Smoke and Mirrors


«Hero and Queen's ArchSage defeated in Goose»

Hero: I'm going to need that bone.

ArchSage: You have no idea with whom you are dealing.

Hero: Yeah, yeah. I've heard all this before.

ArchSage: No, you have not. Not like this.

«ArchSage gets up»

ArchSage: Drakath created the Lords of Chaos.
ArchSage: He was given a power that the world had never seen before.

Hero: Drakath is just a delusional, power-mad…

ArchSage: You are mssing my point, hero!
ArchSage: My queen GAVE this power to Drakath.
ArchSage: From another dimension, she was able to reach out and do this.
ArchSage: All that power that Drakath was given… it was such an unthinkable small amount of her power…
ArchSage: …That she was able to give it away without even feeling it.
ArchSage: She has oceans of power.
ArchSage: Drakath was allowed to dip a cup into those oceans and drink from it.
ArchSage: When I say that you can't imagine her might…It is no exaggeration.
ArchSage: It is literally beyond your ability to comprehend.
ArchSage: You are less than an insect to her.

Hero: Insects can bite and sting.

ArchSage: And then they get crushed.

Hero: You're wasting time.

ArchSage: You have no idea how right you are.

Hero: Give. Me. The. Bone.

«ArchSage shrugs»

ArchSage: Alas, I cannot. I do not have it.

Hero: Where is it?

ArchSage: The Archsage has it with the others. He's ready to begin the resurrection.

Hero: The ArchSage. I thought you were the ArchSage!

ArchSage: Yes, you were supposed to. He has been making preparations…
ArchSage: …while you wasted time here, distracted…

«ArchSage's body disappears, as an illusion would»

ArchSage: … by an illusion.

«Scene fades»

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