Something Really Stupid


Note: Also see Reverse High Five Self.

«Scene: Throne of Darkness meeting place»

Sekt: When <Hero> ran into <himself/herself> the second time, things were a little bit different.

«Scene: Exterior of 4th Dimensional Pyramid»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Interior of 4th Dimensional Pyramid, the Hero comes across themselves»

Hero: Oh! It's me again!

Hero: We need to talk, NOW!
Hero: You have no idea what I've just seen!
Hero: And I think I'm starting to figure this out.
Hero: Do you remember the sarcophagus that we woke up in?

Hero: Yes?

Hero: I think it brings anything you put in it back to life.

Hero: How's it do that?

Hero: Listen to me! I'm about to do something REALLY STUPID.

Hero: That sounds like us!

Hero: I think I've figured this out, but I'm counting on you to do what's in your heart.

Hero: If you can't trust yourself, who can you trust?

«Hero high-fives themselves»


«Scene fades»

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