Snake Blood



«Scene: Screen 7 of Yokai Treasure»

Imperial Warrior: Pirate scam! Do you have no pride? Release us and cross blades honorably!

Brentan: Don't waste your breath. These bloodthristy scoundrels have not a drop of honor or reason in their bodies.

Ai No Miko: No pride? You'll accuse us of being monsters after infesting our ship with snakes?

Hero: *pssst* Miko!

Ai No Miko: I mean, har har har! Ye be absolutely correct! I can't wait to crack your skulls like coconuts -
Ai No Miko: and let the sea cats peck at the juice!

Hero: Anyways! You lot over there, hidin' behind yer minions and pets!
Hero: Ye ain't worth a barnacle growing on me hiney, let alone any of our hostages!
Hero: I thank ye kindly fer bringing us this golden Lord. Mind you, I think he be worth the same alive or dead.
Hero: *whispering* we're just trying to sound nastier.

Ai No Miko: Land slugs like you dun't stand a chance against us.
Ai No Miko: Greenguard'll know that this Lord's blood'll be on yer 'ands if 'e dies.
Ai No Miko: So call back yere Admiral, wherever he be, 'n tell 'im t' get rid o' his morrkurry.
Ai No Miko: Or else Brent'un's head rolls first.

Imperial Warrior: …could you repeat that?

Hero: *whispering* you swapped accents three or four times.

«Brentan brings up his arms»

Brentan: Please! I implore you to retreat! I don't want to die!

Imperial Warrior: Didn't you say you would lay your life on the line to help us?

Brentan: Well, I suppose I can't even live up to my own expectations.
Brentan: Everything I do just makes things worse for my friends and family.
Brentan: I should have just exiled myself outright, but I couldn't stay away.

Hero: Umm, this is either some great acting, or…

Brentan: You were right. I thought I wanted to bring peace to Greenguard and make Brittany's dream come true.
Brentan: But deep down, I was entitled, and used my marriage with Brittany to win the Throne.
Brentan: I acted like I knew what was best and resented Victoria for doing better than me.
Brentan: Trying to prove myself right led to all of this trouble.
Brentan: My blood is a sick blue, and my nobility is a fraud.

Ai No Miko: …Lord Brentan, you aren't-

«Brentan stands up»

Imperial Warrior: Lord Brentan, you are a finer man than any of your fellows!
Imperial Warrior: It takes true strength and a pure heart to admit your wrongs!
Imperial Warrior: We of the Wuji Empire are truly moved!

Imperial Warrior: Hush, what are you -

Imperial Warrior: Admiral Zheng cut through the seal on the cave's entrace.
Imperial Warrior: It seems these pirates hid their hostages there thinking the seal will keep out the unworthy.

Ai No Miko: The seal only allows members of the Yokai Royalty's family inside! Could that mean…

Imperial Warrior: Finally, Admiral Zheng will be reunited with his grandchild!

Ai No Miko: Which one? Tell me, NOW!

Imperial Warrior: Ah! The Snake Prince!

Ai No Miko: My ancestor… which means he's my great-

Hero: Great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather, like Yue said!

Brentan: Empress Ai No Miko, this could be a misunderstanding. We should talk with him.

Ai No Miko: No, this changes nothing.
Ai No Miko: He still tried to hurt my subjects with mercury, and uses commoners as tools just like the rest of Wuji.
Ai No Miko: I had a backup plan ready in case we couldn't get the seal ready in time.
Ai No Miko: We need to get into the cave, put that plan into action, and stop this Admiral.

«Scene fades»

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