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Auto updating list of all Adventure Coin Capes & Back Items

00-X Excursion Packs
013 CyberSkulls Centipede (0 AC)
013 CyberSkulls Centipede (AC)
013 CyberSkulls Sheathed Sword (0 AC)
013 CyberSkulls Sheathed Sword (AC)
013 CyberSkulls Shield (0 AC)
013 CyberSkulls Shield (AC)
10 Floating Pixels Cape
13th Horror-day Chibifar0 Cape
13th Pirate Captain's Specter (0 AC)
13th Pirate Captain's Specter (AC)
14 Years Played (Cape)
15th Anniversary Banner
16-Bit Super DoomBlade Cape
1st ChaosLord's Tattered Cloak
1st Hero of Balance Cloak
2013 Lunar Watch Cape
3 Fox Tails
3 Tail Fandango Fox
3rd ChaosLord's Tattered Cloak
3rd Hero of Balance Scarf
4th ChaosLord's Runed Cloak
4th Hero of Balance Cloak
5th ChaosLord's Ruined Wings
5th Hero of Balance Wings
7 Tail Fandango Fox
7-Tailed Fox Tail
8-Bit Doom Flag
8-Bit Super DoomBlade Cape
A Ghostly Spirit
A Gourdly Legion Spirit
A Gourdly Spirit
Abaddon Bruiser's Butt
Abaddon Bruiser's Rune
Abaddon Embrace (0 AC)
Abaddon Embrace (AC)
Abaddon Spider Legs (0 AC)
Abaddon Spider Legs (AC)
Abezeth Cape
Absolute Ebil Aura
Abyssal Acolyte's Cloak
Abyssal Acolyte's Flame Cloak
Abyssal Anchor on your Back
Abyssal Arms of the FireLord
Abyssal BeastMaster's Battlewrap (0 AC)
Abyssal BeastMaster's Battlewrap (AC)
Abyssal BeastMaster's Wrap (AC)
Abyssal Commander's Rune (0 AC)
Abyssal Commander's Rune + Wings (0 AC)
Abyssal Commander's Rune + Wings (AC)
Abyssal Commander's Rune (AC)
Abyssal Commander's Wings (AC)
Abyssal Dusk Sigil Wings (0 AC)
Abyssal Dusk Sigil Wings (AC)
Abyssal Dusk Wings (0 AC)
Abyssal Dusk Wings (AC)
Abyssal Flag Cape (0 AC)
Abyssal Flag Cape (AC)
Abyssal Flame Cannon (0 AC)
Abyssal Flame Cannon (AC)
Abyssal Flame Runes (0 AC)
Abyssal Flame Runes + Cannon (0 AC)
Abyssal Flame Runes + Cannon (AC)
Abyssal Flame Runes (AC)
Abyssal Frost Samurai Spirit
Abyssal Heretic's Cloak
Abyssal Heretic's Windblown Cloak
Abyssal Leviathan Cape (0 AC)
Abyssal Leviathan Cape (AC)
Abyssal Pyromancer's Flame Cape
Abyssal Reaver Cape (AC)
Abyssal Reaver Wings (0 AC)
Abyssal Reaver Wings (AC)
Abyssal Void Magus Tassels
Abyssal Void Sorceror Sigil (0 AC)
Abyssal Void Sorceror Sigil (AC)
Abyssal Warlock's Banners
AC Tagged Cape
Acheron Usurper Lord Cape
Acheron Usurper Lord Halo Cape
Acheron Usurper Lord Regalia
Acid Rain Cape
Acid Rain Horned Cape
Acolyte Paladin Wings
Adept of Awe Battle Scarf
Adeptus Kathooli Fins
Admiral's Eldritch Arms
AE Synthwave Cape
Aegis of Light Wings
Aerated Cloak
Aerodynamic Force Wings
Aerodynamic Strike Wings
AFK Back Mounted Hologram
AFK Backlights
After-Party Floodlights
Akiban Back Katanas
Akiban Backblades
Akiban Backpack
Akiban Katanas Bank Backpack
Akiban Samurai's Shadow
Akiban Script Cape
Akiban Sheathed Blades
Albania Spirit Scarf
Albino Vampire Bats
Alchemical Commander's Crossed Weapons (AC)
Alchemical Commander's Sheathed Sword (AC)
Algeria Spirit Scarf
Alice In Chains Back Flag
Alien Shoulder Cannon
Alpha Omega Coils (Legend)
Alpha Omega Coils (Non-Legend)
Alpha Phantom Back Rifle
Amaranth Burning Flame
Amaranth Wings Of Infinity
Amarok's Thundersnow Tail
Ambassador Cape
Ambitious Necro Lantern on your back
Amethyst Faerie Wings
Ammonite of Madness (0 AC)
Ammonite of Madness (AC)
Ancient Chains of Binding
Ancient Creature Tail
Ancient DragonSlayer's Jisshi Keitai
Ancient DragonSlayer's Rasen
Ancient Flame Master's Sigil (AC)
Ancient Flame Master's Sigil (Special)
Ancient FlameMaster's Burning Sigil (AC)
Ancient FlameMaster's Burning Sigil (Special)
Ancient Frostsworn Wrap (0 AC)
Ancient Frostsworn Wrap (AC)
Ancient Knight's Back Blade (AC)
Ancient Knight's Wrap (0 AC)
Ancient Knight's Wrap + Back Blade (0 AC)
Ancient Knight's Wrap + Back Blade (AC)
Ancient Knight's Wrap (AC)
Ancient Legionnaire's Cape (AC)
Ancient Legionnaire's Wings (0 AC)
Ancient Legionnaire's Wings (AC)
Ancient Nightmare's Guardian (0 AC)
Ancient Nightmare's Guardian (AC)
Ancient Nightmare's Tentacles (0 AC)
Ancient Nightmare's Tentacles (AC)
Ancient Shogun Back Arms
Ancient Undead Cloak
Ancient Underworld Winged Cape
Ancient Wanderer's Scimitar Cape
Ancient Wanderer's Sheathed Blade
Angelic Neesha Wings (0 AC)
Angelic Neesha Wings (AC)
Angelic Neesha's Blessed Wings (0 AC)
Angelic Neesha's Blessed Wings (AC)
Anjelus Wings
Anomalous Spirit
Anseri Destroyer Feathers
Anti-Kolyaban Cape
Antiquated Shadow Cloak
Antique Tassels Cape
Antler Quiver
Aozora Kijimuna Cape
Apa's Lightblades
Apocalyptic Darkblood Cloak
Apocalyptic DeathLord's Altar
Apocalyptic DeathLord's Backblades
Apocalyptic DeathLord's Backspikes
Apocalyptic DeathLord's Banners
Apocalyptic Dracolich Wings
Apocalyptic Draconian Wings
Apocalyptic Dragon Tail
Apocalyptic Dragon Wings
Apocalyptic DragonKing's Wings + Tail
Apocalyptic LichKing Runes
Apocalyptic LichKing's Runed Wraps
Apocalyptic LichKing's Wraps
Apocalyptic LichMoglin on your Back
Apocalyptic Werepyre Wings
Apprentice of Awe Scarf
Aquamer Cutlass Cape
Aquatic Runes
Aquatic Warrior's Sphere (0 AC)
Aquatic Warrior's Sphere (AC)
Aquatic Warrior's Waves (0 AC)
Aquatic Warrior's Waves (AC)
Arachna Morph
Arachnid Commander's Sheathed Sword
ArachnoFury Legs
Arata Gamer Back Bat (AC)
Arata Gamer Bar Code (0 AC)
Arata Gamer Bar Code (AC)
Araw At Tala Rune Cape
Arbiter's Grace
Arbiter's Light
Arboreal Blooming Flowers (AC)
Arcana Wings
Arcane Dark Caster Bats
Arcane Dark Caster Runes
Arcane Dark Caster Throne
Arcane DataKnight Energy Cells
Arcane Floating Sigil
Arcane Light Throne (0 AC)
Arcane Light Throne (AC)
Arcane Light Throne Bank (0 AC)
Arcane Light Throne Bank (AC)
Arcane LightCaster's Rune
Arcane Pirate Back Blades
Arch Broodfiend Carapace
Arch Broodfiend Wings
Arch DoomKnight Cape
Arch DoomKnight Cape Sword
Arch Lich's Blessed Scrolls
Arch Lich's Runes
Arch Lich's Scrolls
Arch Lich's Spears
ArchDoom Fiend Wings
Archfiend Cloak of Nulgath
Archfiend DragonKnight's Cape
Archfiend DragonKnight's Tail
Archfiend DragonLord's Accoutrements
Archfiend DragonLord's Wings
ArchFiend Judge's Rune (0 AC)
ArchFiend Judge's Rune (AC)
ArchFiend Judge's Runed Wings (0 AC)
ArchFiend Judge's Runed Wings (AC)
ArchFiend Judge's Wings (0 AC)
ArchFiend Judge's Wings (AC)
ArchFiend Overlord Tail (AC)
ArchFiend Overlord Tail (Special)
ArchFiend Overlord Wings (AC)
ArchFiend Overlord Wings (Special)
ArchFiend Overlord's Wrap (AC)
ArchFiend Overlord's Wrap (Special)
ArchFiend Stormbringer Cape (0 AC)
ArchFiend Stormbringer Cape (AC)
ArchFiend Stormbringer Rune (0 AC)
ArchFiend Stormbringer Rune (AC)
ArchFiend Stormbringer Rune Cape (0 AC)
ArchFiend Stormbringer Rune Cape (AC)
Archfiend Titan's Cloak (AC)
Archfiend Titan's Furred Cloak (AC)
Archfiend Titan's Furred Spiked Cloak (0 AC)
Archfiend Titan's Furred Spiked Cloak (AC)
Archfiend Titan's Spikes (AC)
Archfiend Warlord Wings
Archfiend Warlord Wings + Tail
ArchFiend Warlord's Spikes (AC)
ArchFiend Wings of Nulgath +5
Archfiend's Legacy Cloak (AC)
ArchMage of Nulgath Cape
Archmaster of Awe Battle Wings
ArchPaladin Cape
Arctic Dragonslayer Cloak

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