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Auto updating list of all Bows

Airship Assault-bow
Anseri Destroyer Bow
Arachno Bow
Arcane Longbow
Arctic Breeze Bow
Arrows of Truth
Bass Clef Bow
Bayou Bow
Black Iron Bow
Black Skull Bow
Blinding Bow of Destiny
Bow Knows Candy
Bow of Bravery
Bow of Concealment
Bow of Destiny
Bow of Judgement
Bow of Viltusial
Bow to the Shadows
Bright Bow of Destiny
Bright Shadowfall Bow
Chaos Hunter Crossbow
Conflict Resolution Bow
Conquest Bow
Cupid's Bow
Curved Beastbow of the Underworld
Cyclone Aerodu Shortbow
Deepearth Longbow
Divinity Bow (AC)
Divinity Bow (Legend)
Double RainBow
Dracolich Bow
Dragon Phoenix Bow
Dragon Tongue Bow
Ebon Chaos Longbow
Elegant Ornate Long Bow
Elite Phoenix Bow
Elven Eighteen Bladed Bow
Elven Eleven Bladed Bow
Elven Fifteen Bladed Bow
Elven Fourteen Bladed Bow
Elven Seventeen Bladed Bow
Elven Sixteen Bladed Bow
Elven Thirteen Bladed Bow
Elven Twelve Bladed Bow
Evolved Soulreaper Bow
Falconer's Bow
Festive Holiday Bow
Fissure Bow (AC)
Fissure Bow (Legend)
Galaxy Bow
Glacial Bow
Golden Bow
Gorillaphant Tusk Bow
Grotesque Bow
Honra Selvagem Short Bow
Hydra Bow
IceBreaker Bow
Inferno Bow
Legendary Bow
Lustrous Bow
Lycan Compound Bow
Magma Bow
Master Phoenix Bow
MockingSlayer Bow (AC)
MockingSlayer Bow (Non-AC)
Monster Bone Bow
Necrotic Bow of the Shadow
Nightmare Bow
One Eyed Bow
Ornate Leonine Bow
Phoenix Bow
Plasmic Energy Bow 3000
Plasmid Bow
Royal Swordhaven Bow
Sandrunner Longbow
Seraphic Dragoon Bow
ShadowBow of the Shadows
Shadowstalker's Bow
SilverStag Longbow
SkyDancer's Ritual Bow
Snowstalker's Bow
Stealth Crossbow
SteamGear Bow
Steampunk Lovebow (Bow)
Sterling Silver Crossbow
Sterling Silver Longbow
Swordhaven Guard's Bow
Tech Archer Bow
Unrequited Love's Bow
Vampiric Longbow
White Stalker's Bow
WraithTaker Bow
Zhoom's 16-bit Shortbow
Zhoom's Dragonbow
Zombie Slayer Bow

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