Someone Smart


Note: Galanoth appears with a prosthetic arm if the player has completed the Etherstorm Wastes saga.

«Scene: a cave with many treasure chests»

«A frozen Sneevil pops out of a chest»

Hero: What the heck?

Galanoth: That Sneevil is frozen solid!
Galanoth: Maybe if we thaw him out, he'll be able to tell us what happened here.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: a bonfire»

Sneevil Looter: I don't even know what happened - I didn't see anything!
Sneevil Looter: I was standing there, digging through piles of gold, when suddenly: BAM! Frozen.

Hero: You don't have any idea what happened at all?

Sneevil Looter: Well, I guess who killed this dragon must have come back for the rest of the loot.
Sneevil Looter: But he got me from behind! I never even saw it coming.

Hero: Hmmmmm.
Hero: A frozen Sneevil… chunks of melting ice…
Hero: Are there any Dragonslayers in the Order who are also mages?

Galanoth: None that I know of.
Galanoth: Some of Dedara's books have some spells and information in them, but…
Galanoth: That's really the only magical resource we have.

Hero: Deadra's books, hmm?
Hero: That's not much of a lead, but it's something.

Galanoth: It looks like the next cave that got hit is in Idarr Valley.

«Hero holds up a Magnifying Glass»

Hero: Let's head in and see what else we can find.

«Scene fades»

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