Someone Had To Do It



«Scene: Sally zaps Baby Doll»

Sally: Did you really think you could stand against ME?
Sally: I will DESTROY you!

«Close up of Baby Doll's face»

Baby Doll: Sniffle. You don't have to be so MEAN.
Baby Doll: You're really scary, you know that?

«Scene: Control room with everyone else»

Twig: Awvu. Poow thing. Sally IS pwety scawwy, isn't she?

Cysero: Yeah, she's only even here because Sally summoned her again.

Sally: Are you guys serious?!? You're gonna pin this on ME?

Zorbak: You betcha.

Sally: Hey! Don't you try to minimize YOUR involvement!

Zorbak: MY involvement? I was just trying to throw a Mogloween party! It's not MY fault that-

«Baby Doll is captured by the ghost trap»

Lim: What? Someone had to do it.

Hero: Probably for the best.

Cysero: Hey guys? You know what?

«Cysero starts dancing»

Cysero: It's not even midnight yet! We can still have this party!

Zorbak: What are you talking about? I just gave you guys the BEST party!

Twilly: Did you, though?

Zorbak: You're darn right. And it was a bargain, too.
Zorbak: Keep me in mind for next year. All of you.

Sally: You got paid? Are you paying ME?

Zorbak: We can talk about that later, kid.

«Scene fades»

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