Smoke on the Water


«Hero and Captain witnessing an explosion off in the distance»

Hero: Holy Mana Blast! Isn't that -

Captain: Feverfew Falls temple. It is. Or… was. There can't be much left after THAT.

Hero: Here's hoping they had protective spells in place.

«Scene changes to Feverfew Fall temple's citizens been taken away by the Onslaught»

Girl: NO! BAD MAN!
Girl: Momma said not to go with strangers! Lemme GO!

Knight: Shut up, brat! Your mother's coming with you.
Knight: You and your mother and all the rest of these wastes of space will be put to VERY good use.

«Scene changes to Hero racing on a horse towards the temple, accompanied by Kyron»

Kyron: *shouts* Do you hear those drums?

Hero: *shouts* Yes! And I can see the dust clouds, too.
Hero: They're coming right for us!

«Fire arrows fly by»

Kyron: Keep going! The Onslaught must have flanked us.
Kyron: Equus Squad is just over the hill. They'll back me up.
Kyron: If you find the Onslaught in the temple…

Hero: Save the survivors. Got it. GO!

«Hero races faster off to the temple, leaving Kyron behind. Hero arrives at the temple and confronts an Apprentice»

Apprentice: !!!!!

Hero: *huff puff* Bl-blazebalm? Priestess Blazebalm?
Hero: *gasp* <Hero>, here to drive the Onslaught back. Kyron is drawing off the next wave.

Apprentice: Thanks be to the Lady of the Deep! We knew you'd be here!

«Scene fades»

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