey Stick
Rhiannon's Edge
Righteous Deliverance
Rip Tide
Riparian Trident
Rocket on a Stick
Rod of All Potato
Royal Centurion Pike
Royal Knight's Lance
Ruby Poleaxe
Ruin Dweller Spear
Sage Scythe of Revontheus
Sakura Scythe
Sand Spear Sickle
Sands Of Blood Scythe
SandSea Guardian's Polearm
Sapphire Knight's Dragon Lance
Sapphire Knight's Lance
Sapphire Poleaxe
Sapphire Slicer
Scarsgarde Polearm
Scavenged Infernal Spear
Scorching Orb Polearm
Scorpion Scythe
Scorpion Spear
Scroll Keeper's Spear
Scythe of Blessings
Scythe of Broken Chains
Scythe of Carving
Scythe of Destiny
Scythe of Dread
Scythe Of Gourds
Scythe of Guilt
Scythe of Insanity
Scythe of Liberty
Scythe of Maelstrom
Scythe of Original Voids
Scythe of Red Death
Scythe of Revenant
Scythe of Ruin
Scythe of Scintillation
Scythe of Scourge
Scythe of Screams
Scythe of Shadows
Scythe of Sisyphean
Scythe of Sorrow
Scythe of the Celestial Guard (AC)
Scythe of the Celestial Guard (Legend)
Scythe of the Dark Mage
Scythe of the Decrepit
Scythe of the Garnet
Scythe of the Legion
Scythe of the Old Kings
Scythe Of The Void
Scythe of Vengeance
Sea King's Trident
Seared Fireknight Polearm
Seraphic Grave Digger Spade
Serpent Claw
Serpent Knight Polearm
Shadow Beastmaster of Nulgath Spear
Shadow DragonMaster's Polearm
Shadow DragonMaster's Poleaxe
Shadow Dragon's Rod
Shadow Infinity Pike
Shadow Jester Scythe
Shadow Legion Vampire Scythe
Shadow Ronin Naginata
Shadow Scythe
Shadow Scythe of Revontheus
Shadow Serpent Scythe
Shadow Slash
Shadow Spear of Nulgath
Shadow Void Shogun Naginata
Shadowed Beacon Polearm
Shadowed Polearm
Shadowfall Commander Spear
ShadowFlame Dragon Spear (AC)
ShadowFlame Dragon Spear (Legend)
ShadowFlame DragonMage Spear
ShadowFlame Fang Spear
Shadowflame Juggernaut Spear
Shadow's Guard Polearm
ShadowScythe of Doom
ShadowScythe of Scourge
Shadowscythe Rider Lance

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