Polearms (All)

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Auto updating list of all Polearms

Doom Creeper Leg
Doom Shiden Bardiche
Doom Spear
Doom Star Polearm
Doom Star Scythe
Doom Worshipper's Scythe
DOOMFire Spear
DOOMing Fork
Double Saber of Ebil
Double-bladed Gladius Pole
DoubleBlast Staff
Double-Edged Paragon Spear
Double-Headed Abominator Poleaxe
Doublesided Painblade
Draco Tenebris Scythe
Dracolich Destroyer Scythe
Draconian Poleaxe
Draconic Rhongomyniad
Draconic Tigress Polearm
Dragon Pike of Pain
Dragon Tongue Scythe
DragonFang Staff
DragonFire Spear
Dragon's Plague Scythe
Dragon's Reach
DragonSlayer General Spear
DragonSlayer Spear of Poking +15
Dragonslayers Dread
Dragonsworn Champion Spear
Drakka Defender Polearm
Dread Rider Lance
Dreadhaven Halberd
Dreadhaven Halberd +5
Dreadhaven Spear
Dreadhaven Spear +5
Dreadnought's Polearm
Druid's Legacy
Dry Ice Polearm
Dry Ice Polearm +10
Dual Edged Duneskewer
Dual-Bladed Tiger's Fang (AC)
Dual-Bladed Tiger's Fang (Special)
Dual-Edged Betrayal Pole
Duel Molten Greatswords On A Stick
Earth Fènnù de Hóuzi Glaive
Earth Fènnù de Hóuzi Ornate Glaive
Earth Piercer
Ebony VoidCaster Rift Staff (0 AC)
Ebony VoidCaster Rift Staff (AC)
EC Mach 6 Spear
Ectoplasmic Pole
Electric Arc
Electric Pool Noodle
Electronic ShadowScythe Spear
Elegant Vampire Scythe
Elemental Dragonslayer Polearm
Elite Dragonspear
Elite Fortress Guard Lance (AC)
Elite Fortress Guard Lance (Legend)
Elite Guard's Scythe
Emerald Edge of Gorgok
Emerald Poleaxe
Empyrean Scythe
Enchanted Abaddon's Terror
Enchanted Caster Scythe (0 AC)
Enchanted Caster Scythe (AC)
Enchanted DragonMage's Spear
Enchanted Edge of the Risen
Enchanted Shadow Battle Spear
Enchanted ShadowFlame Scythe
End Render
Energy Reaper Scythe
Energy Scalpel
Energy Slicers
Enhanced BroomBroom
Equilibrium's Edge Scythe
Escherion's End
Escherion's End +3
Eternal Duality Staff
Eternal Juggernaut Spear
Eternal Piercer Bladed Staff
Evil Lance Of Prevarication (AC)
Evil Lance Of Prevarication (Merge)
Evisceration Reaper
Evolved Bunny Berserker Spear
Evolved Legion Vampire Scythe +5
Evolved Necromancer's Scythe
Evolved Ogre's Spear
Evolved Shadow Spear of Nulgath
Evolved Warlord Spear
Eye of the Underworld Scythe
Fallen King's Scythe
Fallen King's Scythe +3
Fallen Scythe of Vengeance
Fallen Wanderer Spear (AC)
Fallen Wanderer Spear (Special)
FallFire Scythe
FallFire Staff
Fang of the Archfiend
Fear of Light (1)
Fear of Light (2)
Fear of Shadows
Fènnù de Hóuzi Fire Glaive
Fènnù de Hóuzi Fire Glaive Ornate
Festa da Ferocious
Fiendish Impaler
Fight of the Light
Fire Claw Scythe
Fire Monkey Staff
Firefeather Spear
Fishman Trident
Flame Dragon Polearm (1)
Flame Dragon Polearm (2)
Flame Guardian's Lance
Flaming Golden Deathspear
Flaming Moose Scythe
Fork of Ruin (Mem)
Forked Trident (Mem)
Formal Battle Cane (0 AC)
Formal Battle Cane (AC)
Formal Skull Cane
Frigid Flame Spear
Frigid Frostbarb
Frigid Scythe of Vengeance
Frost Dracolich Guard's Spear
Frost Scythe
Frostguard's Green Lance
Frostguard's Lance
Frostguard's Red Lance
FrostScythe of Nulgath
FrostScythe's Cruelty
FrostSworn Ice Scythe (0 AC)
Frostval Barbarian Poleaxe
Frostvale Envoy's Pike
Frozen Fire Spear
Frozen Force of Fury
Frozenflame Lantern
FrozenSoul Court Scythe (0 AC)
FrozenSoul Court Scythe (AC)
Furious Naginata
Fury of the Dragon (Polearm) (AC)
Fury of the Dragon (Polearm) (Merge)
Fyreborn Tiger's Fang (AC)
Fyreborn Tiger's Fang (Special)
Galactic Light Spear
Galactic Star Polearm
Galactic Star Scythe
Galánta Tuar Ceatha
Gall's Poleaxe
Gears of Melancholy
Geki Halberd
Gilded Bonebreaker
Gilded Dread Scythe
Gilded Lobthulhu Scythe
Gilded Ram Poleaxe
Glacial Destroyer Pike
Glacial FrostScythe Scythe
Glacial Slicer
Gladiatorial Trophy Spear
Glaive Of Gourds
Glorified Spear of the Celestine
Glowing Harvester Spear
Gold Exalted Paladin Poleaxe
Gold Exalted Paladin Spear
Gold Infinity Pike
Golden Celestial Warrior's Spear
Golden Champion's Spear
Golden Clover Cleaver (Polearm)
Golden Defenders Lance
Golden Dragon Spear
Golden Halberd
Golden Inquisitor's Spear
Golden Purification
Golden Star Polearm
Golden Star Scythe
Golden ZombieSlayer Spear
GonnaGetcha Trident
GrandMaster Enchanted Spear
Great Spear Of Flame
Greater Bloodbeacon Polearm +5
Greater Necrotic Flame's Fang
Greater Shadowflame Fang
Green Death of Time Scythe
Green Dragon Polearm
Greenguard Druid Polearm
GrimDark Scythe
Grim's Shadow Scythe
Guandao of Slaying
Guardian of Energy Spear
Guild Launch Flag
Guild Launch Lance
Guilded Scythe
Gunlance (AC)
Gunlance (Legend)
Halberd of Justice
Half-Dragon's Havoc
Hammer of Infinite Space (AC)
Hammer of Infinite Space (Legend)
Hand of the Polearm
Harlequin Warrior Scythe
Hashi Trident
HawkBlackwell's Scythe
Heart Reaper Scythe
Heavenly Hasher
Heavenly Spear of Nulgath
Heavy Metal Necromancer Scythe
High Nega Commander Spear
Hockey Stick
HolloEnergy Blade
Hollowborn Dark Scythe (0 AC)
Hollowborn Dark Scythe (AC)
Hollowborn Evoker's Scythe (0 AC)
Hollowborn Evoker's Scythe (AC)
Hollowborn Rider's Lance
Hollowborn Shadow Shaper's Scythe
Hollowborn Shadow Shaper's Spear
Hollowborn Soul Taker
Hollowborn Spear
Hollowborn Vampire Scythe
Hollowsoul Lance
Holly Trident
Holy Blessing Spear
Honra Selvagem Spear
Horc Hacker
Hun'Gar's Polearm
Hunting Spear
Hyaline Spear
Hydra Spear
Ice Dragon Polearm
IceDragon Breath Scythe
IceShard Slicer
IceStorm Shatterspear (0 AC)
IceStorm Shatterspear (AC)
Icewater Trident of Nautica
Icy Infernal Spear
Ignited Guardian Lance
Iluminated Scythe
Imperial Naginata
Infamous Revenge
Infantry Pole Axe
Infernal Harbinger's Howl
Infernal Warlord's Polearm
Infinita Mortem Scythe
Infinite Joust
Infinity Mind Spear
Inquisitor Captain Short Polearm

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