Somebody Kill This Thing!


«Scene: Xing and Ogvar watching 5 ShadowFlame mages holding Blight in chains»

Xing: Here he is - our ultimate weapon. A siege engine of death and destruction.
Xing: What'd I tell ya, Oggie?

«Scene: Close up on Xing smirking»

Xing: Xing's GOT this.

«Scene: Close up on Ogvar and Xing in the forest of Bright Chaos»

Ogvar: This isn't a plan, Xing. Stand down!

Xing: Ugh, here we go again.

Ogvar: You have no control over these monsters, Xing! Let this one go free, and it will be the death of us all.

Xing: Why does no one ever have any faith in me?

«Scene: Xing looking at chained down Blight»

Xing: This big guy likes me. Don'tcha, snookums?
Xing: Take off his shackles, boys.

«Scene: Blight was set free from the chains»
«Scene: Ogvar and Xing with their mouths open»

Xing: Yes, my lovely! YES! Kill them all!

«Scene: Blight attacks Ogvar and kicks him away»

Xing: Oggie?
Xing: Well, whaddya know? I guess he was right.

«Scene: Blight roars at Xing»

Xing: No, no, no, NO!

«Scene: Xing starts running and yelling»

Xing: Help! Help! Somebody kill this thing!

«Scene fades»

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