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Vampiric Essence
Vault Guardian Heart
Vegetable Token
Velocity Elixir
Venerated Essence
Venom Fangs
Venom Sac
Venomous Rose
Verick's ID
Vial of Antitoxins
Vial of Awakening
Victoria's Fletching
Victorious's Dignity
Vigor Potion
Village's Grace
Vindicator Badge
Violet Crocus
VIP Backstage Pass (1)
VIP Backstage Pass (2)
VIP Badge
VIP Coin
VIP Pass
Viper's Blood
Virtual Enso Symbol
Visible Dye
Vital Ether
Vital Exanima
Vlykeb Key
Void Aura
Void Cape
Void Creature Essence
Void Crystal A
Void Crystal B
Void Dragon Essence
Void Dragon Soul
Void Energy
Void Essence
Void Essentia
Void Helm
Void Lodestone
Void Ore
Void Remnant
Void Scale
Void Transport Spell
Void Voucher
Voiduminance Necrock-Morph Spell
Volatile Temper Agent
Volcanic Essence
Volcanic Fragment
Vordred's Bounty
Vordred's Skull
Vote for Baron
Vote for Gravefang
Vote for Rapaxi
Vote for Solani
Voucher of Nulgath
Voucher of Nulgath (non-mem)
VR Room Access Card
Vulchurion Quill
Vulture Meat with Burrberry Juice
Warden Elfis Detained
Warden Insignia
Warfury Emblem
Warlic's Note
Warm Hug Potion
War's Pride
War-Torn Memorabilia
Water Defender Token
Water Drop
Water Elf Antler
Water Elf Pearl
Water Elf Philtre
Water of Life
Water Stone
Weapon Enchantment
Weapon Imprint
Weapon Reflection
Weapon Shard
Weapon Treasure Chest
Website QA Superstar
Weeping Widowmaker Bone
Wentiran Seal
Were Hair
Werewolf Discovery
What is THAT?! (Misc)
Wheel of Bacon Token
Whispered Laughter
White Box
White Oval
White Scales
Whole Note
Wicked Item of Digital Awesomeness
Willowcreek Key
Wind at your Back
Wind Stone
Window frame x10
Window Glass Sheet x10
WindowSlayer Badge
Winds of Fury
Windswept Note
Wisdom Tooth
Wise Tonic
Withered Tentacle (1)
Withered Tentacle (2)
Wolf's Hour Prophecy
Wood flooring
Wooden Ring
Wool scraps
Wraith Wisp (1)
Wraith Wisp (2)
Wrapped Draugr Blade
Wrapped Draugr Statue
Wrapping Paper
Wretched Rider Meat
Wub Charm
Wuji Steel
XP Boost! (10 min)
XP Boost! (1 hr) (1)
XP Boost! (1 hr) (2)
XP Boost! (1 hr) (3)
XP Boost! (1 hr) (4)
XP Boost! (1 hr) (5)
XP Boost! (60 Min) (1)
XP Boost! (60 Min) (2)
X-Ray Gem
Xyfrag's ??? Essence
Xyfrag's Slimy Tooth
Yain Rune
Yang's Favor
Yellow Dye
Yellow Gift Box
Yellow Space Fabric
Yellow Void Sphere
Yer Rune
Yokai Gunpowder
Yokai Realm Moss
Yokai Sword Scroll
Yoshino's Citrine
Your Moonstone
Your Own Memories
YugiWOAH Card
Zahad's Ancient Gem
Zakhvatchik's Sapphire
Za'narian Token
Zardman Fortune Cookie
Zas Rune
Zealous Badge
Zealous Ink
Zee's Red Jasper
Zellare's Death Scale
Zellare's Soul
Zenobia's Moglinberry Juice
Zombie Dragon Scale
Zombie Dragon Soul
Zombie Flesh
Zombie Shins
Zorbak Puppy Saddle
Zorbak's Secret G-Rave Key
Zorblatt's Pizza Slice
Zoshi Birthday Gift
Zot's Discovery

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