Classes (AC)

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Auto updating list of all AC Classes

Abyssal Angel (Legend)
Abyssal Angel (Non-Legend)
Abyssal Angel's Shadow (0 AC)
Abyssal Angel's Shadow (AC)
Alpha DOOMmega
Alpha Omega (Legend)
Alpha Omega (Non-Legend)
Alpha Pirate (Class)
Antique Hunter (Class) (0 AC)
Antique Hunter (Class) (AC)
Arachnomancer (0 AC)
Arachnomancer (AC)
Arcana Invoker
Arcane Dark Caster
ArchFiend (0 AC)
ArchFiend (AC)
ArchMage (Class)
ArchPaladin (0 AC)
ArchPaladin (AC)
Artifact Hunter (Class) (AC)
Artifact Hunter (Class) (Merge)
Assassin (Class)
Bard (Class)
Battle Bard
Battle Healer
Battle Warrior
BattleMage (Class)
BattleMage of Love
Beast Warrior
BeastMaster (0 AC)
BeastMaster (AC)
Beta Berserker
BladeMaster (0 AC)
BladeMaster (AC)
BladeMaster Assassin
Blaze Binder (AC)
Blaze Binder (Merge)
Blood Ancient (AC)
Blood Ancient (Merge)
Blood Sorceress
Blood Titan (Legend)
Blood Titan (Non-Legend)
CardClasher (Class)
Chaos Avenger
Chaos Avenger Member Preview
Chaos Champion Prime (Class)
Chaos Shaper (Class)
Chaos Slayer Berserker (0 AC)
Chaos Slayer Berserker (AC)
Chaos Slayer Cleric (0 AC)
Chaos Slayer Cleric (AC)
Chaos Slayer Mystic (0 AC)
Chaos Slayer Mystic (AC)
Chaos Slayer Thief (0 AC)
Chaos Slayer Thief (AC)
Chrono Assassin (AC)
Chrono Assassin (Merge)
Chrono Chaorruptor
Chrono Commandant
Chrono DataKnight
Chrono DragonKnight (Class)
Chrono ShadowHunter
Chrono ShadowSlayer (Class)
Chronomancer Prime
Chunin (AC)
Chunin (Merge)
Classic Alpha Pirate
Classic Barber
Classic Defender (1)
Classic Defender (2)
Classic Defender (3)
Classic DoomKnight (0 AC)
Classic DoomKnight (AC)
Classic Dragonlord
Classic Exalted Soul Cleaver
Classic Guardian
Classic Legion DoomKnight (AC)
Classic Legion DoomKnight (Merge) (1)
Classic Legion DoomKnight (Merge) (2)
Classic Paladin (Class)
Classic Pirate (Class)
Classic Soul Cleaver
Continuum Chronomancer (Class)
Corrupted Chronomancer (Class)
Cryomancer (AC)
Cryomancer (Merge)
Cryomancer Mini Pet Coming Soon
Daimon (Legend)
Daimon (Non-Legend)
Dark BattleMage (Legend)
Dark BattleMage (Non-Legend)
Dark Caster (Class)
Dark Chaos Berserker
Dark Cryomancer
Dark Harbinger (0 AC)
Dark Harbinger (AC)
Dark Legendary Hero
Dark Lord
Dark Master of Moglins
Dark Metal Necro
Dark Ultra OmniNight (0 AC)
Dark Ultra OmniNight (AC)
Darkblood StormKing (0 AC)
Darkblood StormKing (AC)
DeathKnight (Class) (0 AC)
DeathKnight (Class) (AC)
DeathKnight Lord (Class) (AC) (1)
DeathKnight Lord (Class) (AC) (2)
DeathKnight Lord (Class) (Merge)
Defender (1)
Defender (2)
Defender (3)
Doom Metal Necro
DoomKnight (0 AC)
DoomKnight (AC)
DoomKnight OverLord
Dragon Knight (Class)
Dragon of Time (Class)
Dragon Shinobi (Class) (AC)
Dragon Shinobi (Class) (Merge)
Dragonlord (Class)
Dragonslayer (Class)
Dragonslayer General (Class) (AC)
Dragonslayer General (Class) (Merge)
DragonSoul Shinobi (Class)
Drakel Warlord (Legend)
Drakel Warlord (Non-Legend)
Elemental Dracomancer (0 AC)
Elemental Dracomancer (AC)
Empyrean Chronomancer
Enchanted Vampire Lord (Class)
Eternal Chronomancer (Class)
Eternal Inversionist (Class) (0 AC)
Eternal Inversionist (Class) (AC)
Evolved ClawSuit
Evolved Dark Caster
Evolved Leprechaun (AC)
Evolved Leprechaun (Merge)
Evolved Pumpkin Lord (Legend)
Evolved Pumpkin Lord (Non-Legend)
Evolved Shaman (0 AC)
Evolved Shaman (AC)
Exalted Harbinger
Exalted Soul Cleaver
FireLord Summoner (Class)
Flame Dragon Warrior (Class)
Frost SpiritReaver (Class)
Frostval Barbarian (0 AC)
Frostval Barbarian (AC)
Glaceran Warlord
Glacial Berserker (Class) (0 AC)
Glacial Berserker (Class) (AC)
Glacial Berserker Test (Class)
Glacial Warlord (Class)
Great Thief
Grim Necromancer (Class)
Grunge Rocker
Guardian (Class)
Healer (Rare)
Heavy Metal Necro
Heavy Metal Rockstar
Heroic Naval Commander
HighSeas Commander
Hobo Highlord (Class)
Horc Evader (0 AC)
Horc Evader (AC)
Immortal Chronomancer (Class) (AC)
Immortal Chronomancer (Class) (Special)
Immortal Dark Caster (Class) (0 AC)
Immortal Dark Caster (Class) (AC)
Imperial Chunin
Infinite Dark Caster (0 AC)
Infinite Dark Caster (AC)
Infinite Legion Dark Caster
Infinity Knight
Infinity Titan (Class)
Interstellar Knight
Legendary Elemental Warrior
Legendary Hero (Class)
Legendary Naval Commander
Legion BladeMaster Assassin
Legion DoomKnight (Class) (0 AC)
Legion DoomKnight (Class) (AC)
Legion DoomKnight (Class) (Merge) (1)
Legion DoomKnight (Class) (Merge) (2)
Legion DoomKnight Tester
Legion Evolved Dark Caster (Class)
Legion Paladin (Class)
Legion Paladin Member Trial
Legion Revenant (Class)
Legion Revenant Member Test
Legion SwordMaster Assassin
LightCaster (Class)
LightCaster Test
Lord Of Order (0 AC)
Lord Of Order (AC)
Lord Of Order (Quest)
Love Caster (Class)
Lycan (Class) (0 AC)
Lycan (Class) (AC)
Mage (Rare)
Master of Moglins (Class) (1)
Master of Moglins (Class) (2)
Master Ranger
Mystical Dark Caster
Naval Commander (Class)
Necromancer (AC)
Necromancer (Merge)
Necrotic Chronomancer
Neo Metal Necro
Ninja (Class)
Ninja Warrior (Class)
No Class
Northlands Monk (Class) (0 AC)
Northlands Monk (Class) (AC)
Northlands Monk (Class) (Free Player)
Nu Metal Necro (1)
Nu Metal Necro (2)
Obsidian No Class
Obsidian Paladin Chronomancer (Class)
Overworld Chronomancer (AC)
Overworld Chronomancer (Merge)
Paladin Chronomancer (Class)
Paladin (Class)
Paladin Highlord
Pink Romancer (Class)
Prismatic ClawSuit (Class)
ProtoSartorium (Class)
Psionic MindBreaker

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