Sora to Hoshi

HeadMistress and Dark Chronomancer
Greetings intrepid wizard! Welcome to the DragonRune Hall, Academy of Mana Manipulation and Spellcrafting! I am HeadMistress Sora to Hoshi, and I will help guide your path into becoming a magic marvel! I bet you are eager to start your training. Let's begin!

Dragonrune Hall?
Founded by the Ancient Magi centuries ago, Dragonrune Hall is Battleon's largest comprehensive research school. Heroes of all levels are welcomed and encouraged to excel inside our halls, intercollegiate Magi are an essential part of Dragonrune Hall, sponsoring diverse and competitive Magic programs for spellcasters.

Dragonrune Hall offers programs for Necromancy, Druid Magic, Elemental Mastery, and Craft Magic. The upmost priority of our programs is the progress of the student Magi toward graduation. Other priorities include HP, Mana, Stats, and the magical development of student Magi here at the Dragonrune Hall.

Beyond Battleon, Intercollegiate Magi give Dragonrune Hall recognition throughout Lore. Magi are substantial assets to the university and its students, assisting in the ongoing battle against the forces of Chaos. And with Dragonrune Hall's guidance, you too can become a professional and successful wizard! Let's begin!

- Sora to Hoshi's Quest


Note: Sora to Hoshi (空と星) means "Sky and Stars" in Japanese.

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