Retired Dragoon
Welcome! I — oh, you're travelers. I was hoping you were parents coming for a visit. This is the children's ward. When a child can walk on their own, our warriors leave them here and return to battle. Normally the eldest takes care of the younger, but Alvi's gone now. I figured that since my horse fell before I did, that I'll care for the young ones in her place.

It's so somber now. Back when I had grown up here, we'd play pretend with our toy swords until they broke. Real battles were for when we were fully grown. Those children faced death far too early. I'm not good at this but I need to convince them that they shouldn't feel guilty about Alvi's sacrifice.

Our little hero spent her entire life here. Alvi's parents died of disease so she arrived at the children's ward as a baby. In the end, she did leave us, to accompany the Liberator for all eternity. It should make us feel at peace but…even in death, her family will never reunite. It hurts my soul.

I've fought alongside them when our goals aligned, defending the countryside from beasts. Their Elites are incredibly skilled and ferocious despite their pompous attitude. Except, most of their ambitions are eroded. They fight solely to see their Master's vision realized. They say Gramiel works tirelessly towards a world of peace. I'd say piles of ash are very peaceful.

Location: Trygve


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